On How My Sister Got Her Dream Job as a SCUBA Instructor

It is deranged how little instructors make. When I got NAUI certified at 18 I had one of those "OMG LIFE CHANGING" moments and looked into it but much like any other teaching gig, it's depressing how little it pays. So I'll just sit here in my cubicle and dream of having a small diving hotel with day charters in the South Pacific and a small beachside bar.

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On A Developer Looks in a Mirror

@aperson Yeah, I think that this is a pretty overblown, own-horn-tooting illustration of a particular subset of web devs. There are TONS of developers out there, and not everyone gets free lunches and high fives every day. It's a job, that requires particular skills, and experiences may vary widely.

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On $2 Million Kickstarter Goal With Warner Brothers' Blessing

@Stina WHAT there is NO EXCUSE FOR THAT.

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On Richard Lawson v. Time Warner Cable

Ok there are two issues here: 1) Time Warner's DVR functionality is absolutely and complete garbage. I've had the exact same problem SO MANY times with Time Warner - I have literally checked "ok, it's recording, it says recording, it's there on my list, this is great, I'll watch Community later" and then when I go back, where is my recording? It is no where. It is gone. There has been no effort by TWC to improve their HDDVR offering (because why would they? it's not like it's on demand, and frankly, if it doesn't work, it could give them more On-Demand showings anyway). They remain impassive in the face of puny antlings railing against the status quo (no joke, saddest day in the last year was when a person hawking Uverse came to our door and we spent an hour outside filling out forms only to get called by AT&T being all "psych! we don't serve your area, like WHY DID YOU EVEN COME BY MY HOUSE YOU BASTARDS). 2) Customer service people are never the people who can fix your problem unless your problem is you got your cable shut off 'cause you didn't pay your bill. Thus, it is unnecessary to be mean to them, because they are usually underpaid, underqualified, and basically just poor miserable humans sipping from the shit hose day in and day out. Customer service sucks. However, kindness, empathy, and an implacable repeat line "I'm so sorry, can I speak to your manager" and refusal to hang up the phone can work wonders. In this case, since it is the DEVIL we are talking about, the wonders are "hey here is a discounted 3 months of cable and no appreciable fix! Later, sucker, I have to twirl my moustache while my stockholders swim in pools of golden doubloons!"

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On A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person (Household Income: $360,000)

This is an acceptably rich couple. Also I am jealous.

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On Talking About Being Cash Poor

If I'm broke or whatever, I don't mention "oh I have no money" since it DOES come off as either "cover me" or martyrish/judgey so I just say "oh sorry, we've got plans. Maybe next week?" I'm not sure why disclosing your financial state is necessary.

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On Carpet Is a Class Issue


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On A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person

@lizard completely agree. This is not "rich." This is "upper middle class" and in LA, it's just middle class. $140k annually as a contractor (so consider healthcare costs, taxes, etc) with ostensibly his wife making no money or 1/3 (that's like, what, 50 grand?) still doesn't take them to what I'd consider wealthy in LA, especially. I completely agree that "rich" = income of 500k per annum or more. He is really good at saving money, though. That is an impressive amount to have saved.

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On The Quest for the Perfect Bag

@TheDilettantista Also there are bags that you can get that I think look better with what I term "patina" in place of "beat to shit." I lug around a Rebecca Minkoff Admirer that started off grey and has since suntanned to brown, but it is my perfect, perfect crossbody, and is soft and floopy and beat to hell and looks great. Casual, but great. And has lasted, perfectly.

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On The Quest for the Perfect Bag

@Kimberly Couzens@twitter Poor Longchamp! Not everything is Le Pliage! I like their leather bags!!!

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