7 Really Great Movies From 2014 Worth Streaming

Honestly? All you need to know about the Oscars this year is that Selma got screwed. Watch them, don’t watch them, I don’t care. Just see Selma. And Boyhood. And The Grand Budapest Hotel. And actually, don’t watch the Oscars now that I think of it.

Why You Should Be Watching ‘High Maintenance’

First of all, sorry, because I hate articles that start this way. “Why You Should Be” watching this or reading this or following this person or using this ding dong app. Like, GIVE IT A REST internet. We’re all trying our best out here.

That said. I think you would really enjoy “High Maintenance” if you gave it a try.

Real Life as a Pastry Cook

My friend Kate is a baker and pastry cook. Not a famous chef; just like, a working person. But to me she’s the best example of someone who “did it”; who had a moment of doubt, completely shifted careers, and has made it work. I thought it would be interesting to talk about that.

Running a Business I Didn’t Want

My friend Matt became the owner of a small bus company when his dad died suddenly about 5 years ago. We spoke about what that entailed.

We Literally Cannot All Be Middle-Class

I have some potentially alarming news.


Great 2013 Movies to Stream This Long Weekend

Over the next few weeks, film writers will be busy parsing the Oscar chances of inessential movies like American Hustle and Gravity; praising Sundance movies we mortals won’t be able to see for months, when they’ll slip silently in and out of theaters (if at all); and deriding the crap that’s released this month. Ignore it all. This is the time to discover one great movie you missed last year. Many are streaming for free or for cheap. Here are some.

Catching Up On 2012′s Movies: An MLK Weekend Guide

January is absolutely the best time of year for movies. Nothing good comes out until spring, but all of a sudden we have this mountain of intel  on last year’s best movies, courtesy of awards voters and best-of-2012 lists.