On Bite Me! You Say to the Cat. Okay! Says the Cat! $55K! Says the Hospital (Basically)

I once stabbed my finger with an epipen when I was uninsured. thank ALL higher power my boss at the time was friends with a doctor who saw me, told me to soak it in hot water, and called around to other ER docs he knew to be sure this was protocol. I got to listen to the sound of physicians making health and finger-saving analyses, I got to watch my thumb (which looked dead...yellow, corpse-y) slowly get back to normal, and I got to eat a really good italian sandwich from the deli down the road from the doc's office. but if I hadn't had this friend of a friend, that stupid mistake would have cost me thousands of dollars I did not have. money to the uninsured is not "funny money".

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On The Great Migration and the Black Middle Class

this book is ahhhhmazing. friday I was talking up the mlk legacy (King graduated from high school in 1944, at the age of 15. In the summer between college and his enrollment at Morehouse College in Atlanta, he moved to Simsbury, Connecticut to work in the tobacco fields. At the time, there was a severe labor shortage in the industry, and the farm (Cullman Brothers) was recruiting Black Southern college students to work the fields. Connecticut appealed to students, who could enjoy the benefits of a society in which the color of their skin didn’t matter, if only briefly. At the museum, they seemed to suggest that King’s time in Connecticut made him aware of the power of the ministry, which was he eventually studied in college. King acted as a spiritual advisor to his fellow farm workers that summer, and found that despite his intention to blaze his own path (rather than becoming a minister, as his father and grandfather had) he did feel a called to the ministry.) I learned that a co-worker was at king's posthumous "poor people's campaign" event in dc and I was so heartened. this book was OUTSTANDING. I read it in the summertime and could not tear myself away. Now reading Howard Zinn's "You can't be neutral a moving train" and it feels like a nice side-dish to mlk weekend.

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On Where Are the Abortion Providers

Logan you are spot-on all over the place today. (the subtly of subtitling this baby "mississippi goddamn") Thank you. Looking forward to seeing the new documentary movie, "After Tiller." http://www.chickeneggpics.org/films/83-After%20Tiller

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On I Once Made Calls With Gusto, Now I Unhappily Make Them With The Gusto II

this article interests me. I am 34, yet all the older people I work with have new iphones. I resist, I resist, as my phone bill is presently about $40 a month and I don't need all those bells and whistles. my phone does send a text message with a little letter icon flying toward a mailbox, and I love it.

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