By MeghanNesmith on You Ask Me, 1 Thing Is Winning

1 thing: remind Logan how much we love 1 thing. Also call the dermatologist already to determine if I can stop smearing this chemo cream all over my head and therefore avoid the scabies look I'm totes cultivating.

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By astauff on Careers Seriously Considered Because of TV

@bowtiesarecool I imagine people who went to DC because of the West Wing have had their dreams crushed a lot harder than people who went into forensics hoping it would be like CSI.

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By Tuna Surprise on Careers Seriously Considered Because of TV

I'm a lawyer and will proudly admit I went to law school so I could become an FBI agent (a law degree is one way you can become an agent). It is with more reservation that I will admit I wanted to be an FBI agent because of X-files.

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By Bill Fostex on Here Is Your Open Thread


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By Bill Fostex on Whatcha Been Cookin'?

Say what about biscuits?

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By stuffisthings on What Would You Do With a $20,000 Windfall?

Wait so who won the $20,000?

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By lrodrigue on What's Your Fantasy?

fantasy to satisfy ppl who think women aren't allowed to fantasize about clothes and free money: fantasy: i work 60-hr weeks and take on lots of tasks that are far beyond my scope of work, so that other people can leave work early and i work late. i dont get paid that much. i never see my partner or friends or family. i jhardly have fun at all. the happiest part of my day is when i get home at 11 pm after a long dark solo ride on the subway, shove a luna bar into my mouth and sleep till 430 am when i wake uyp to do it all again. 5 years later of this daily routine, i get a small promotion, making it so no more than 3 people work directly under me. i get a $4000 dollar raise.

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By steponitvelma on What's Your Fantasy?

I get an amazing job in Alaska and buy a little piece of land where I build a tiny house. I never pay rent or a mortgage because I buy all these things in cash. My job pays more money than I ever use, except once in a while when I go on some extravagant trip somewhere warm. I can afford to give significant amounts to all my favorite charities, which I do anonymously, because the warm smugness fills my heart. Every morning I go to the only diner in town and drink coffee and eat donuts and gossip. I never hurt anyone's feelings or gain any weight. I have a friendly, well-trained dog who follows me everywhere and who knows everyone in town. At city council meetings, which resemble town meetings in the Gilmore Girls, everyone listens when I talk because I'm always saying such wise and practical things. I have a quiet husband who chops wood and wears flannel and hunts all of our meat himself.

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By garli on What's Your Fantasy?

In my fantasy world I have the money (that is clearly unneeded for bills/retiring/pedicures) to build my own sports complex with nice arenas specific to the sports I enjoy playing. Other people can use them all the time - the only reserved time slots work around my own personal schedule.

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By OhMarie on What's Your Fantasy?

My current job realizes that we are overworked and starts offering part-time options which allow me to work 8 hours 3 days a week (I like Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday) for this. I only have to take a 10% pay decrease instead of a 40% pay decrease because they realize how awesome I am. I use the extra days to exercise, clean the house, develop actual hobbies, and maybe have a kid in a year or two. So, basically EZ mode of what I do now/the opposite of leaning in. I quit my job entirely and do something that is clear-cut and confined to working hours, like reception or bartending. But also I still have the same amount of money. Alternately, my husband and I both quit our jobs and move someplace self-sustaining so we never have to pay bills. I try to pretend that this wouldn't be some kind of Ingalls-esque chore hellscape. Or, we win the lottery and buy a house on the water and do whatever we want forever.

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