On Monday Check-in

@antheridia go to tumblr, search "larry stylinson" HAVE FUN

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On The Most Vain Thing I Have Ever Done Cost Me $96 And I Regret Nothing

i mean, they do look pretty great

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On Logan, Where Have You Been?

@The Mole I'm doing internet and digital stuff for a trade publication!

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On Logan, Where Have You Been?

@DebtOrAlive Your version actually sounds truer to me, and truer to how I wanted to be. Or want to be? Am. And I still think it's okay to not have your shit together, even as I am trying to get mine a little bit more together. But I'm never going to be a Mike.

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On The Most Effective Product Placement in True Detective

@bgprincipessa because he DIDN'T GIVE A FUCK

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On Should You Apply for That Job?


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On Careers Seriously Considered Because of TV

@Derbel McDillet SO AWESOME

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On How to Negotiate That Job Offer

@sherlock my understanding is that she does a lot of project and contract-based work!

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On Okay Maybe Don't Buy Breastmilk Online

"I mean, what do I know, aside from spending roughly 10,000 hours reading birth stories on mom blogs?" lolololol <3 you meaghan

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On What Would You Do With a $20,000 Windfall?

@lnaturale please do write that

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