On The "I Got a CPA" Update


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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Abby

The only thing I remember about Abby was her "accidentally" buying the answers to a test at school and getting suspended and trying to hide it from her mom. And then she got caught and grounded, but it was okay because she learned from it and made a speech at her Bat Mitzvah about it. And I think she was sporty and had a buttload of weird allergies? And maybe her sister had scoliosis?

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On The Lifestyles of the Super Rich and Forbes Famous

There's a Butt family.

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On How the Baby-Sitters Club Does Money: Claudia

I can't even properly express in words how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE these articles. Keep 'em coming! Please also include supporting characters such as Logan, Shannon, Abby's sister, Karen, and JANINE!! I need to know what Janine is doing!

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On What's In An Initial?

Harriet M. Welsch for the win!

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On Logan, Where Have You Been?

Reading this post made me think about the "behind the scenes" work that goes into the Billfold. Could you please do a post about that sometime? Like, discuss how you choose articles, and what sort of work happens in the back to produce the site, and whether you guys get together in an office, and what that office looks like? Who has a novelty mug? Who doesn't do the dishes? Inquiring minds need to know!

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On Canadian Middle Class Feels Bad for American Middle Class

@gyip Testify. I live in Vancouver and can vouch for this!

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On Canada Reminds Man Of Better Times

@garysixpack Those stats are only relevant in small towns. The ethnic mix is much different in cities and suburbs.

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On It's Time to Do 1 Thing

@Mike Dang Thanks for the update!

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On It's Time to Do 1 Thing

Is Logan no longer an editor? You should perhaps make a post to clarify for long-time readers.

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