On One Year Closer to the 'R' Word

It's 525,600 minutes! Not 575,600. #rentgeek

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On The U.S. Spends More on Social Services Than Many Other Countries

"Jacob Funk Kirkegaard" is my new band name.

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On The Subtle Economics of Facebook, Google, Firefox, and Chrome

I use Chrome at work and Safari at home. I imagine that this is the browser equivalent of "lady on the street but a freak in the bed?"

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On How Wizards Do Money: Harry Potter

Nooooooooooooooo, this can't be over!!! I love this series so much. Nicole, you are so talented!

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On The Cheapest Generation Goes Generous for the Holidays

I buy presents for my friend's kids. On their birthdays, I'll give a small cheque ($25-$50) meant for their college fund. At Christmas, I'll buy all the little kiddies a book. This doesn't have to be expensive - this year I bought each kid a Mr. Men book and those things are only $3.99. They loved it; Mr. Sneeze was a particular favourite!

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On Monday Check-in

What is One Direction truthing? (Do I want to know??)

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On The Cost of Buying a Washer/Dryer from Sears Outlet When Six (then Seven) Months Pregnant

@vanderlyn I have one and love it! The whole cycle takes longer (anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the weight of the load) but you never again have to transfer clothes from a washer to a dryer. I know it doesn't seem like it's a big hassle, but it's AWESOME to put a bunch of clothes in a machine, press a button, and show up a while later and have everything done. Our machine has a steam feature as well.

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On Love and Nostagia for the Cheaper Stuff

Grilled cheese sandwiches!! Also, those awful Kraft singles. Whenever I'm at my parents' house, I eat them by themselves while standing in front of the fridge like I'm a 6 year old during a Full House commercial break.

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On Chatting About Crocs, Y'all

@bgprincipessa Car2Go solves the ZipCar problem entirely! You can pick up a Car2Go wherever you see one and then you are charged by the minute for as long as you use it.

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On Can Science Have It All?

Agree with all of this - part of the reason why I left academia!

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