On Here Is Your Open Thread

Ahhh! I've been waiting for the open thread all day because I couldn't wait to tell you that you all killed it this week. so good! so many articles I had to flag for a deep read, so well thought out. Thanks for the hard work.

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On Prudie on Having a Starving Artist for a Partner: DTMFA

i like this thought about prudie, and i like this gawker article, and i'm happy to talk about either. but why post them both here at the same time? so we can't have a cohesive conversation about either?

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On The Money Affirmations Experiment

Confession: I changed all my passwords to affirmations about two years ago. Stuff like- save more, retire early, etc. It's kinda nice to get in the habit of re-framing your thoughts at least once a day.

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On Who Is the Wealthiest Woman in Each State?

This is an odd source to reference, but Kathy Griffin mentioned these Forbes lists on a Marc Maron episode saying something to the effect that the people who are on these lists have reported or verified their income, and that there are plenty of people richer-- but they just don't care to have it advertised in a list.

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On Job of the Day: Barista For The CIA Starbucks

This is an interesting end-run on on the catch-22 that is getting a clearance job in DC. Employment is plentiful for those already holding a clearance, a clearance is offered to those who are already employed. I'd love to see a follow up on those who leave this job, if they can parlay a starbucks clearance into entry level govt work.

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On A Male CEO Leans Out

@TreeTownGirl You nailed it. There's an assumption that I WILL work extra/more/longer/using less vacation. No, @Aconite, I don't begrudge those with families any time off they may take and thankfully, I work with pretty stellar coworkers. I am not asked to make up work for them. What I have concerns with is because i don't have as many familial obligations as worker#2, there are opposite assumptions regarding my availability. "jmdj, you'll be here over the holidays right?" I'm just trying to point out that there's another side to this opting out of the work place FOR FAMILY discussion. I like my job. I like working hard. I would like for people to recognize that I'm doing it for those reasons not because I don't have a family to get home to.

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On A Male CEO Leans Out

I would like to see more discussion on this topic from people without families. I don't have children, so therefore, am I obligated to lean-in? Am I supposed to be ok with people rising through the corporate ladder who only work part time while I work full time? I understand the need to be flexible, but there's another side to this equation entirely that no one is talking about.

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On How David Shapiro, Creator of Pitchfork Reviews Reviews, Does Money

"Half the things on this website are about trying to be a writer." Indeed. :/

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On Are Land Lines Worth It?

We ended up having one installed for the sole purpose of buzzing people into our condo building. If we attached one person's cell to the door buzzer- the other roommates cannot let guests in.

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On We Need a New Kind of Financial Advice

@thecoffeestain Yes! "Although, isn't that writing that you spoke of what TheBillfold is all about?" This is exactly what I thought. Somewhere down the line the posts with the attitude of "yes, we can do this!" (Throw money at our problems, Do 1 thing posts) turned into just posts upon posts about why we are screwed.

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