On Time to Do That 1 Thing

I need to get a package together for my grandma. She offered to mend my moth-holed cashmere sweater for me, and I'm including Cloudy w/ a Chance of Meatballs (she'll love it) and maybe something else not too heavy. The thing really holding me up is writing a letter to go in with it. My ongoing one thing is student loan/PSLF related, which I have already kvetched about too much on here.

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On Your Open Thread

I'm speaking as someone who is only dimly aware of the issues relating to my student loans and who is practicing a Logan-ish avoidance of learning any more details in order not to freak out. I had Direct Loans for graduate school (2008-2010), and when I submitted my paperwork to the PSLF people they said I had to consolidate to FedLoan Servicing. And...now that I look at the paperwork it is actually the same crappy interest rate (6.85%) that I had with the Direct Loans. I guess I jsut didn't realize how high it was before. I'm also worried it will disappear, but don't think it's in my promissory note.

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On Your Open Thread

Does anyone else feel like they're going to get royally screwed over by Public Service Loan Forgiveness? It's just a general feeling I have, after having to consolidate to a higher interest rate and dealing with their customer service a few times. So many hoops to jump through. Tiny, tiny hoops.

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On It's Official, People Love Libraries

It is true that when asked directly, people say they highly value their libraries. But there is no community where 95% of the population uses the library. Feelings are all well and good, but we (I'm speaking as a librarian) need monetary support. And I can guarantee that 95% of people do not support a tax increase to pay for their library being open 7 days a week, to hire more staff, and put to put on the cool programs that people want to attend. Not to mention buying new books! Sorry to be so negative. I love my job and libraries!

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On Why Honeycrisps Cost So Much

PINK LADIES I want it sweet and I want it pink.

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On Thoughts While Considering Buying a Bag of Dried Cranberries

"You’ve been through some things lately and if you want a bag of xx, you should buy yourself a bag of xx." Every conversation with myself in a grocery store ever.

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On Monday Check-in

I estimated $118 but spent way less because I didn't get new pants, which I need but hate shopping for. Friday: $20 for drinks consumed in bitterness and anger while fighting with an ex. Saturday: $36 groceries Sunday: $4 at coffee shop while working, $7 on cigarettes. Total- $67

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On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights Yes about Target! Last weekend I made 2 trips- the second to return some things, which of course led to buying more things! I even feel the pull of the outlet mall. Shhh.. What is Zumba tonight? I just went to a regular one and it was grrreat. Tomorrow is "yogalates," which I feel silly typing and even sillier saying out loud.

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On Friday Estimate

I need to get back on the budgeting bandwagon, especially since I feel that urge...the urge to spend. Is it the tax return? Spring? None of my clothes fitting? I bought this rug that I've been eyeing for months and all I want to do is stand on it and wiggle my toes in deep. Friday: Zumba class (free-ish. I used a groupon which I bought months ago for unlimited classes for a month). A couple drinks out ($13). Saturday: Zumba (gotta get my $20 worth!). Work at coffee shop ($5). Groceries $30 Sunday: Walkin' doggies at the humane society (free! Plus I get paid in slobbery dog kisses and tail wags). TJ MAxx for pants that actually fit (And whatever else I impulse purchase). $100 Total- $118

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On Let 1 Thing Go

I second everything said above, and also add that reading other people's one things reminds me of one things I need to do. Without these posts my life would be in shambles. SHAMBLES!

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