On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: October 2014 Check-in

@andnowlights Omg yes. Especially when you're accepting both a recent weight gain that means you can't fit your old winter stuff, and that you live in a winter hell-hole and really need warm stuff AND winter sport stuff. So that you don't go crazy.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: October 2014 Check-in

My my, the time does fly. Emergency savings goal: $7500 September 2014: $4672 October 2014: $5025 Broke my original goal of $5k!!! Big milestone for me. Savings for travel, etc Septmeber 2014: $20 October 2014: $269 (My renter's rebate check came and went directly in there.) Things might not progress much in November cause I've been shopping like a mofo (I'm actually fine with that- I rarely do and need all kinds of winter stuff) and the 6 mos. car insurance payment is due. The student loan payment should be back down to a more reasonable level though.

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On In Search of Lost Money and How it Just Got Easier

I should be getting $30 from Oregon soon. I put off doing the paperwork- it seemed so hard! I had to photocopy passport and ID and get something notorized. They wanted an ID with the address from when I should have gotten the $ (2003 in my case) but also said you can just write a note saying why you don't have that. It still seems like kind of a lot of work for $30/but damn it that's my money! That I earned from being a good citizen and going to jury duty! I think.

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On Love and Nostagia for the Cheaper Stuff

@madrassoup Or sometimes the recipes have changed! I swear Kraft m&c is different than it was when I was growing up. Or is that the taste of nostalgia? It doesn't make it taste better.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: September 2014 Check-in

Late late late but: Emergency savings goal: $7500 August 2014: $4369 September 2014: $4672 Savings for travel, etc August 2014: $650 Septmeber 2014: $20 (went on vacation!) Student loans: Trouble this month. I didn't re-up my IBR in time and payment is doubled for a couple months. I can afford it for that short time but it makes me nervous. But I'm also a little happy that I'll be chipping away at it a little more. Plus I got a statement showing me that I've paid $3k in interest and $7 on the principle. Sigh.

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On Baby Carrots, Evil or The Most Evil?

I've always thought baby carrots taste better because they cut away most of the outside of regular size carrots and leave the sweeter core part of the carrot. I don't like how they can get slimy in the bag. Shudder. Now I don't even peel my regular carrots- just kind of scrub the skin. Give me all the dirt, apparently!

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On What's in a Name? Oh, Only Your Success in Life

I have 2 name things- my name reads as masculine (I am female), and it is very unusual. I think it might help get me interviews in my female-dominated career, but that's just conjecture. People have varied reactions- asking me what my first name is, asking for the back story, etc. The worst was someone who said "What were your parents thinking?" Or, the most hateful thing someone can say here in the Midwest, "Oh- that's different." I appreciate it so much when people just hear my name and don't act like it's unusual at all.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: June 2014 Check-in

Emergency savings goal: $7500 May 2014: $3,007 June 2014: $3,308 Savings for travel, etc goal is $1000 by August 20th May 2014: $372 June 2014: $572 (this was rough though, and I might have to use some to pay of credit card) I'm not tracking my student loans cause I can't handle watching it yet. But it's there, waiting, all $43k of it. I am paying on it, but I think at this point it's either holding steady or still going up a bit.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: June 2014 Check-in

@crenb Nope- that's not sad. That's great! It is so easy to just spend that $50 on something instead of saving it. You did the hard thing.

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On WWYD: Judging Friends for Being Broke and Wanting to Have a Baby

I'm going to bring on your wrath by saying I've had these kind of thoughts about my friends. I've never said anything to them, but I've worried. And my reading of the letter is that the writer is worried, but expressing it in a judgy way. I've never worried that my friends will be good parents, but I've worried that they will have enough money to provide for themselves and their baby. I want them to be happy and to be able to live comfortably, and I know that kids are expensive. And it has always worked out just fine! But that doesn't stop me from worrying. And the letter writer never really has a WWYD question- they seem to be asking whether it's ok to have these thoughts. And I think it is. This site is about talking about how people manage money, and the writer is telling us how their friends do money, and her view on that.

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