On More Thoughts on Shoes

@CaddyFdot I have also recently given up high heels! I sprained each ankle pretty badly within the past year (neither incident was high heel related, incidentally) and I just don't feel that stable or safe in them, really. It's oddly freeing to just decide not to do it anymore.

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On The Cost of Fostering Kittens

I unofficially fostered a pregnant stray mama cat that tried to move into my friend's house after weeks of hanging out on the deck, and even that wasn't so bad! Since it wasn't affiliated with a rescue we bought litter and kitten food, but only mama eats and poops for the first 4 or so weeks so it was no big deal. She was a rockstar. It's one of the most awesome things I've ever done. It is hard to give them up, though--we found homes for mama and two kittens and kept two, so our fostering days are probably over.

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On A Respite From Winter

Yaayyyy!!! I went to Mexico in July, so it was the same temp here as it was there, but it was still glorious (and also cheap).

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On What One Food Item Would You Eat for the Rest of Your Life?

@la peagoise The only pizza place mentioned, Joe Squared, is fancy and super yummy.

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On The Cost of Skiing

Yes! I love going on ski trips and just blowing through tons of books and spending lots of time in hot tubs/big bathtubs and drinking drinks.

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On The Future of Money: The Nonsense Nickel

@gl gl for president of the mint!

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On What Happens to Olympians After They Win Gold?

I want to know what happens to the people who spend their lives doing this and do NOT make buckets of money--either they are less successful or they are in a less popular sport. What's that guy who got a gold medal in Nordic Combined in Vancouver up to?

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On How a Wealth Manager Does (Other People's) Money

Wait, how is it free? I don't understand that part.

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On Questionable Mailer Sent By Bank

@Fig. 1 Yeah, I own a house but I basically say, before we were renting a place to live from a nice man and now we are renting a shit-ton of money from the bank. Same thing.

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On Exercising With Coworkers

A fancypants single-class studio opened on the ground floor of my old office building (Physique 57, very faddish, I don't know if it's still around)and in their first month they offered a huge discount to anyone else who worked in the building. A bunch of us decided to go together, but the marathon runner in the group went first and said it was the hardest thing she'd ever done. I have never been happier to bail on something. Edit: I just googled it and it's still in the same building but I laughed out loud at the cities they have: New York, Scarsdale, Hamptons, Beverly Hills, and Dubai. Jesus.

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