On Okay, But What Do You Actually Do?

Compile information, surf internet, repeat.

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On And You Can Call Me Professor

@David G Alm@facebook @David G Alm@facebook There used to be something called a terminal degree (Library Science, the masters I hold, is one of the examples I can think of) which allowed you to do just that. And certainly I'd agree that they don't really teach you how to teach in graduate school; I had a practicum in information literacy and it was mostly figuring out how to teach mostly by myself. Well, that and writing tutorials for Microsoft Office products.

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On The Deli Person's Mistake

Only tangentially related, but when I did my thankfully brief stint as a Target cashier, I was told I would NEVER FORGET the produce code for bananas. This was in October. I have no clue what the hell the produce code for bananas is.

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On Places I've Lived: Chicago! And Also L.A.

@Amanda Green@twitter I did that in my grad school apartment in Madison. I just paid all of it and got my roommate to give me her part (not half, because I was subsidizing her) the last time I lived with someone, in New York.

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On So Long, Sedan; Hello, Bus

Last week, a lady knocked on the window of my parents' car and asked if she could get a ride to her job in downtown Davenport, Iowa, because she'd missed the last bus while she was in the movie theatre. It was 6pm.

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On Tuesday Check-In

A bit more than I expected. Friday: I had to stop by the cable customer service center, and then trudge home from there. (The modem I was picking up then proceeded to not work.) I ate dinner and played with my phone ($0) Saturday: Mostly a lot of waiting for people. First, the bed delivery guys. Then the cable guy, who fixed the internet problem and reconnected me to the world, and finally my parents with a chest of drawers. I also dropped off dry cleaning ($15) and went out to lunch with my parents (their treat). Bought cumin, Italian seasoning and balsamic vinegar ($27) Sunday: Did absolutely nothing and hung out on the internet. Decided I wanted to watch New Girl after browsing Zooey Deschanel gifs on Tumblr and bought it off iTunes ($40) Paid gas bill. ($102) Monday: Stayed in. Made sausage and lentil stew and chocolate chip pecan blondies with ingredients I had in the house. Bought a book for my Kindle and read it ($4) Total: $173, about $20 over my estimate.

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On Places I've Lived: McGill, South Korea, the Last Stop on the Train

I feel like every girl in my freshman section at [private Minnesotan college of Scandinavian extraction] was Ellen. I include myself in this description, honestly, though I like to think I was more open-minded. But I was still from a small town in which, yes, everyone was white, and not only were we corn-fed, we were literally surrounded by corn.

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On Friday Estimate

I am thinking it will be a fairly low-cost weekend. I'm having my bed delivered on Saturday, but I paid the anxiety-inducing amount of money for it a couple weeks back, so it's just the nice delivery guys coming to bring it up the stairs and put it together. My parents are also coming this weekend to bring me a dresser/chest (nothing beats free furniture, especially when it's free antique furniture). There will probably also be lunch out, which they will insist upon paying for, and they're bringing me cat litter and four cases of life-affirming caffeine (i.e. Dr. Pepper 10) I need to buy groceries, but considering the aforementioned grocery gifts, I'm budgeting about $30 for that, barring any major Trader Joe's impulses. I also need to pay my gas bill, which is $100, thanks to the heat segment and some seriously cold and windy days in the last month. Monday, I might go to a movie ($10) or I might go to the Spice House in Old Town and get a few things I need (and a few things I don't) which will also round out to about $10, more if I'm weak and go into the oil and vinegar store next door. So, all in all, aiming for under $150, most of which is a utility bill.

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On Outlook Not Good for Universities, Says Moody's Magic 8 Ball

@P.J. Morse It's a dying career, unfortunately. I work on the corporate side and just suffered through six months of employment before finally landing a temp position in November.

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On Outlook Not Good for Universities, Says Moody's Magic 8 Ball

@stuffisthings If I'D had a magic eight ball during the Bush years and had predicted the incoming IDR program, I would have not consolidated. Of course, I think the non-consolidation payment was something like $600 a month, so I also would have been living on ramen for the last decade.

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