On Horrible Bosses

@sunflowernut How is such a thing even enforced? Was the boss following them to the bathroom and checking on whether or not tampons were used? BONKERS.

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On Places I've Lived: <3 <3 Minneapolis <3 <3 and ... New York

@AitchBee I was really sad that she left Rylee behind! You got her to move to Minneapolis and you had friend-love-forever but then you left for NY - whyyyyy!

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On What's Your Fantasy?

@Kate Ever since my mom gave up on me becoming a doctor or a lawyer she's been putting pressure on me to go find a doctor or lawyer to marry. Actually, now it's changed from, "marry a doctor or lawyer" to "it doesn't matter what he does for a living, so long as he's wealthy." ["It's not quite that simple, Ma." "Oh, come on! You can fall in love with a rich man just as easily as a poor one!"]

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On What's Your Fantasy?

@Jinxie Or, in short: it's a fucking fantasy. Lighten up.

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On What's Your Fantasy?

@lrodrigue LEAN IN

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On What's Your Fantasy?

@franklina Oh, come on! It's just harmless daydreaming! Do you mean to tell me that if you won the lottery tomorrow (and I'm talking BIG money, not one of those daily 4 number things that only nets you $10k) you would keep busting your ass at a normal job? Also, it's worth remembering that different people want different things. Leaning in is good, great even - if that's truly what you want from your life. My best friend is currently a stay-at-home-mom and she is absolutely satisfied with that. I wouldn't be, nor would I be happy working 60+ hours/week as a senior executive at a tech company. It's important for us to talk about how women work, the problems we face, the risks we take when we quit or "lean out", it's crucial for us to strongly consider the potential ramifications of our decisions (and to acknowledge when many decisions are more or less made for us) but one woman acknowledging that if she could afford it, she might want to stay home doesn't mean the rest of us are doomed or screwing up.

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On What Water Do You Drink, How Do You Drink It?

@hellonheels The SodaStream doesn't use an outlet! And they have a pretty small footprint, at least, the model I have has a pretty small footprint? I'm also in SF with very little available counterspace in my kitchen, but I had no trouble finding a home for it. Oh! And a lot of the local hardware stores sell the CO2 can refills (I know for sure that Cole Hardware does).

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On Places I Didn't Live: House Hunting in Oakland, Calif.

@elizapeachpit Seriously. On the one hand, housing in San Francisco has pretty much always been hard to come by, and costly if you could get it, and the tech companies do contribute a lot of money into the local economy, but. . . I will never be able to settle down here. Not unless I marry rich or win the lottery. Not only will I never be able to buy a home, I'm not sure I could even afford to live without roommates. It's disheartening, because I love this place and I could see myself spending the rest of my life here, but it's just not practical for the lifestyle I want.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Air, Power, Berries

@Mike Dang So if you were to get new submissions for CE, would you consider posting them...?

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On 2 Ways to Interpret: "Well, My Parents Pay My Phone Bill, So"

Am I the only person around here who is old enough that they were a bonafide grown up by the time cell phones became super common? Because I was out of college and supporting myself when I got my first mobile, and my folks went without one until recently, when my dad bought a pay-as-you-go to keep in his car for emergencies.

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