On Tuesday Check-In

My weekend went way over my original estimate. We skipped the party on Friday night because I had a headache and my train was late, so I saved $15 on wine, but I forgot that I had scheduled a haircut, so that was $75. (What do you people spend on your hair and how often?) Saturday we went out for lunch while we were running errands, $40. Sunday we went for a driving lesson in the country and wound up eating small town Chinese food, also $40. So $155, about about twice what I had planned.

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On Friday Estimate

Should be about $70 this weekend. Going to a party at a friend's house tonight, so $15 for a bottle of wine. Tomorrow night will probably go out for pitchers and greasy bar food $40. Taking the train out of town (again, on points) to visit my sweetie, but will probably recoil at the cold when I get in on Sunday night and take a cab home from the train station, $15.

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On Monday Check-In

Friday - train ride to see my medium-distance boyfriend. Went first class on points, so I got free dinner and booze. Stayed in, watched some netflix. $0. Saturday - took a drive through the country, the restaurant/antique store we wanted to go (Ok - I wanted to go to) was closed, but stumbled upon a nearby cheese factory ($14) instead. Picked up some groceries to make dinner for friends ($30) for a total of $44. Sunday - slept in, brunch at home, ran some errands (his), went for a walk to enjoy the warm weather, took the train home, caught a cab from the station instead of walking, because it was raining. $11. Total: $55, about $5 more than I had budgeted due to inclement weather. All in all, not bad.

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On Friday Estimate

Visiting my out of town partner this weekend, so we'll mostly stay in and make googly eyes at one another. Budgeting $50 for dinner on Saturday - either we'll get take out and watch something on Netflix, or we'll go to my favourite Indian place. Train tickets were paid for with the points I've accumulated by spending 2 years in a long distance relationship.

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