On Every Little Thing She Does Is 1 Thing

My one thing was to make an appointment for a well-woman exam. I had to find a new doctor since my old one moved away and its been a couple of years since I went in. I finally just picked a place near work and was able to setup a patient portal and request an appointment through their website with no actual human interaction. Which is nice because I'm sure there will be plenty human interaction at the actual appointment.

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On Only Suckers Don't Buy Generic

I am brand loyal on some things - toilet paper (Quilted Northern in the purple wrapper), Mrs. Meyers dish soap, tampons. I use mostly Dove shower gel and deodorant since that’s what they had at Costco and end up splitting a lot of Costco brand household purchase like garbage bags with my sister. Allergy pills I will try whatever is on sale that has the active ingredient I need. Cold or flu stuff I always buy the same thing since I don’t want to have to go to the store twice if the new pills don’t work. BC pills I ask for the brand name since I was taking that for a couple of years before the generic was available for Yaz and when they gave me the generic I had more cramps and PMS-type symptoms than before. My dog’s allergy pills are the CVS generic. The vet prescribed them and charged me $70 in office for 15 pills. When I looked them up online to refill I found out that they are a regular human allergy pill available OTC. It’s about $5 for a bottle of 30 at the drugstore.

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On Family Plan Shame

My mom and sister and I had a family plan about ten years ago that didn't go well. My mom could never figure out the math and just divided it by three and we didn't have texting on the plan since mom didn't understand it so my sister and I were constantly in trouble for running up the bill. As soon as the contract was up my mom told us we were responsible for our own phone service. Two years ago we were trying to figure out how to convince my Grandma to let us help with her phone bill since she was on a pay as you go plan that charged a buck a day plus minutes. I added both my parents and Grandma to my account and upgraded Mom to an iPhone. Dad and Grandma got basic flip phones as requested and have been complaining that they don’t have iPhones ever since. I’m going in this month to upgrade my phone and will get them each the older iPhone that ATT is giving away. Mom says she’s never getting a new personal phone again since they keep changing her work phone. But she did learn to text which makes communicating with her a lot easier. We figured out how much of the bill she pays (her and Dad and half of Grandma’s portion) and set up an auto transfer into my checking account for the first of the month.

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On Monday Check-in

Friday went mostly as planned but I spent and extra $45 at Target on a dress and a pair of sandals as a birthday present to myself. Total spent at Target was $103, refund for returned items was $153. I also picked up dinner at Five Guys, $10. Saturday I had a lovely brunch and got my nails done, my mom paid for both! I had planned to see Obvious Child and get drinks with a friend but we were both tired so we stayed on and watched Netflix and drank at home. Free! Sunday I picked up dessert and sides for dinner, $18, but didn’t get any other groceries. I also got McDonald’s for me and my dad on our way to the antique mall, $6. I spent $15 at the antique mall on a pair of framed drawings. I also spent $136 at JC Penny’s Home Store on a lamp I’ve been wanting for a while that went on clearance since we happened to be near the store. I had been planning to buy it once it was marked down so it was figured into my house budget, just not the weekend budget. I also paid all my bills on Sunday since Friday was payday but those don’t count for the weekend. Dinner at my parents was great and my nephew and niece were adorable fun as usual. In all it was a pretty successful weekend but I am going to stop including groceries in the estimate because I never make it to the store on the weekend. Total estimated was $60-$90 including the Target return and the actual total was $135 with no groceries.

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On Friday Estimate

I have a lot planned for this weekend but shouldn’t spend too much money. Tonight I need to return a bunch of stuff to Target. I bought new bedding and then decided that the mattress was the actual problem in hating my bed. I’m getting a new one next month but it will be a different size and I don’t want to use the new bedding for just a couple of weeks. I’m not planning on more bedding until I get the bed, so that should be a refund of about $150. I also need to pick up a few things, a gift bag for my dad’s father’s day gift and a card for my cousin-in-law’s birthday plus a few random household things. Net at Target should be about -$100. Saturday I am meeting my family for brunch but my parents are paying for me since Monday is my birthday! Then I am going to get a pedicure with my mom and grandma. There is a 50/50 chance my mom will pay for that too, if not it will be about $30. Saturday night I am meeting a friend to see Obvious Child and maybe get drinks. $15 for the movie and $20+ for drinks. Sunday I need to go to the grocery store in the morning to get some groceries, including a cake and side dish stuff for dinner. My sister and I are making dinner for my dad for father’s day. I am going to take him to his favorite antique mall to browse and then back to his house. My sister is making spaghetti and I am probably roasting brussel sprouts since they are his favorite vegetable. Groceries will be about $75, I don’t plan of buying anything at the antique mall. Total for the weekend should be between $60 and $90 after the credit from target.

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On Monday Check-in

@Chel And I just remembered I contributed $67 to a couple of Kickstarters. But they don't fund until later this month so I am not counting them. Because I didn't spent over $500 in one weekend. Not possible.

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On Monday Check-in

The weekend was spendier than I expected. I stopped at Walgreens on my way home on Friday because I had an intense craving for my favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor, Milk & Cookies. The Walgreens near me doesn’t carry it anymore so I left with about $16 of inferior snacks to make up for it, including two other ice creams and a couple of giant rice crispy treats. I had one of the rice crispy treats for dinner and felt a little sick. Saturday fill up the gas tank ($45) and met my mom and grandma to see Maleficent ($7 ticket, $8.50 snacks). It wasn’t what I was expecting or hoping for but I enjoyed it. We went to lunch at Pei Wei, my mom used a gift card and I put in $10 to cover the rest. Grandma and I headed out to Ross to finally buy the suitcase I was going to get her for Mother’s day. She picked out one covered in roses and a subtle skull pattern. Unexpected but cute. We found a matching bag that straps onto the handle mixed in with the purses and I also got a divided laundry basket and a new broom. Total was $125. I stopped by the PetSmart in the same shopping center and spent $64 on dog and cat food, both on sale. I also remembered why I don’t go to PetSmart on Saturdays. It’s always adoption day and the puppies are so cute. I did not get a new puppy. We are full up on four-legged animals at my house. I thought about just heading home after I dropped Grandma off but made myself go to the grocery store. I bought some prepared meals for lunch and refilled some basics. I don’t really cook in the summer, so as long as I have breakfast and lunch covered I am ok with snacks for dinner. Groceries were $58. I hadn’t planned on doing anything Sunday but ended up meeting my sister and nephew at Costco. I spent $40 on a case of Izze juice and a copy of Capital since I should probably read it for work. Then I went to Target to get a new tabletop fan. My old one started getting really loud last week. I also got a Father’s Day card, a couple of household items, and a clearance poof. Total there was $90. Total for the weekend was $463.50, just over double my estimate. But about $75 of that was budgeted and not spent last month for Grandma’s suitcase. I shouldn’t have any reason to spend money this week so that will help make up for it.

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On Friday Estimate

I’m not feeling well so hopefully it will be a quiet weekend. Tonight I am going to bed early – free! Tomorrow I am going to see Maleficent and maybe to lunch - $15 for the movie and snacks, $15 for lunch. I need to get gas, the low gas light came on this morning, so that will be about $50, dog and cat food for the month will be about $75, and I never went to the grocery store this week so I need to do that, probably about $75 since I am out of everything. On Sunday I plan to spend the day reading and napping with my dogs on the sofa. I’ve trained them well, they are champion nappers. Total $230, mostly for boring stuff.

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On Monday Check-in

I stopped at Target on my way home Friday and picked up laundry soap and a couple other household items for an unplanned $23. My friend’s party was great and I stayed later than planned. I had intended to get up early on Saturday to get my dry-cleaning in before the same-day cutoff and did not make it. By several hours. I got all my errands done, though - $33 for dry-cleaning, $16 for a haircut, and $7 for greasy breakfast (more like brunch at that point). I also returned my shoes, -$75. I browsed through Anthropologie but didn’t buy anything since I will have a birthday coupon soon. I didn’t go in Lush or Sephora because I knew I wouldn’t be able to avoid buying anything. I went to my parents’ house early to meet the internet technician and discovered that my dad had run about a hundred feet of cable through the walls rather than having a new connection installed in their office and that was messing up the signal. Relocated the modem and router to the room with the outlet and everything works fine. No cost to anyone, but I did get a headache trying to explain to my dad that an old tv cable isn’t the equivalent of an internet extension cord. I just lazed around the house on Sunday and did some cleaning. I didn’t make it to the grocery store so I still need to do that. I estimated $125 and spent $79. If I had picked up groceries it would have been right about $125 total.

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On Friday Estimate

I haven’t estimated for a couple of weeks – last weekend was particularly spendy. Hopefully this weekend won’t be so bad. Tonight I am going to a housewarming/birthday party for a friend. I ordered some floral cocktail syrups for a gift but I kind of want to keep them for myself and pick up a bottle of vodka for her instead. I’m sure I will get over it. Tomorrow I need to get my hair cut; I have been putting it off for almost a month. Should be about $20. I suspect I will want something greasy for breakfast, probably $5 for a breakfast sandwich and iced coffee. I also need to drop off my dry-cleaning, that will be about $30. Then it is off to the fancy-pants mall in Scottsdale to return a pair of shoes I ordered online from Nordstroms. -$75 for the return. I am picking up my grandma in the afternoon and taking her to my parents’ house for pizza and playing with my sister’s kids. No cost and lots of fun! Sunday I need to rearrange my living room to accommodate the new console table I ordered from West Elm last weekend. I also need to reorganize my kitchen cabinets so I don’t have an avalanche of plastic containers when I open the door and install child latches because the cat has learned to open the cabinets. I should probably make a grocery run, should be less than $50 since I went to Trader Joe’s during the week. Not including returning the shoes (since that will just go back on my credit card) I should be at around $105. I’ll say $125 total to cover anything unexpected.

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