On Monday Check-in

I didn’t spend anything on Friday as planned, but I also didn’t get my closet cleaned out. Apparently I pass out after a half a glass of wine now. Since I didn’t get the closet done, I didn’t have anything to take to the laundry or drycleaners on Saturday. I returned the dress to Nordstrom ($216.60 credit back on my card) and bought two blouses, a sweater, and a dress that I left with the alterations department for a total of $261.55. $59 of that was for the alterations and I will get that back as a statement credit so at least I didn’t actually spend any new money. I went out into the mall to get a lemonade ($3.37) and decided to wander around Anthropologie while I drank it. I spent $84.03 on a notepad, a magazine, and some perfume and soap. I headed over to Nordstrom Rack but could find a parking place so I will get tights sometime this week. I spent $56.67 on groceries at Whole Foods, including $20 for ground bison and a butternut squash and apple salad for the bbq. I highly recommend both. Sunday I went to Target but didn’t get any picture frames. After looking at them again I just didn’t like the finish. They had some others that would have looked really nice but after I budgeted for the clearance ones I didn’t want to spend that much. Especially after all the spending I did on Saturday. I spent $40.79 on some produce and a 2015 planner. I forgot to get anything I actually needed, like batteries, mouthwash, or a new toilet flapper. I ordered the toilet flapper on Amazon and paid with my credit card point and will get the others stuff sometime this week. I also spent $52 on a ticket to see Tegan and Sara next week in Tempe. I didn’t go when they were in town touring with Katy Perry because tickets were too expensive and I didn’t want to see Katy Perry so I feel good about this purchase. Total: $236.86 spent excluding Nordstrom, $290 estimated but the actual spending looked very little like what I had planned. $-14.05 on my Nordstrom card after all the credits process (estimated $216 credit)

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight should be low-key and free. It’s been a rollercoaster week work-wise so I am staying in, sorting out my winterish (it’s gotten almost chilly in Phoenix this week) clothes and enjoying some wine and Netflix. Tomorrow I need to take a bunch of stuff to the drycleaners and drop off some regular laundry. Usually I do my laundry at my parents’ house but I have too much for that this weekend. I’m not sure how much either of those will cost since I haven’t sorted everything out but I took cash out last weekend to pay for it and didn’t get it done. Hopefully it won’t be more than $50 for all of it. I also need to return a dress at Nordstrom ($216 credit) and try to avoid the clearance section since they are having a sale and I have too many clothes already. I’m not going anywhere else in the mall, I have a coupon for Kate Spade but didn’t see anything I liked online and I’ll just feel bad if I go to Sephora since I am about $20 away from being a VIB and they are having a VIB sale this weekend. I do need to go to Nordstrom Rack for tights since they are much cheaper than regular Nordstrom (probably $25) and either Trader Joe’s or Whole Food’s for groceries ($50). Then I’m picking my grandma up and taking her to my parents’ house for a bbq. Should be fun. Sunday I am going to Target in the morning, last week when I was there I noticed they had a bunch of frames on clearance and I have a bunch of stuff that needs frames. I didn’t have the sizes with me then so I am hoping they will still have some nice frames left. Depending on what they have it could be up to $150 but I’ve had some of these prints tucked away for more than a year so I need to get them framed and up. I also need to go by the hardware store, the rubber flappy thing in my toilet is broken and it is running. I thought about calling my landlord but it is such an easy thing to fix and it will be more hassle to coordinate a time that I can meet him or the handyman. Since I have dogs I can’t just tell him to let himself in. It should be less than $10 for the replacement part. The rest of the day will be spent cleaning, cooking, and getting ready for the week. I’ll probably get coffee at some point, so $5 for that. Total $290 if I get frames. The Nordstrom credit doesn’t count since it will just go back on the card.

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On On Food, Cancer, and the Illusion of Control

Cancer is just about the only thing my family doesn't have a history of and is the one thing my mother is most afraid of. A few years ago she saw some doctor on Dr. OZ's show and switched to a mostly vegetarian diet with lots of smoothies. I don't think she buys organic but she might. It wouldn't be a problem but she also spends hundreds of dollars on supplements from this guys website. I think she is taking more pills than my grandmother who has several actual medical conditions. She showed my the box of her pill bottles and asked me to make sure the medical examiner gets them if she dies suddenly. I think if you are concerned that the supplements will kill you than maybe you are on the wrong diet.

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On The Value of 'Company Culture'

I see something like “Free cab rides after 7 p.m.!” and I think do they really expect me to be at work after 7 that often? Or is it a perk they don't actually have to pay for because everyone leaves between 5 and 6.

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On Rationalizing Adorable, Impractical Online Purchases

Yesterday I spent $116 with tax and shipping on a Kate Spade for Gap Kids sweater and dress for my niece. They are adorable and she will love them but I probably could have bought her a whole winter wardrobe at Target for the same amount. But there are glasses on the sweater and she wears glasses. I justify a lot of kids purchases that way.

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On Everything You Need to Know About Diapers, Part 1

My mom planned to do cloth diapers but didn't want to pay for a service so she made her own. They were all beautifully embroidered (she had a lot of time on her hands before I was born). It lasted about a week before she sent my dad out to buy disposables and repurposed the diapers into dozens of beautiful burp cloths.

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On Monday Check-in

My weekend went nothing like I had planned. Friday went to pieces real quick. It’s our busiest day of our busiest week in the quarter and I was expecting that but just when I thought everything was going smoothly we discovered a mistake from about six months ago and had to redo a bunch of work at the last minute. I ended up working 11 hours and eating lunch at my desk and there are still some loose ends to tie up today. I spent $5 on breakfast and $6 on lunch. I went to grandma’s and my parents’ houses as planned but I didn’t call to change my hotel reservation until Sunday. On Saturday I decided I couldn’t handle doing anything productive and went to the state fair with my dad, my sister and her family. I paid $10 for parking so we could park on the fairgrounds since my dad can’t handle walking from one of the outside lots and $2 for admission. $10 for a deep-fried bacon-wrapped peanut butter cup that was amazing and horrible all at the same time and a soda. $50 on 100 game and ride tickets and $20 towards many plates of fried goodness at lunch. One of the vendors had these adorable tutu and cape costumes and my three-year old niece picked one of the princesses from Frozen (I don’t know which, I saw the movie with them but still can’t tell them apart). My brother-in-law had wandered off with the diaper bag and my sister’s wallet so I paid $45 for the costume and my sister gave my back my $20 from lunch. I spent $6 on two water bottles to get my through the afternoon and $10 on an inflatable ninja turtle toy for my nephew. We all had a great time and I didn’t get a sunburn but I was exhausted when I got home. $133 well spent. Since I did the fair on Saturday, I rescheduled my fence replacement for next weekend and tool the dogs to the groomer, $110 with tip. I stopped by Starbucks and got a latte with a giftcard I had and then picked up more groceries than I had planned, $85 including $15 of Mexican Coke in glass bottles and pre-popped popcorn to bribe/thank my dad for dog sitting later this week. I called and changed my hotel reservation for next week which cost an additional $33. I didn’t not do all the house cleaning I had planned to. Total was $372, $78 less than I estimated, but I didn’t replace my fence or get new blinds. I did have fun, though.

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On Friday Estimate

This weekend is going to be busy and expensive. I already picked up breakfast this morning on my way to work - $5. Tonight I am going to my Grandma’s house to check on her and pick up some stuff then to my parents to drop off the stuff for their storage shed. If I need to get anything for Grandma my mom will reimburse me. I also need to pay my bills for this half of the month and change my hotel reservation for next weekend since that was my one thing for Thursday that I didn’t get done. Tomorrow I am taking the dogs to the groomer (probably $100), dropping off some dry cleaning ($30), and cleaning the house. I also need to pick up some groceries for a few days. Sunday my dad and I are replacing a section of my fence (about $100 for materials) and I might replace the blinds in my living room. One of them actually broke so I just have a curtain across that window and the blinds I have are no longer available. I don’t really like them anyway, they collect dust and need to be vacuumed instead of wiped or else the dust just smears and they come off their cords easily. If I get new ones it will be around $150 for the three windows and I will probably replace the bedroom blinds with matching ones in the next couple months. Total will be around $450 since I will also get lunch for my dad and me on Sunday.

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On Should Economic Equality Have Come Before Marriage Equality?

I think economic equality is the more important issue but marriage equality is the more winnable one. DOMA made it to the Supreme Court because of estate taxes. It probably would have made it eventually but most people will never have enough money to make estate taxes an actual issue. Hopefully as marriage equality gains more ground queer people will gain more visibility and straight people won’t think of us as some exotic other and then it will be easier to pass things like ENDA.

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On "Shortsighted, Cheap, and Unethical: Cash Only."

There are several places that I always try to remember to bring cash even though the take cards, like the nail salon and small restaurants, and they are usually actual mom & pop places that I go to frequently. My dry cleaner is cash only which annoys me not because I have to remember to get cash ahead of time but because they have an atm in the lobby and charge a $3 fee. But they are close to my house, cheap, fast, and do a good job so I deal with it.

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