On Monday Check-in

On Friday I picked up a quesadilla for dinner since there is no food in the house. $8.25 at Qdoba Saturday I dropped the dogs off and headed to Target. Since food did not magically appear overnight I spent $7 at the Starbucks in the store and then $58 on cards, a giftcard for my aunt, and two new dog collars. The collars were not planned but I noticed their old collars were gross when I left them at the groomers and the four legged members of the family have their own monthly budget. The groomer was $95 plus a $20 tip, more than I was expecting but I had them do teeth and glands and both dogs look (and smell) great. I spent $10 at Ikea on a mediocre chicken wrap and some fries since my sister wanted lunch. I thought the meatballs would be to heavy since we were going out later. I should have just gotten them. The Melting Pot was $75 since the birthday ladies each got a couple of drinks. All the non-birthday people split the food and then my mom and I split the alcohol. Sunday I finished my parents’ taxes finally and looked at my Old Navy cart to see what had gone out of stock since I last checked. They had a 25% off coupon and free two day shipping so I went ahead and bought everything. A bunch of tanks, stretchy pencil skirts, and cardigans should be here on Wednesday. $340 but I might return the cardigans. I don’t know, my office gets cold but I already have sweaters and it is going to be over 100 degrees here soon. I also spent $105 on Toms. My sister mentioned that she ordered a couple of pairs from their outlet website and tried to get her two year old to pick out a pair. Of course once she noticed the pink glitter shoes none of the discounted ones were good enough and my sister refused to spend that much on kids shoes. Since I don’t have to pay their day-to-day expenses I have no problem buying overpriced glitter covered toddler shoes and also got a pair of cute Jonathan Adler blue patterns ones for me. I did take the dogs to play at my parents’ house, they have a much better yard than I do, but I didn’t go to the antique mall. I also didn’t make it to the grocery store so dinner was $10 for a burger and fries at Five Guys and my bank account says I spent $5 in the iTunes store. I am going to delete Candy Crush from my iPad. I have no self-control with that game. Or much else looking at all the money I spent. Total estimated was $235-$300 depending on antique bench availability. Total spent was just under $725. I wouldn’t have thought I spent that much. And I since I didn’t get groceries I will need to pick up a sandwich for lunch and go to the grocery store unless I want to have to buy lunch tomorrow, too.

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On A Case Against Telling Your Coworkers What You Earn

The idea of just publishing everyone's salaries anonymously is a nice one but doesn't work in a lot of businesses. My department has three people. One of them left a couple of months ago and I asked him how much he was hired in at and how much he was making when he left. I told him I was going to ask for a raise since I would be taking on a lot of his duties for a while and if he didn't want to tell me that was totally fine. I found out he was hired at about $5K more than I was making at the time. He had been hired to be my replacement when I was promoted. And he had been receiving regular increases ever since. He had earned a few new qualifications so some of that increase was understandable. But the beginning salary pissed me off. Before I knew what my co-worker had been making I was going to ask for $5K and thought that was a reach. I went directly to the CEO and told him what additional work I had taken on, the salary research I had done and I asked for $15K. I got it.

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On Friday Estimate

I shouldn’t have anything tonight. I need to finish my parent’s taxes and do some housework. Tomorrow the dogs are going to the groomer, it's usually about $60 with tip for their baths but my shep mix is getting a blowout/deshedding treatment so I think the total will be around $75. While they are there I need to stop in Target to get a gift card for my aunt and birthdays cards for her and my sister (I gave my sister a movie ticket pack last weekend so she and her husband could use it tonight while my parents babysit). My mom wants to go to Ikea and I plan to look but not buy anything. I need to figure out something for my tv that is rather precariously balanced on a bookcase right now. Then its early dinner/late lunch at the Melting Pot for birthdays. My sister is meh about it but my aunt loves it so we end up having a family celebration there every year. I think about $40 at Target and $50ish for dinner. Sunday I am taking the dogs to my parents for a visit and might stop by an antique mall to see if a bench I saw last week is still available. If it is then that will be $65. I also need to get groceries at some point, probably $75 since I am out of everything. Hopefully the weekend total will be under $300.

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: March 2014 Check-in

I think this is my first time participating. Here goes. Firestone Credit Card (0% interest until September) 3/31 balance: $875 - This is a new card I got because my tires were on their last life. I also had the front brakes down and an oil change. I don't really know anything about cars and that doesn't bother me because I know about other stuff and my dad enjoys helping with the car stuff so I took him with me and he picked out the tires and looked at the brakes before I authorized the work. He said we can do the rear brakes ourselves in his garage this weekend but the front ones are a pain. I was planning to pay this off with a bonus I am expecting at the end of the month but can do the payments if that doesn’t happen. Other Credit Cards (lots of interest) 3/31 balance: $2500 – This is on three cards all at about the same rate. I have been paying the minimums on two and adding extra to the third in an attempt to snowball them away. My original plan was to have them paid off by the end of the year but I’m going to be able to do that a lot sooner since my boss just came in and told me I got the raise I asked for last week! Savings goal 3/31 balance: $0 I have a lot of little goals like going to weddings and gift buying built into my budget and have been trying (but not really succeeding) to spilt half of what’s left after everything in the budget between credit cards and general savings. With the new raise I am starting a new savings goal of $1000 for a vacation I really want to go on in May. I am on the wait list for a summer camp and figured if I got in I would try to find the money. I’ll figure out some other goals after this has sunk in. There are some little projects I’ve been putting off but I don’t want to sink everything into lifestyle creep.

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On Women Engineers Given Mirrors and Nail Files Swag From Goldman Sachs

@Caitlin with a C They probably would. I work in finance (not at the GS level but I have contact with some of their people) and I have never seen a group of men with better nails. I've also seen a few bank and brokerage-type companies set out branded nail files at conferences. Their goal is to give you something you will use so their brand is in front of you on a regular basis. I personally prefer when they bring little toy cars, though.

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On Friday Estimate

I just ordered Christmas presents for my niece and nephew - $100 but I've been setting aside Christmas money for a few months. Tonight I am babysitting for the aforementioned nephew and will probably pick up dinner on my way home - $10 Tomorrow I need to go to the drycleaners - $25 and Target - $15 for a new shower curtain rod. I am going to try really hard not to spend any extra at Target because they have too much of my money already. Sunday I am cleaning house and taking the dogs to the groomers - $65 I need groceries but am not going to get them until Monday because I am catsitting for a family friend next week and will pick them up on the way over. My dad is dogsitting for me while I catsit so I don't have to pay him. (I offered and he got upset and told me to just leave instructions for the coffee maker and a few bottles of Mexican Coke.) One of the dogs is technically his, anyway. Hopefully the total for the weekend will be under $225 including the presents.

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On How Much Should It Cost to Fix My Shoes?

$65 sounds reasonable for the damage to yours, especially if they need to rebuild or even out any of the wood part before putting on the new rubber. I had a pair of my dad's cowboy boots resoled a few years ago and it was $45 with no damage, just new rubber. I'm in Phoenix. I think it is weird that it would be the same price for each pair unless your boyfriend's boots have a lot of damage. That makes me think they don't have a good way to gauge the amount of work a boot needs and are just throwing out a number. I would be worried that the repair on his boots (assuming it is just a regular repair) would be good but that the more extensive repairs to yours would be shoddy. If it was $130 a pair, then that is way to much in my opinion. I would ask well-dressed neighbors for recommendations on cobblers and tailors in the area. Or friends' parents if you have the chance. All the best recommendations I've received for service-type businesses have come from my sister's mother-in-law.

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On Monday Check-in

I went over my $75 estimate but my deposit hit my account on Saturday and my tuition payment didn't so I had a little more wiggle room than I expected. I spent $40 at the bookstore instead of $30 on Friday. The food and wine festival was a lot of fun though and I don't think I've socialized one-on-one with my sister for years, so that was nice. On Saturday my Starbucks plans were derailed. It seemed like everyone in Phoenix was out enjoying the cool weather. Starbucks was packed and spilling over to the patio next door. I spent $5 on breakfast at McDonald's and found a cubicle at the Phoenix College library instead. I spent a lot longer than planned there (algebra kicked my butt) and skipped lunch. I stopped at the grocery stop on the way home as planned but spent about $50. I studied at home on Sunday and didn't spend anything. Total was $95, $20 more than planned. Not horrible but I spent way too much last weekend at Target and Old Navy. I'm going to try not to spend anything this week.

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On Friday Estimate

I haven't done an estimate in a while and I have been spending way to much. Tonight I am going to a food and wine festival - tickets are already covered by my boss. It's next to a big bookstore, so probably $30 there. Saturday - camping out at Starbucks to use their internet and do homework. I'll get a drink and pastry but I have giftcards to cover that. Lunch shouldn't be more than $10. I also need to go to the grocery store - $30ish Sunday - staying home and studying - $0 Total - $75, I can't go much above that because my tuition payment is scheduled to come out on Saturday. I think they process it on the next business day and I also have a reimbursement coming in on Monday but I want to make sure I leave enough cash to cover it just in case.

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On Contradictory Thoughts, Or Are They?

@clairkin I do this and had forgotten about a couple of skirts I put in my Target cart on my phone a few months ago. I was in the store last weekend looking up a dress to buy my niece since they were out of her size and the skirts where on clearance for about $10 each. The skirts and the dress will be here tomorrow. Sometimes procrastination pays off. Or it costs less than it could have. I probably shouldn’t have spent the money anyways but what’s done is done.

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