On Friday Estimate

I don’t have any real plans for this weekend except taking the dogs to the dog park. I’m going on vacation next week so I will need to pick up some toiletries and other odds and ends for that, maybe $25. My mom said something about taking Grandma to a movie this weekend but the only one they both want to see is only on late (well, 8:30 which is late for them) so I don’t know if that will actually happen. If it does I will get the tickets since Mom paid for dinner the last time we went out so $25 for tickets and maybe $10 for snacks. If we go to dinner first then that will probably be $50. I need to dad-proof my house since he is dog sitting when I go out of town and see if I can get my dogs into the groomer which will be $120 with tip but that comes out of their budget. I’ll probably get at least one coffee and breakfast one morning so $15 for random food spending. So let’s say under $150 for me and $125 for the dogs.

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On The Cost of Getting Your Eyes Checked (When Your Health Insurance Does Not Include Vision)

@Erica My sister has picked out most of my glasses since I can't see how the frames look. Last time I got sunglasses I went alone and the salesperson kept bringing me purple frames. She said she was trying to match my coat since it was so pretty. I live in Phoenix and wear a coat about two weeks of the year. I usually end up with a black pair for everyday and a bright pair for fun. This year the bright pair are blue.

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On The Cost of Getting Your Eyes Checked (When Your Health Insurance Does Not Include Vision)

I go to Target for my eye exam's. They don't all have an optical department but the one closest to me does. They charge $55 for an eye exam and I got a $5 discount for my health insurance. They do the pressure test for glaucoma, not the photo, but everything else is the same as any other eye doctor. Of course after I added two pairs of glasses and a pair of sunglasses my total was just over $800. Thank goodness I have an HRA (company funded to compensate for our high deductible health plan).

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On Why Self-Driving Trucks Are an Argument for Basic Income

You could make the argument that many if not most truck drivers would be living in poverty now if their home wasn't rolled up into their work. A lot of drivers just live in their trucks and get a cheap motel room once in a while when the truck is in for maintenance so they don’t have to pay for housing. My dad was a trucker for many years. When he started out in the 70’s he was making good money. Of course, he was single and had very few expenses. By the time my sister and I were in high school he was out three or four weeks at a time taking as many loads as he could. Every year more expenses were pushed onto the drivers and fewer benefits were offered. At the end he was leasing his truck from his company, responsible for fuel expenses, didn't have a per diem for food or to hire someone to help unload the trailer so he was risking injury doing it himself and poor health eating truck stop junk so he could send a bigger paycheck home. He was making less per mile than ever before in his career. He’s never worked for a company that offered health insurance or a retirement plan.

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On Monday Check-in

My weekend was more expensive than I had planned, even not counting new glasses. But I also took more naps than planned so really it was just a weekend of excess. I forgot bring lunch on Friday so I went out and spent $8. I called Grandma for her grocery list and went by the store that evening. I spent $50 on groceries for myself but since I was hungry and forgot my list it is all prepackaged side dishes from the deli and boxes of coffee pods. Grandma’s groceries were $50 and my mom reimbursed my almost as soon as I sent the Chase request. After I dropped off the groceries and picked up the laundry I met a friend for burgers at Five Guys and spent $13. Saturday ate the slice of cheesecake I got at the grocery store the night before for breakfast and then took a morning nap to prepare for babysitting. My mom’s plans were cancelled so she ended up staying with the kids all morning. I went to the eye doctor and spent $800 on my exam and three pairs of glasses. I wasn’t going to use my insurance since we have a high deductible plan but the clerk ran it through anyway and I actually got a discount on the exam and the frames. I’m sending the receipt to the HRA people today and hopefully will have my reimbursement within the next couple of days. While I was at Target I spent $5 on a hand soap refill and $6 on a Frappuccino and rice crispy treat. I headed over to Costco to meet my mom, sister and niece and got a hot dog while I was waiting $2.50 since I donated a dollar to whatever charity they were collecting for at the register, maybe the Children’s hospital. Once they got there I spent a dollar on one of the mall rides for my neice. I went way over what I had planned at Costco, I had hoped to keep it under $100 and spent $168 but I got a new sweatshirt for my upcoming camping trip and a case of Mexican Coke to bribe/thank my dad for dog sitting while I am away. I also spent $20 on single serving crème brulee cups that I thought they had stopped carrying. Sunday I took another morning nap. I didn’t sleep well since my neighbor was having a party and I could hear pretty much everything from my bedroom. I did some organizing and took a bunch of old boxes out for bulk pickup and put together a pretty good pile to take to Goodwill. Mom dropped Grandma’s laundry off so I went to take it to her and discovered that one of my neighbors or their guest had run up against the side of my car the night before. The damage isn’t huge but there is a dent in the door and a big black streak. After I took Grandma her laundry and stopped by the grocery store for the things I was supposed to get on Friday ($37) I tried to clean it off but my all-purpose cleaner didn’t do anything. I ordered some specialized stuff and buffer pads off Amazon for $20 and got a $13 book I had been wanting since some of the car things were add-ons and I needed to spend $25 to get them with free shipping. It might have been cheaper to pay for the shipping but I was too tired and angry to think clearly and I would have gotten the book eventually. I estimated $150 without glasses and spent $323.50 on non-glasses and $800 on glasses. My credit card is weeping.

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On Friday Estimate

I was hoping this weekend would be cheap and quiet, I'm going on vacation in a week and a half and have been spending more money than I would like. Tonight I am going to pick up some groceries for my Grandma and get her laundry. I might get myself some groceries as well. $30ish for my groceries, no idea what’s on her list but either she will insist on paying or my mom will reimburse me. Tomorrow I am babysitting my nephew and niece, no cost unless the ice cream truck comes around. I have been trying to get an eye dr appointment for tomorrow afternoon but so far nothing has been available. If I get something scheduled then it will be anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars but I will get reimbursed from my HRA at work. I am meeting my mom and sister at Costco Saturday afternoon (one of the reasons I wanted an appointment was so I could get cheap Costco glasses) and will probably spend $100 or so. Sunday I think I will pick up breakfast and spend the day at home, reading and doing some cleaning and organizing. Next week is bulk trash pickup so I might clean out the closet in the spare bedroom and haul some stuff out to the alley and make a Goodwill run. Shouldn’t be more than $10. I’ll say $150 for my stuff excluding potential glasses.

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On Because Doing 1 Thing Feels GREAT (Afterwards)

@Chel Also I need to pick up a prescription on the way home from work.

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On Because Doing 1 Thing Feels GREAT (Afterwards)

I need to make an appointment for the eye doctor. Its been a few years and I have been wearing my backup glasses for the last year and half. They got scratched in the last few months badly enough that people keep asking me what happened. I don't think my prescription has changed but I should make sure my eyes aren't going to fall out or anything.

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On Our Beds, Ourselves

I bought a foam mattress and a bed from Overstock.com last fall and have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of both. The mattress came rolled up in a box like one of the Casper mattresses and was easy to unpack. The bed was slightly easier to assemble than something from IKEA would have been. I don't know that someone not having a bed frame would be a deal breaker for me, other people have other priorities. Its more convenient for me to sleep at my place anyway since I have to get up to let the dogs out.

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On Monday Check-in

I stuck pretty close to my estimate for once. Friday I grabbed lunch at Chipotle for $8. It would have been $6 but I got a side of guacamole to have with some chips for dinner. I then forgot to bring the guacamole home with me so it spent the weekend in the office fridge, turning brown. Saturday I went to see Far from the Madding Crowd with my mom. $15 for two matinee tickets (could have saved .50 if I had remembered to get her a senior ticket) and $8.50 for popcorn and a drink. I have a refillable cup from out local theater, you pay full price for the cup in January (or whenever you buy it) and get $1.50 refills all year. We got a large popcorn so Mom could take a refill home for my dad. We also stopped a bakery on the way and each bought a couple macarons to snack on for $8. I went to Target that night and joined the crowd picking out Mother’s Day cards. I spent just under $50 at Target on the cards, some groceries, and a new pair of soap and lotion dispensers on a nice tray. The Target by me doesn’t carry Amazon or Walgreens gift cards so I couldn’t get them there. Sunday I stopped at Walgreens to get the gift cards I needed and some dark chocolate KitKats for my dad to give Mom. The total there was $55. I picked up Grandma and we met everyone at Federal Pizza. I put in $60 towards the bill, everyone except Grandma put some in and she was annoyed that we wouldn’t let her pay. After I took her home I went to the grocery store and made a dent in restocking my fridge for $90. I wanted to stay below $300 and just made is at $294.50

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