On Change Bowl

I don't know if this still works, and the ethics of it are questionable at best, but in high school a friend's mom taught me this Coinstar trick: Do all the whatever with your change, then when it asks how you want to be paid, select a gift card. As soon as it starts to connect, unplug the ethernet cord. When it fails to connect, it will give you the full amount of the cash voucher without charging their fee. I've never done it myself, as I'm generally not of the "so thrifty I'll borderline steal" variety, but I saw her do it and it worked. Granted, this was eight years ago, but if you're so desperate for that ten percent that you care to furtively sabotage equipment, then have at it.

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On Barring Medical Breakthroughs

Particularly since there will also be no ice floes on which to send ourselves off, forest paths to give ourselves unto, etc. by then. Guns, though, so no worries!

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On Monday Check-in

I predicted $600. My share of a produce box, Comcast bill, small farmer's market purchase, brunch, putting gas in my girlfriend's car, and new suit added up to $602. Eerily accurate. And now, I weep.

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On Open Thread

@LookUponMyWorks also, be sure to read this:http://ota.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/ota/publication/attachments/Tenant_Survival_Guide.pdf the DC tenant survival guide!

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On Open Thread

@Caitlin with a C Haha. "People sure do leave us a lot! Instead of trying to make this a desirable place to work, let's institute some draconian policies!"

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On Open Thread

@LookUponMyWorks ah yes, a dog does complicate things a bit. In my experience a lot of places don't allow pets. If your dog is smallish, it can be easier to find a place. Another thing to consider is biking- DC's pretty small, there are a decent number of bike lanes, and biking can be faster than driving, metro, or bus, especially something like popping home on your lunch break for a quick walk with the pup. It could also free you up from having to be super close to transit. I'm too chicken for a lot of city bike riding, but my girlfriend goes all over the place.

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@LookUponMyWorks DC can be a little pricey, but I like it here. I've lived in the Southwest quadrant my whole time here. There can be some good deals to be had there sometimes, but it's already gotten pricier, it seems. It's almost entirely residential, with a Safeway, CVS, a small handful of restaurants, and one bar. A lot of it is pretty. My girlfriend lives near Stadium-Armory, what they sometimes call New Hill East, and it's similarly quiet, residential, cheapish, and is fairly close to cool spots like Eastern Market and Barracks Row. If you're working in Dupont, though, you'll probably want to be in Northwest. It's the biggest part of the city, and also has some of the toniest neighborhoods. Still, it also has some pretty economical areas, especially depending on your willingness to drive, how important it is to be close to Metro, etc. Also, don't rule out the close suburbs entirely. I have, due to an irrational/stupid but unshakeable authenticity...thing, but the fact is there are cool places in Maryland and Virginia, you can sometimes save a lot by not living in the city (emphasis on sometimes), and it can be faster to commute from the close suburbs depending on where you work vs. where you would live in DC per se. That said, I like living in DC quite a bit. In the end, unless you live really far from transit, or in one of the city's allegedly unsafe neighborhoods, you'll almost certainly need roommates for your price range.

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On What Water Do You Drink, How Do You Drink It?

At home I keep a Brita filtered pitcher constantly full of water. I inherited it when I moved into my place almost two years ago and never replaced the filter so it probably isn't filtering a damn thing. At work I have a 32+ oz. plastic water bottle that I try to drink one of a day, though I usually end up having to pee a lot if I do. I never remember to bring a water bottle to the gym and hate drinking water while running, so I often get home from exercising and when I pee it's like that video where after 60+ years of watching they finally got footage of a droplet of pitch falling.

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On Friday Estimate

Brunch with my girlfriend and her friends, groceries for a few meals I have planned this weekend including what I'm calling Operation BLT (a secret plan to make and consume a BLT), groceries for the week, cleaning supplies/toiletries, oh, and paying for a suit for the wedding in which I am a groomsman. That's four hundo right there. As such, I'll predict $600. Eeeeek.

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On You Do 1 Thing! And You Do 1 Thing! And You Do 1 Thing!

@polka dots vs stripes I can see where you're coming from. From my perspective, my comment was aimed more at the guilt/anguish that people feel over dental appointments, rather than whether they should have them or not. I also specified, but it's worth reiterating, that this lit reviews address professional dental cleaning specifically, i.e. not dental appointments as a whole. I haven't looked at that research and couldn't comment on it.

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