On Alert: Terrible And Somehow Legal Private Student Loan Provision

@rhinoceranita I realize that. I have AES but their criteria are not posted on their website. I would assume they are similar (if they exist).

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On Going Without Health Insurance

@halloliebchen I have a relative who is 55, always slender, never smoked or drank, healthy as a horse, who was just diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. This happens every day, but NO ONE thought it would happen to her. No health insurance probably means that the woman mentioned above doesn't get annual check-ups either. So when something does pop up, it will be worse than if there were preventative measures taken...possibly even catastrophic...and the rest of us will be paying for it.

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On Going Without Health Insurance

@Beans My first thought: I hope she doesn't have an appendix. I think my appendectomy was about $30,000. Insurance paid for all but $500.

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On Alert: Terrible And Somehow Legal Private Student Loan Provision

@rhinoceranita Thanks for this info. What does 1-month liquidity mean, exactly? I think I might be close to meeting these criteria, and I would like to get my parents off of my private loan.

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On Winnipeg, Manitoba: The Slurpee Capital of the World

@Allison There was a 7/11 across the street from my college dorm, so yeah, we put booze in it.

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On Simplifying Student Loan Payments

I auto-pay almost all my bills, but not through the biller. I set up bill pay through my credit union (but I'm sure you can do this through any bank). The bank receives the bill and I tell the bank how quickly to pay the bill ahead of time. You can also tell the bank not to automatically pay a specific bill over $X (so you're not accidentally overcharged or whatever). This system is totally worth the time investment to set it up. Also, there are no fees for bill pay at my credit union. I have one student loan that I auto-pay through the lender b/c they give me a slightly lower interest rate specifically if I use their auto-pay system. I reserve a specific savings account for this withdrawal and have reminders set up on Google Calendar so that I know a few days before the money is scheduled to be withdrawn (always at the end of the month). I'm sure they do this because they think you're more likely to incur overdraw and late fees, etc. They are shady as f***, but I will beat them at their little game, oh yes I will!

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On Thieves Steal What They Can Sell, Like Soap and Razors

Every time I see the baby formula locked up, I get very very sad.

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On Things I Wish I'd Known Before Plunging Blindly Into My Role as a Manager

Yeah, managing is tough. It instantly turns your job into 90% organization and other peoples problems. I had a bunch of management duties taken away after a massive reorganization and I was so much happier! I think the "use your instincts" when hiring advice is dead-on. I actually work with a bunch of clinical psychologists who taught me this. Hiring the person that's just a little "off" ("off" meaning any number of personality traits) even though they seem great on paper can throw off the entire balance of your team.

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On Interview With a Person Who Paid Off $48,000 in Student Loans in Four Years

@zeytin It happens. My PhD program was consistently ranked #1 in the country and they didn't guarantee funding for everyone. I chose it over several lower-ranked programs that would have guaranteed funding. I still got funded even though it wasn't a sure thing from year to year. To be honest, I'm still not sure if that was the right move, but hey, I have a PhD and a decent job and I'm very well trained.

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On Feeling "Meh" About Your Realized Dreams

@garli I finished my doctorate recently, but I have mixed feelings about it. I work in academia, do research, make a better salary than most post-docs and assistant professors, but I'm not tenure track so I'm not as well-respected as tenure track folks. I'm currently trying to sort out all my thoughts on this b/c I don't know if I'm cut out for the maximum BS/miminum $ life of the tenure track professor.

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