On 'I Had My Backpack and 20 Cents': How Cheryl Strayed Does Money

@joyballz It's nice that she actually signed the books in person! I haven't read TBT yet - although I've read through the Dear Sugar archives quite a bit. Wild is one of the few books I've read more than once in recent years. I liked it okay the first time, but some heavy stuff happened in my life, and I was like, "I need this book right now." I haven't felt that way about very many books.

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On It Depends on What the Definition of "Unlimited" Is

I have a couple of friends who have the AT&T unlimited data plan and they have to field calls from AT&T begging them to change their plan on the regular. I hadn't heard about throttling, though! I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile and haven't looked back. Same for several family members. It all happened when we had problems with service/equipment and AT&T shrugged their shoulders.

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On How A Person With a Five-Figure Income Buys an Apartment in New York City

@pengu1n I think the all-cash bids were the "magic" emphasized by the author. However, if you are 25 and have tens of thousands of dollars saved, you most likely did not put yourself through college, take out student loans, and maybe - like the author - you are lucky enough to have parents who can afford and are willing to help support you so you can live rent-free. Or you are lucky enough that your parents gave you a down payment on a house as your wedding present - that was the experience of a few of my friends from college. Is that EVERYBODY who buys a house in their mid-twenties? No, but it's more likely that you have one or more of these advantages. To say that it's all hard work and priorities is disingenuous. There's a lot of luck involved too.

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On How Much Can Dog Walkers Make? How About $120,000/Year

@francesfrances Go to work for a dog walking business with lots of wealthy clients. Then hope that they decide to move out of state and drive their own business into the ground, which is how my ex-boyfriend ended up with his own dog walking business. Or maybe you can learn the business from them and go out on your own. I think the key is having wealthy clients, having insurance, etc. Wealthy clients will pay for daily service or more and they travel a lot so you can end up taking the dogs overnight and charging a lot.

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On This Is Terrible, But: The Pain of Tipping People Richer Than Me

@Erica Yeah, I hear ya. I think this applies to people in specific social circles, where I'm invited as part of the social circle but maybe we aren't close close friends. Obviously, it's not a gift grab on their part, they're just being inclusive and gracious. If it were a very close friend, obviously, it would feel more personal and less like a silly obligation. And I am aware that I'm allowed to decline these invitations. I'm just whining a little!

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On Why You Shouldn't Go to Art School

Oh goodness. My boyfriend went to one of these schools. But it's one of the only schools in the country that awards a 4-year degree in his field. And he did graduate, and is employed. In general, it has a bad reputation round here. Open admissions with really high tuition, so it's generally seen as a school for mediocre students with lots of money.

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On This Is Terrible, But: The Pain of Tipping People Richer Than Me

Not to change the subject, but I've started to feel this way about giving baby/wedding/shower gifts to my friends who make more than me. Like, you can afford to be a stay at home mom AND hire a nanny and I'm supposed to give your kid a gift? I chipped in for the shower, but I figured I'd give a card with a nice note for the baptism. Maybe I shouldn't feel sour about it, but I do.

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On The Cost of Insomnia

Melatonin gives me bad dreams. Like, horrifying nightmares. I hope it does not do that to you!

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On Life Coaching For Life Coaches: Why I'm Quitting

I've always wondered if life coaching was a ponzi scheme. I've heard of more people who *are* life coaches than I've heard of people actually having them (therapists, on the other hand...). Are you willing to tell us how much money you've sunk into certifications, etc? I'd be willing to bet it's pretty high!

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On The Price of David Sedaris' Briefcase in 1993, in 2014

Shortly after I got my first job after leaving my grad student life, I bought a Marc Jacobs watch on ebay (looked legit!). It was my first extravagant purchase after realizing that I could kiiiiind of afford nicer things now. Although it was really a switch from Old Navy shopper to Gap shopper.

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