On Only Suckers Don't Buy Generic

@beastlyburden I can settle this: use 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar like you would a fabric softener and get rid of dryer sheets and/or fabric softener. And the (generic) brand of vinegar is like $1 per gallon.

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On My Last $100: 48 Hours in Chicago

I live here, but these are the places I have taken (or would take) out of town guests: Hopleaf in Andersonville Taste of Lebanon in Andersonville (or their grocery store across the street) Lula in Logan Square Reno in Logan Square Khan BBQ on Devon Lao Szechuan (or any of the "Lao" restaurants) in Chinatown La Lagartija in the West Loop Volo in Roscoe Village Parsons in Logan Square Hot Dougs in Avondale Kuma's in Avondale Bongo Room (for the insane pancakes) Eleven City Diner in the South Loop Victory's Banner in Roscoe Village (for the weird factor) Laschet's Inn in North Center Disclaimer: I live on the north/northwest side so I'm biased in those areas. I second the Rootstock (probably out of your way, tho) and Black Dog recs! Revolution is not worth the wait IMO.

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On What Aren't We Spending Money On?

Thanks to everyone who replied to my question about vacation savings! I will keep the money where it is!

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On What Aren't We Spending Money On?

@moreadventurous Sorry, I'm hijacking with my own question, but say I'm saving up for a big trip in a year. I currently have my funds in a savings account at .85% interest. Is this a point where people would put it in one of these Vangard index funds so it grows faster (at the risk that the market might tank right before I'm ready to use it)? Or is it not something that people use for short-term gains? Or is this a decision that every person makes for themselves? I guess I'm just trying to gauge whether that's a nutso idea, and the only investing I've ever done is through my retirement account.

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On On the Purchase of New Pillows

As a person with neck issues, buckwheat pillows changed my life. Now I can never go back, and I'm shouting the Buckwheat Gospel from the rooftops!

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On So You've Decided To Join The CSA

@Changeling I think anyone who has ever purchased a CSA box thinks they're great. I think the author also thinks they're great - but there is some humor to be found with the influx of produce and the responsibility of picking up your box on time. It sounds so doable, but life gets in the way sometimes, and the fantasy of how you will be a better person because of all of the produce and cooking and supporting a farm doesn't exactly match with the reality. I definitely think everyone should still get a CSA, though! To be fair the last time I checked (3 summers ago?) I couldn't find a single CSA that did a payment plan, so yours might be more special than you think. I think it's great that you're offering that option.

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On So You've Decided To Join The CSA

This was hilarious. Oh, the dirty looks I got when I forgot to pick up my box and had to go the next day to some random hippie house where the orphaned boxes were being stored. I haven't done it in years because, as I learned the one season I did it, I am only one woman and can only consume so much healthy fresh locally-sourced produce. Also: I'd like to add a little parmigiano cheese to the kale+egg=delicious equation.

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On Are Land Lines Worth It?

@Elsajeni Also, you can get a prepaid cell phone with no credit check and no need for an address. In poor communities, the cell phone is a status thing (just as much as it is for every other community). You can see people walking around with fancy smart phones but many people either have a prepaid plan or a plan without data included.

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On Riding the Chinatown Bus, and Considering Its True Cost

@kkg Oh man, I've traveled the Van Galder Chicago/Madison route many times. It's been a while, so I don't know if they've moved forward on providing wifi to compete with Megabus.

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On GOOD ENOUGH Homes & Destinations: What You Get for $125K

@milena I went many years ago when I was dating someone who lived there (who had a huge amazing house) and we made out by the river and it was way too crowded for us to be doing that. Sorry, Providence peeps!

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