On Pretty Sure I Deserve A "Wife Bonus"

@Marille & @garli I don't think most of these women ever need to worry about taking care of themselves (at least, in the same sense as you or I). There's assortative mating going on and these women either have trust funds of their own, or they have the kind of social capital to fall back on some bullsh*t job, or start their own handbag business with their friends/connections making up for whatever is missing on their resumes.

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On Examining My Grocery Spending

@thegirlieshow Yep...save money by nixing the multi-vitamin. I think the research is pretty clear on that now. Sounds the author has a pretty balanced diet anyways.

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On Should You Treat Job Interviews Like Hostage Negotiations?

@meatballsub This is my experience as well. You might get a salary range or floor upfront, but I've always had to be the one to ask during an interview.

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On How a Bank Manager With Three Roommates Does Money

You are my financial twin in many many ways, Devon! I think $500 for groceries and eating out in Chicago is actually GREAT! My expenses are typically around $700/mo if I'm *behaving* (I live in Chicago too). Tell me your secret!!

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On Fiverr Is Depressing The Hell Out of Me

I have some technical skills and I was looking into posting a profile on one of these freelancer-type websites. But when I saw folks in Bangladesh were charging $10 for the same skills - when I was thinking $75 an hour minimum for myself - I decided against it.

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On Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist Left Journalism Due to Low Pay

@tussock I am seriously seriously considering leaving academia. I have a great research job at a university. I don't want to leave for the tenure track or a post-doc and take a huge pay cut while doing 3Xs the work. I need more money if I EVER want to live with a safety net and I can't find a research job in academia that pays more than I currently make. I constantly have to talk myself out of panicking over this.

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On Gwyneth Paltrow GOOPs Up Food Stamps

@CMD+click Me three. I have no idea how to budget for groceries/food/eating out. I am ALWAYS over my goal. Maybe I just have to accept that I consider cooking/eating a hobby and - therefore - am always going to buy the more expensive stuff. Like, my boyfriend and I will plan our weekends around making a special meal. I don't even go nuts doing all organic, etc, but if there's a hormone-free package of chicken sitting there, I'm getting it.

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On How Do You Know When to Stop Spending?

@orangezest The self-care thing is a really good point! I'll feel guilty about spending on certain things for months, and then finally I'll just admit to myself that I'm always going to spend money on X every month, then I'll add it to my Mint budgets and adjust other budgets (i.e, the ones I typically don't spend the entire budget amount) if necessary. Then I don't have to feel guilty about it b/c I know it's there for specific purpose X.

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On Hotel Preferences: For The President, ESPN & A Gym

@mp Yep!

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On Hotel Preferences: For The President, ESPN & A Gym

Thanks for publishing this list. I belonged to an academic organization that holds a huge annual conference that had to be moved to Las Vegas at the last minute b/c we don't cross picket lines. I don't know the ins and outs, but I assume the move to Vegas was because it was the only place that could accommodate the conference on short notice (being just a few months in advance). It was kind of weird walking through a smoky casino floor while on the way to give a talk on my dissertation, but I had a good time!

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