On Just In Case We Die It's All Settled OK Ciao!

When my grandpa died my mom had to do a ton of work sorting through his finances and as a result, she's started sending me an annual email with all of her & my dad's estate information ("estate" in the sense of "this is the money we have" not in the sense of "this is the impressive old-money we have"). It freaks me out to get that email, but I know that GOD FORBID I ever need to reference it, it will be very, very useful. On the other hand, she's horrible at communicating when and where they're traveling - they went to Europe last fall and I had to hound her for even their departure/arrival dates. We even live together at this point and the communication is still abysmal! She also doesn't tend to ask me for the same information - I think I took the initiative of sending her my itinerary when I studied abroad. Parents!

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On Can I Afford to Help People?

Commenting before I read the whole thing to say this - APPLY FOR FOOD STAMPS BEFORE YOUR SERVICE TERM STARTS! You will get more money monthly, and it will be a LOT easier & faster to get yourself enrolled. Edit: I don't have much else to add that others haven't chimed in with, but I'm close to finishing up a VISTA term here in Minneapolis that was... a mixed bag. Good luck to you! At least Minneapolis is (relatively) cheap!

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On Things to Think About Before Pursuing Grad School

@Michelle You're me! Or, more like, possible future me! I have an undergrad anthro. degree, have done sexual health stuff over the years & am doing a public health americorps year right now. I'm trying to figure out where to go next... would you be willing to share more about your path with me either here or via email? No pressure, of course, we are total strangers on the internet after all!

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