On The Up Series, or The Latest Thing I Am Obsessed With That is Available on Netflix

Oh man, I constantly quote "I read the Financial Times" in the drawling, uppity British accent of a seven year old. One of my favorite, absurd moments of the series.

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On I Just Bought a SAD Lamp, AMA

I love my SAD lamp! It has made winter SO much more tolerable. Use it right when you wake up; it has the benefit of helping regulate your sleep cycle as well (although sometimes this is no fun because my natural night owl self doesn't like getting sleepy at 10pm on a Saturday).

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On Ice Cream for Lunch: A Consideration

Oh man, I...didn't know I should feel so much guilt about ice cream for lunch? Or dinner? Or both (yes, that has happened)? It's all my tum wants when it's hot out!

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On What is Your Grocery Shopping Style?

@totallyunoriginal @totallyunoriginal The cheap egg guilt! It is so real. Sometimes I like to add farmer's market eggs to the mix to really stress myself out. Also, yogurt tip! Making your own Greek yogurt is just about the easiest thing ever. Line a mesh strainer with a couple paper towels (or a dishtowel, but be ready to wash it asap), plop some cheap yogurt in and set it over a bowl for 12-24 hours and the whey will strain out. I promise it will be the best, creamiest yogurt ever and so much cheaper. Learned it from my (foreign) papa!

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On What'd You Spend On Your Bed? Like $200? Does That Sound Right?

@la_di_da I have the $50 ikea bed! Fjellse is awful and wonderful. Awful because the sides bowed out horribly and the slats -and our mattress- fell through at least twice every night. Wonderful because my boyfriend found a non-broken fjellse on the street, took the non-bowed sides (NO BED BUGS) and replaced ours. And it was $50. So....bestworst bed?

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On Fried Dough Snobbery

Another vote for Dough! Can never turn them down at the Brooklyn Flea, ever. And I don't even like donuts!

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On Why Is a Candy Bar More Expensive in Manhattan? (Some Theories)

@emilies One apple on the UES! Unless you want a Honeycrisp. Then it's less than half.

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On WWYD: A Job After Graduation

Mike's advice is the right advice... HOWEVER! I think it's important to learn these things for yourself. I was in the same position after college, turned down the dread-inducing position and ended up getting my dream job. Later, I left this job and thought I would have good luck again...and obviously didn't. But! Sometimes you have to hit the bottom because of your own choices to figure out your priorities.

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On Generic Products I'll Never Waste Money on Again

@ThatJenn Mix brown sugar with coconut oil! It smells yummier and leaves your skin softer than st. ives, I promise.

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On Generic Products I'll Never Waste Money on Again

@jfruh Refreshe! My boyfriend was quite the fan during our time in Safeway-land. By "was a fan" I really mean "drank it to feel better about his soda habit during our long stint of funemployment".

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