On Monday Check-in

I didn't make an estimate. Friday - wine to bring to a houseparty, and baby wipes to clean off my feet which I muddied en route to said party, $15 Saturday - pulled out $40 in cash which I did not spend because I did not end up making a late-night field trip to a gentleman caller's home, so really $0 because I haven't spent it yet Sunday - bought champagne and orange juice and snacks and milk instead of going to brunch, $22 Total, $37

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: May 2013 Check-In

Last time (4/25): $916 Today (5/29): $927 (oops.)

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On Hot Tips for Your Summer Internship Lifestyle

@blair It is magical and, if memory serves, around the same price point as Febreze. Similar bottle and store location to Febreze as well. I brought an iron and an ironing board when I came to DC to intern but I realize that not everyone is that crazy.

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On Hot Tips for Your Summer Internship Lifestyle

@Franny YES. Do not be the Skintern.

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On Hot Tips for Your Summer Internship Lifestyle

Learn your city. Never mention the Congressman in public, or at all. If it's absolutely unavoidable, he or she is "the Boss." Don't wear your intern badge in public. Know when Congress is in session and don't wear jeans then. Add Downy Wrinkle Release before you do Blair's steam trick. Learn how to hand-wash. Don't wear your office shoes outside (carry flip-flops.) Do not tell anyone that you went to McFadden's, or Sign of the Whale, or Big Hunt, or wherever the kids are going these days. Do give your parents a private Capitol tour when they visit. Absolutely do not dance on the Metro poles like they are stripper poles. Take a week or two at home between your internship and school. Your parents will not kill you when they are tired of hearing about DC; take advantage of this so you don't exhaust your friends.

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: April 2013 Check-In

I'm working on ye olde Bananacard. I'd like to get this little guy paid off this year. Last time (3/26): $942 Today (4/25); $916

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On College Prestige vs. College Affordability

@aetataureate This is what I came here to say. Rutgers is a great school with name-recognition and the whole package.

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On Do You Have a Uniform?

I have a half-uniform, I guess? I have eight of the same long sleeve white t-shirts, and I wear them with whatever wool pullover or cardigan I get to first, then chinos Monday through Thursday and jeans on Friday. It sounds more complicated than it is. Then in the summer, I have a collection of cotton dresses, probably 8 or 9, that I rotate through. I love clothes, and I have a lot of fun with them on the weekend, but I am just not a morning person.

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On Area Man Goes to Drugstore

@Vicky It was so awful, and then when they took it out, the CVS at 4th and H became terrible. So excited!

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Journey to a Puppy

@readyornot I don't know which baffled Deacon more, getting the puppy or the vet not knowing A Boy Named Sue! <3 u, baffled Deacon.

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