On How Much Do You Spend on Electricity Each Month?

I live in a basement 1-bedroom in Queens, and last month my bill was $53. I'm impressed that you are able to keep it down to $35, Mike Dang. Even in a month when I basically wasn't at home it was still almost $50.

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On How Much is Your Phone Bill Each Month?

I just switched to T-Mobile and pay $30/month for not a lot of talking, some texts, and an adequate amount of data for my iPhone 3 (adequate because an iPhone 3 basically cannot do anything).

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On Monday Check-in

I spent $116, the bulk of which was spent when I went out on Friday. The rest was mostly small grocery/food purchases. I'm impressed that I managed to spend so much, quite frankly...

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On What is Your Grocery Shopping Style?

Occasionally I do a big Trader Joe's trip. Otherwise I just dip in to a store when I need something in particular. I visit a lot of grocery stores for different things, but never buy much in a single trip. TJ's: Work snacks: Greek yogurts, raw cut mixed vegetables, hummus. For home: cheddar, frozen broccoli, peanut butter, etc. Whole Foods: Bulk stuff. Oats, nuts, etc. Farmer's market: Eggs, bread (sometimes), garlic, whatever vegetable looks good. Bakeries: Bread. I often buy bread at Breads Bakery off Union Square these days. Eataly: Close to my gym so I go a lot even though it probably shouldn't be used as a primary shopping destination. I buy overpriced local/organic milk, sometimes local eggs (NY Eggs), Ronnybrook yogurt, occasionally vegetables. They have surprisingly low prices on certain vegetables. Associated, Key Food, or Trade Fair in Astoria: Goya beans, pasta, rice, Bustelo coffee. Chinatown: I go to what I think is a Vietnamese grocery to get fish sauce, rice vinegar, tofu, etc. Sometimes I go up to Broome St. or St. Mark's to go to Sunrise Mart for Japanese stuff. Bedford Cheese Shop/Beecher's/Murray's: Cheese. Various coffee places: Coffee beans. Queens Kickshaw, Joe, Prodigy, Toby's Estate, etc. I go to Porto Rico to get beans to cold brew because they're cheap. I usually grind my own but for cold brew I like to get them pre-ground since it's more even. United Bros/Agora Atiki: Wholesale-priced fruit and vegetables for people in Astoria, Queens. Not always the best quality but sometimes they have weird stuff like purslane, or good deals like Red Jacket apples for 79 cents a pound.

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On What is Your Grocery Shopping Style?

@ratatosk Are you in NYC? I'm always looking for a new Japanese grocery, since the selection at Sunrise Mart is kinda limited.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

$112 for unlimited Metrocard. I almost never take cabs.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Groceries Every Week?

I spend $40-50 average...I've started only doing a "real" grocery trip every 2 weeks, which means one week I'll spend $20-30, the next week I'll spend $50, plus sometimes I'll buy a bottle of wine or something and that will drive up the average. I have a monthly budget of $250, but I rarely spend that much. I try to reallocate money from the grocery budget to the restaurants budget or vice versa depending upon my eating habits that month. Re: restaurants, I rarely eat lunch or other meals out, but I average about $30/week on a dinner out or brunch or something. Sometimes more, but I've been trying to cut back.

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On I Didn't Think Art Could Make Me Rich, But I Thought It Might Pay Some Very Cheap Rent (Nope)

So many responses to articles like these hinge on some variation of "do what you love on the side." I'd like to see more articles on the ramifications of doing creative work "on the side" without falling back on the old "well William Carlos Williams was a doctor"-style arguments. What does doing serious creative work without expecting to be paid for it look like today?

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On Fried Dough Snobbery

Dough really is good, though. Their donuts aren't as overwhelmingly sweet as DD and they don't make your mouth have that weird waxy feeling after eating them. I love the blood orange flavor.

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On WWYD: I Paid My Rent, I Swear

This happened to me. My landlord must've lost my check, because he eventually stopped me in the hallway and started to give me a stern talking-to about not paying (meanwhile I was totally confused). So I just paid the $30 stop payment fee and issued a new check. But he seriously thinks I paid late that month, and I'm pissed because I had to pay the $30. It's a terrible situation, but yeah, just get it over with to minimize the bad feelings.

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