On Making Big Bucks and Saving the World

Just stumbled on an article about options for an ethical career: http://www.fastcoexist.com/1682193/how-to-choose-an-ethical-career-with-help-from-oxford-philosophers They include: "Research, Innovation, Improving, Campaigning and Influencing and, most controversially, Earning to Give."

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

I live in DC, and bike year-round as my main form of transport, but take the Metro to work in the 'burbs a couple times a week (work from home the rest). I also have a bikeshare membership for one-way trips or to occasionally fill in for my own bike. Take cabs very rarely (3 times/year?). Got a free Car2Go membership, used very rarely (once/year?) and also very occasionally get a regular car rental for oddball trips, like to go camping or when my dad was in an exurban hospital. (~2 times/year, often shared). Cost of bike (bought 4 years ago), $1200 which for these purposes I'll amortize over 10 years: $10/month Repairs/accessories: $10/month Transit: $50/month (sadly unsubsidized) Bike share membership, $50/year since I got the guy who ran over my bike to subsidize some of the cost: $4.17/month Average of oddball other forms of transport: $10/month Total: $84.17/month. That makes me really want to start biking to work (an hour, same as transit, though uphill nearly all the way there, which is why I haven't gotten into doing that.) Not included: Shoes! They really do wear out faster when you walk/bike everywhere, but I don't know how to quantify that at all. Love seeing everyone's responses. It makes me really glad I got rid of my car ~10 years ago when I moved here. I think the monthly savings exactly balance the lower cost of living in the suburbs, so it just comes down to where you like living, and suburban life made me feel isolated.

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On Step Down From That Money Panic Ledge It's Going to Be Okay Probably

@WayDownSouth Yes, that's exactly how it works here too. It's just difficult to part with the big chunk of money every quarter. I assume that's what Logan's going through, unless she also owes from a previous tax bill and is paying that off in installments.

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On Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part VII)

Hi Amanda, I can relate to a lot of what you write about your varied interests (especially languages), useless degree, and confusion about your career path, from the perspective of someone a bit older (32). I wanted to give you one concrete career idea and some general encouragement. How about translation? That might allow you to work on topics you're interested in (history/economics/politics) while getting to use your language skills. Your technical knowledge of economics might be handy depending on what kinds of translation projects you work on. My main advice, though, would be not to worry too much about picking one grand career path. You don't have to decide now what you'll do forever--you just need to decide the next thing, and often the skills and experiences you collect in one job give you ideas about where to go next. (Don't know if you have any interest in Washington, DC, but we have a great job market, you can always get a job teaching ESOL or working in international development, and a quantitative degree is often a valuable asset.) Good luck!

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On Whistle While You Do 1 Thing

My one thing was calling my health insurance company to figure out what the hell is going on with my plan, my HSA, some surprise bills I got, etc. It wasn't that bad!

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