On Where Do You Go My Darling 1 Thing

My 1 thing was to book a trip to DC in November, and it's done! I'm going with a friend who has never been and wants to do all the touristy things, and I haven't been in years so I can't remember which are the best ones (only there for two days). Any DCers have any advice?

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: August 2013 Check-In

I was just now thinking that maybe I should just pay off my whole student loan because I've been paying $170 a month for years and I'm ready to be done with it. But for some reason I thought I only had $3k left and it turns out it's more than double that! Bleh... so that is now not happening.

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On 2 Ways to Interpret: "Well, My Parents Pay My Phone Bill, So"

My parents paid mine until I was 25 and it was the very last thing they stopped paying for. Maybe it's because my parents were never really able to financially help me out (they paid for part of college, but I've still got 10 years worth of loans, and I went to a state school), but I've never understand why you wouldn't take advantage of reason #2. If they want to help and have the means, I say let them.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

$112 for my metrocard. I will occasionally take a cab, but it's rare. I did have to take a cab the other week from Williamsburg to the Upper West Side, so I guess this month it was more like $140.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Groceries Every Week?

I usually spend between 15-20 dollars a week for one person living in NYC, but that doesn't include drinks, take out, eating out, etc... It does usually include 4 lunches for work, 3-4 breakfasts and maybe 2-3 dinners a week.

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On I Was a Victim of Fraud and I Don't Care

Someone once used my credit card to buy a $1500 Macbook. I still physically had the card so they must have just pulled the numbers. I freaked out but I was pretty impressed with how fast Bank of America reversed the charge and sent me a new card. A little different because it was a credit card and not debit, so the money hadn't actually been taken out of the account yet, but yeah, that was scary for a minute there.

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On Why Renting an Apartment in NYC Sucks

I am about to be looking for my first place by myself in NYC and I am getting very nervous! What I hate most about looking here is that you basically have to wait until 3 weeks before you need to move because apartments go so fast.

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On College Prestige vs. College Affordability

This is very similar to what happened to me, down to the same schools. NYU was my dream school but Rutgers was just more practical. No scholarship (or not much anyway), but my parents basically said we have x to put toward school and the rest will be yours to pay off. I went to Rutgers, and still have loans but not even close to what I've had if I'd gone to NYU. Now it seems like a no brainer but at the time that was a harrrrd decision to make.

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On Come Hang Out With Us Today After Work

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On Friday Estimate

Making dinner with friends tonight, will probably spend $10 or so on stuff for that. Also need to get a manicure either today or tomorrow which is another $10. Maybe $6 on coffee and a bagel tomorrow? My Saturday night plans are a little up in the air but I'm gonna say $50 (and hope it will be much less). Sunday my dad and sister are coming to visit so brunch is $0, and then I'm going to try to keep groceries under $15. Possible dinner plans Sunday night would be about $20. So $111 but I'm really, really hoping to go under.

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