On Friday Estimate

My hope is to spend no more than $160 this weekend. Even that is a high estimate considering I'm trying to cut back on my obscene food budget. $30 for the movies, I am treating someone (tickets are SO much money now!), $28 for a mani pedi because I deserve it, and $100 for food for 3 days?! See, that is nuts.

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On Friday Estimate

I don't have solid plans and have to do a lot of work over the weekend. I'm hoping no more than $100 on various food and drink stuff. That sounds high though.

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On A Thread That is Open

@polka dots vs stripes I was paid once a month at an old job and honestly I loved it. I knew I had X amount to spend for the next 30 days, and would allocate things accordingly starting with bills and necessities. That way the rest I was free to do whatever with and had to make good decisions. If I had to do it again, I'd follow @euphemistic response's advice and get 2 bank accounts to make sure excessive spending didn't get me in trouble on the bills.

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On A Thread That is Open

@Beezus I think seasonality has a lot to do with it. I expect the Friday estimates to shift a bit once the weather warms up.

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On Be a Pest, Is My Advice (But Like, a Tiny Pest)

Well timed, Logan. And good advice. I sent out a few follow up emails to HR people today thanks to the inspiration. Fingers crossed.

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On Be a Pest, Is My Advice (But Like, a Tiny Pest)

@SarcasticFringehead Actually there is? http://www.hrblacklist.com The existence of this site gives me nightmares.

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On 30 Years Old And Just Getting By

I sighed SO HARD at the headline and then it got worse. I didn't realize universities could sue you if you didn't pay your federal loans (thought that was something the government would do since they are the lender?). My student loan story is a doozy, but at least my university did not get involved. Instead they sat back and never gave me clear information for me to make informed decisions about the loan process, but that is a whole other issue.

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On A Laid-Off Person Asks Cord Jefferson for Advice, And Cord Jefferson Responds

Rebuilding is the best piece of advice! As a recently laid off person, I've been doing everything to reconnect with people and ask for favors or offer my services for freelance work. I'm too OCD to sit around and do nothing, altho the highs and lows are definitely there. It seems to have been working to my advantage because all the burners have something on them and it keeps me motivated. Commiserating with friends is great too.

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On "Could You Spare $5?"

Mike you are too trusting! A teen asking for cash is sketchy. I'd have at least asked why he needed the money and if the reason was not terrible, I'd buy it for him.

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On A Thread That Is Open

@deepomega But if this is the first year I'm freelancing in a long time, I don't know what my wages will be. I'd be surprised if my freelance wages this year come close to my full time salary of last year. This will help me next year, though, if I'm still freelance.

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