On Exercising With Coworkers

Emily and I have been going to the same yoga class on Mondays at lunch and I hope she doesn’t think it’s awkward because I don’t! I don’t think I would go with any of my other coworkers though. (Sorry other coworkers!)

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On Cheap Eats: Saag Paneer

God bless you and your Foodtown groceries. Love that place.

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On Women Launch Magazine Relevant To Our Interests

Meaghan, I'm late to the game here but it will absolutely not surprise you that I bake most of our own bread. It's SUPER EASY if you have a Kitchenaid, which I know you have! I can send you some of the easiest/best recipes I've made, if you wanttttttt.

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On What Did You Spend on Your Last Wedding Gift?

@deepomega TOTALLY AGREED. But man, those dumb needlessly expensive ramekins and butter warmers and skillets and spatulas and spoon rests and blah blah blah drive me nuts.

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On Personal Austerity Measures in Effect, According to Thursday Night Texts

Is Greg...hot? 1?

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On Change You Can Believe In (In Your Bag)

@Logan Sachon Not ashamed to say that I'd rather read Deborah Eisenberg's short stories than talk to almost anyone.

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On Change You Can Believe In (In Your Bag)

This was at Lorimer! I had the exact same problem as you -- the Metropolitan and Union machines were only taking change! I went to the Metropolitan and Lorimer entrance (ARGH A WHOLE BLOCK AWAY), which took cash and change. Worst part: my fumbling and the extra time it took meant I was unsuccessful in avoiding an acquaintance and made small talk instead of reading my book the whole way to work. :(

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On Monday Check-In: Let's Talk About Heirloom Tomatoes

STOP CALLING US "FOLKS." I find the idea of "weekend damage" to be an unhealthy, stigmatized way to think about money! We earn it in order to spend it, whether on bills or sandwiches or friends, and labeling normal purchases as "damage" implies that the only responsible thing to do with money is to hoard it, which simply isn't true.

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On How Much Money Did You Spend This Weekend?

Me and Miranda and Logan had a totally free brunch picnic with existing materials that was so awesome and pleasant! (Well, Miranda bought a bottle of wine, but the rest was stuff we already had.)

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On Credit Unions Are Great, Until They're Not

Noooo! I was hoping you'd tell me all the reasons why leaving B of A to join the LES People's Credit Union is a good idea!

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