On Getting Teens More Interested in Thinking About Money

not totally related, but my mom hates grocery shopping, so instead of pretending with the newspaper ads,I took care of most of our family's grocery shopping once I could drive. I'd make a list, my mom would give me a certain amount of the grocery gift cards purchased through my little brother's school and I'd just do the shopping. If I wanted something outside the family's stuff, I paid for it with my own money. (here is an actual list my exasperated dad once wrote before I took over: milk, eggs, bacon, EVERYTHING) I also had a baller summer job making $14+/hr full time which usually tided me over for the upcoming school year, but it worked well.

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On Secret to Job Security: Have a Bunch of Jobs

@Caitlin with a C Yes to @lemonadefish -- I do the giving away, but I am also responsible for suggesting pairings/recipes/etc so I have to taste as well. I found this gig on goodfoodjobs.com and I have met a bunch of people that work for similar companies through the demo-ing

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On Secret to Job Security: Have a Bunch of Jobs

I have a great side gig where I sample fancy foods at stores like Whole Foods and wine/cheese shops when I can (I aim for one per weekend). I usually end up with an extra $200 or so dollars a month, and they conveniently send out checks on opposite weeks from my regular job. This works really well because I get to do things I enjoy (talk with people about food) but other people do most of the administrative tasks to do with the business. I was also offered a role in the admin side at the same time I took my current "real job." If you're side-gigging for someone else, there could also be potential to grow in another organization.

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On Money Spent in an Attempt to Save Money This Year

@jquick http://coffeeinthewoodshed.com/2013/10/08/id-like-to-sip-my-cider/ that is a great one! very easy in a crock pot and I added sweet potatoes (peeled and chopped to be a little smaller than the squash) and lentils (the protein really helped keep me full!). I'd definitely pack a slice or two of lime to squeeze on top right before you eat it. Also froze a jar or two and that worked well!

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On The Cost of Being Outdoorsy

If you want to have any money left in your bank account do not sign up for the emails from Sierra Trading Post. If you love Smart Wools and fancy rain coats (seriously, everyone: Helly Hansen) do it! Things are usually a tiny bit irregular (has never been enough that I notice) and a whole lot of money off. The best/worst part is when you see your total you also see how much you would have paid full-price.

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On How Some Women Said Yes to the Dress

@Jaya My best friend's dad still wears his wedding suit to every wedding he attends. After 30 years he still looks great in it! I love the idea of it becoming his "wedding suit" instead of just the suit he was married in.

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On I'm Working at an Office and Need Lunch Ideas. Help!

This was my go-to lunch side for a while this spring when spinach was in season: toss a handful or so of raw spinach (baby or otherwise) into a pyrex or tupperware with a slice or two of lemon. When you are ready for lunch, rinse the spinach and don't try too hard to shake them dry. Microwave with the lemon slice for 30-45 seconds and squeeze the lemon over the spinach! *salt+pepper are always a good addition* This works nicely with most leftovers, but I did it with pieces of salmon (sorry, office-mates!) or chicken. Sometimes leftover rice or quinoa.

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On Important European Lifestyle Innovation

samurai is the best sauce!! after living in Belgium for a little while, I get my flight attendant mom to bring me back jars

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On Women Launch Magazine Relevant To Our Interests

@Meaghano Pizza place pizza dough is totally fair game! My aunt owns a pizza place and happily sells her dough. In college my pizza dough routine was more along the lines of 'throw ingredients in bread machine, go out drinking, buy cheese from pizza place, come home and enjoy homemade pizzas!' This not only gave me and my roommates an excuse to leave lame parties ("oh! gotta go, dough is done!") but buying the cheese from a pizza place was a racket. Usually we got about 2 store bags worth for $3! There were no grocery stores on campus, and Walgreens closed early, so we had a (flimsy) excuse to need cheese.

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On Women Launch Magazine Relevant To Our Interests

A bread machine (mine was $20 off of craigslist, brand new) makes bread much easier! I make pizza dough and honey whole wheat loaves. I almost always get yeast, flour, and any seeds/nuts I add to the bread in the bulk section. Bread flour you might have to get from the aisle. Pizza dough is the best, though. I toss everything in, start the machine, and an hour later my dough is ready!

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