On Transitional Furniture

I never had a Lack! But we did have a dresser from Ikea when we lived in New Haven. It kind of fell apart after two years and wasn't worth moving (it wouldn't have survived), but Ikea was my saving grace when we moved to New Haven. I went there at least 3 times a week to get out of the house when I was unemployed. Lots of meatballs. Also, I've had a pasta pot from there that I've had since I was a sophomore in college 9 years ago and it is the BEST.

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On Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Walmart Owes Employees Unpaid Wages

I have, in theory, two 10-minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch. I'm not going to pretend like I take all of them, but I can take them if I want to. I've definitely never been asked to work off the clock unless you count having to wait to be let out of the store while working at a bookstore (which I DO count, despite the Supreme Court ruling). I'm "on call" a lot, though, since I'm the first person my students contact if something goes wrong at our office while I'm not there, but I bill that time accordingly.

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On How Much Did You Spend On Music This Year

$14.22! If we don't include the $50 iTunes gift card I bought for my mom for Mother's Day. I really only listen to music when I run and um, I haven't been running much this year.

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On Starting A New Job Right

@OllyOlly YES! You are such a rarity. Ha. I switched departments as just an administrator and I had no instruction at all. It's been a learning process! My university has an onboarding program for new faculty (I'm considered staff) but there were still a lot of things I didn't know about on my end when we got a new faculty member.

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On Our Current Reality and Our Future Goals

Needed this today, Mike. We paid off the last of the student loans but I failed on literally every other goal I had for the year. Time to get back on track!

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On Getting Cold Feet About Your Wedding ... Dress

@honey cowl If you love the dress, can't imagine yourself in any other dress, and it doesn't destroy your budget, buy the dress. Trust me. I should have swallowed a chunk of "OMG HOW MUCH?" and bought the dress I REALLY wanted instead of the... catastrophe that was my wedding dress. I hate the damn thing so much even now (even 4.5 years later) and my mom won't let me donate it because she's more attached to it than I am.

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On Alumni Giving Season

I get calls from my very large, state school. I've basically stopped answering phone numbers I don't know, though, since I don't have any resumes out and the last time I talked to someone from the University phone bank, they were aggressive and actually hostile when I told them I wouldn't be donating. I don't need that. My husband, however, plans on donating his part of the charity budget to his schools (all 4 of them). He's received so many scholarships from private universities that he actually made it through undergrad and 1 masters without any student loans and the only student loans he DID have were from living expenses for his 2nd masters, his tuition and fees were actually covered by scholarships, too. And now he's in a stipended PhD program that pays everything.

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On How To Define Productive: A "Do 1 Thing" Inspired Meditation

Today is my last day with my students before Winter Break and this semester has been one for the books, so I think my one thing is simply going to be to stop by CVS on the way home and pick up balloons to decorate one of my boss's office with in the morning because tomorrow is his birthday. I'm taking a half day tomorrow and a full day off on Monday, so I can get my Christmas shopping, which I thought was going to be my one thing, done then or this weekend. Edited to add: Ester, "good" is all relative. Right now, for me, "good" is being able to get to the gym twice a week, get to work before any of my students/bosses get there, and having the energy to talk to my husband a little bit when I get home (my job is 70% extrovert and I'm only 50% extrovert). Be gentle to yourself.

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On Even With Healthcare, We Can't Always Get Doctors

I don't have a primary care doctor. I actually can't remember the last time I had a checkup, actually. I do the yearly "well woman" appointment for my gynecological stuff, but other than that, if I get sick or need a tetanus shot update(like I did in May), I go to our employee clinic. I consider that place to be the BIGGEST benefit we have. They don't charge anything and we can get looked at for stupid stuff like strep, sinus infections, ect. If they find something seriously wrong, they refer us to someone at the medical center/teaching hospital. I'm also really lucky that I don't have any health problems, though, that don't require me to see a doctor.

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On In Which I Help Economists Become "Un-Baffled" About America's Dropping Fertility Rate

@ThatJenn Meeeeeeeeee too.

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