On Get Ready to Bid on the Oprah Auction

There's nothing I love more than a good auction, but man, Oprah and I just don't have the same taste. For the most part, it's a lot of ornately decorated things from a lot of different time periods. Her house(s) must be overwhelming. I'm not a minimalist and actually like decorative "stuff" but it's just all too much for me.

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On Return of the "Good Guy Discount"

@EmilyAnomaly I kind of wish someone would do that.

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On Our Google Searches Reveal Our Financial Dreams

Travel and real estate! So many amazing houses to look at! This is reason #1 why I should (or shouldn't?) be a real estate broker. I love houses but would want to move into every single one! The internet makes it possible to look at so many aspirational houses without a lot of work.

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On Would You Work the Overnight Shift In Exchange for Free Tuition?

I would totally do that. My last year of college, I was working 40 hours, taking 15 hours worth of classes, I had a boyfriend, and volunteered in our campus photography lab so I could have access to it whenever I wanted to. I didn't sleep much, but it was 2 of the 4 semesters I made Dean's List so I guess I'm more productive when I'm busy. It might be a personality type thing.

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On What's Your Limit When Waiting for a Table?

25 minutes. I try to avoid places that don't take reservations, but the two restaurants within walking distance of our house that we really like don't have a reservation system and it's irritating. It would be nice if I could text them that I'm coming! That way they can still seat walk-ins but also I know I'm going to have a table when I get there... in 3 minutes.

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On Stars: They're Not Paying Off Their Student Loans Just Like Us!

Mathematically, it probably works out better to invest and pay the student loan off over a longer period of time, but the non-money factor of stress was the biggest factor in our decision to throw money at the problem. We paid off $27,000 in 1 year and 3 months, split into two different pay-off periods- we took a break to save up for a vacation. Would that money have been better spend in an investment account until my husband graduates? Yes. But even my dad, who is a wealth manager, agreed that if the student loan was stressing me out, we should just get rid of it. We did, and I feel so MUCH better now that it's gone. That's not a factor that a lot of people factor in, but they should. I have way fewer panic attacks now that it's gone and I know we can start saving up for a down payment for a house soon (we're going on vacation again in May to a resort that I really want to stay at before we leave our state and it is $$$). Or another car, should it come to that when we move.

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On Do Do That 1 Thing That You Do So Well

I need to call in a prescription to pick up tomorrow. I also need to change my retirement contributions because my employer has once again reduced benefits, but I'm really dragging my heels on that one because I'm so angry about it.

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On Paying For Ink And Intimacy

@NoName This did read extremely like an XOJane article. Good call! I couldn't figure out why it read so weird to me for the Billfold.

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On On Calling Your Employees "Partners"

@ronswansonluva I hadn't thought of that, so thank you! I was kind of being sarcastic because good heavens, do academics take themselves seriously (I work at a university. They annoy me to no end, but middle schoolers are just... not my favorite age group, though they're maybe on the same maturity level).

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On On Calling Your Employees "Partners"

@maxwelljd This is an insult to actual scholars everywhere.

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