On When Do I Tell My Boss That I'm Applying to Other Jobs?

Normally, I would NEVER tell my boss I was looking elsewhere (I didn't when I switched departments) but I think if I was getting to the interview stage, I'd tell my current boss. My relationship with him is WAY different than most people have with their bosses, though (as in, I've told him that I am too smart for my job and he agreed at my review last week). I didn't tell him I applied to a job a couple of weeks ago, but would have told him that I was going in for an interview. Special case, though.

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On How a Freelance Illustrator Who Makes $16,000 a Year Does Money

"Plus, if I hold up something and think, “Would I pin this?” and the answer is no, I don’t buy it." I love this. Will have to use this philosophy going forward!

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On How A Top Chef Made Peace With Pastry

Ooh thanks for linking to the April Bloomfield piece. As someone who's recently realized that I'm happiest when I feed people and am considering culinary school, she's basically my role model! It's crazy that so many chefs claim their mom as their first cooking inspiration, but so few well-recognized chefs are women.

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On Monday Check-in

@Chel Ugh, the fridge not working is one of my biggest inconvenience-causing fears. Especially if I've just gone grocery shopping! And all the condiments should probably be trashed- so much money down the drain. Good luck!

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On Monday Check-in

@annecara We totally still celebrate our dating anniversary (October 22nd)! Fabulous excuse to go out to eat to a place we normally wouldn't eat at because of price, ha ha.

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On Phone Calls From Parents

Oh, Mike. This was such a heavy read, in a good way, and got me really thinking about my own family dynamics. You are not only one of the good ones, you are one of the BEST ones.

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On Move To Indianapolis, Ask For Raises In Dec, & More Ways To Make $$$ At Work

@A-M I have! When we moved to my current city, I filled out an application on my university's job site (which uses Taleo or something like that) complete with cover letter, and got a call 2 days later. I should have taken that as a bad sign... (I switched departments 11 months later because the woman who hired me was full on dysfunctional) Edited to add: my job in the city before this one I got with just a normal application, too! I'd forgotten about that.

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On The Cost of Things: Taking Care of LadyBusiness

@ATF I am so glad that I never started buying pink razors. My mom used to buy the bulk packs of mens razors at Sam's when I lived at home, and that's what I learned to shave with. In college I was dating a guy who shaved his head and discovered the magic of men's razors with the guiding wires that make it SO hard to cut yourself! Now I buy exclusively those, and you can get a 4 pack from the Target brand for like, $6!

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On How Your 401(k) Stacks Up Against Fortune 500 Companies and Other Stories

Hm, my 403b scored just above Goldman Sachs. The problem is that MY 403b is different than the facultys' 403b. Theirs would get a significantly higher score because they get an additional like, 10% of their salary put into their account without any cost to them. Ticks me off, especially since, let's face it, staff are the people that run the university and faculty tend to... flounder when faced with anything of any actual productivity.

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On When Love Crosses Class Lines

I could write a novel about this subject, with a couple of plot twists, in my own marriage. Such a fascinating subject and so, so personal in marriages.

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