On 'It Was Funny to Write the IRS a Check That Was Bigger Than One Year's Salary'

I'm curious about the split finances and how that relates to you treating your money like an endowment while you and husband both pursue creative fields. Since you guys split everything, does that mean you treat it like it's your own individual arts endowment, or does your husband also feel partially supported by it? If not, does that cause any resentment? You guys sound eminently reasonable, I'm just curious how the freedom money gives you to pursue those endeavors plays out.

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On WWYD: Moving In, But Only If Someone Moves Out

@olivia Agreed in theory, but I would definitely not put it quite that way! I don't think the letter writer gets to unilaterally decide that their boyfriend is moving in with or without the other roommate moving out. But it could definitely be on the table as a third option. I had great experience moving in with my boyfriend and his roommate for 2 years- we are all three still very close! But saying, they're moving in, deal with it, seems like a passive aggressive tactic to make them move out without really acknowledging the roommate's available choices.

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On Betting on Love, Leveling Up and Leaving Atlanta (Part VII)

@tussock Yes! I came here to say, degree in economics, experience teaching English abroad? This is basically the credentials of every 24 year old aspiring FSO I know! Or international development or diplomacy nonprofits... there are lots of possibilities here.

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On WWYD: The Absent-Minded Cashier

I went to a happy hour where the bartender was just keeping tabs by everyone's first name- no card held. I walked outta there without paying for my one very marked-up glass of wine without paying and then got home and realized it. I wasn't about to go back up to that part of town but I called them right up and gave them credit card info over the phone. They were so thankful! It was just a tiny little bar that was just getting started though, not a mega-chain. I probably wouldn't have felt as bad if it was a big corporate place that can afford a loss or two.

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On Fitness, Happiness Expensive

@la_di_da Not sure if you live in an expensive area, but that seems high to me. It depends what amenities matter to you too- I belonged to fancy gym in DC that raised my monthly rate over $60/month and I quit and joined a $24/mo gym. The cheaper gym was bigger (pro) and more crowded (con) but had better classes. Also a factor: signup costs (I signed up during a no-enrollment fee promotion) and hidden annual "upgrades" fees (my gym charged me $50 once a year for new equipment etc).

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On A Cautionary Tale from Elizabeth Gilbert

@DickensianCat Not sure if you read Eat, Pray, Love, but the part where she rallies all her friends to buy a house for someone she met on her travels indicates that she does exactly what you suspect in your last paragraph. I also find the general tone of the piece to fit the general tone of parts of her book (or maybe something else I read by her) where she discusses how she is just too sweet and likeable as compared to her sister.

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On WWYD: The Car Sale

Whaaat? This does not seem like a grey area to me. Knowingly misrepresenting something that is for most people the 2nd biggest investment and expense is a pretty morally terrible thing to do. I mean, would you want to buy a car from a private seller or a dealer that they knew had a problem? My husband sold his car on Craigslist when we were downgrading to one car, and the two men who came out to buy it were mechanics and gave it a good going over. We had been forthcoming about what was good and bad about the car. I don't even see how you can justify taking more money than you KNOW your car is worth from someone.

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