On WWYD: My Parents Want My Hard-Earned Savings!

This is so bizarre and clear manipulation. You cannot give your child things, no strings attached (I am assuming) because you love them and you CAN, and then lord it over them later. If they couldn't pay for college, they should have made him/her take out loans. If they felt he/she was living scott free and it bothered them, they should have made him/her pay rent. There's a deeper issues...or again, more details we have been left without. From what I can see, the parents should not be making such a request and guilting their child who is only doing what they told her to do. AND YES PLEASE FOLLOW UP!!!

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On On Being a "Workaholic" When You Need the Money

Love love! Relate so hard. I work a million jobs because, yes I love working and staying busy, but I LOVE THE MONEY. Even though I am making enough...I still like having extra to save, to spend to fix my car, to buy all the sale sweaters I want without guilt. Working more, harder, whatever allows me to feel like I can breathe and throw down on a friend's birthday dinner without a pit in my stomach.

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On How I Got $1,000 Back From My Pot-Dealing Ex

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On The Cost of (Almost) Getting Bed Bugs in Los Angeles

@JNC Musings Factory OMG. That is so terrible!! I am glad you're moving because that is straight up bogus. I can't believe they only treated one room.

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On Zou Bisou Bi-Do 1 Thing

Yay for you!! REAL question: does closing a credit card hurt your credit, or is that a weird urban myth?

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