On Spiritually Bankrupt: How I Went Broke Trying To Teach Yoga

@inthepost I am also super curious about this. I know that most yoga studios 1099 their teachers too.

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On Seattle Uber Drivers Unionizing

@honey cowl Yeah..... this is along my line of thinking too.

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On Using One of Those Newfangled Car Apps When Your Dad's a Cabbie

@OllyOlly All of the above! After numerous awful experinces with DC cabbies I pretty exclusively take UberX/Lyft these days.

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On A Brief Chat with a Person With Tax Season Affective Disorder

@j a y you're not the only one who feels like this.....

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On The Problem With Being a 'Regular'

I love being a regular at a bar in my neighborhood. My favorite bartender routinely takes a beer or two off of our tab (don't worry, I tip extra!!).

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On Update: My Landlord is Still Terrible

@ladybug Also in DC, one of our landlord's did this as well. It was a pleasant surprise. Didn't realize it was DC law... will keep that info. in my back pocket going forward.

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On Meanwhile in the U.S.

Agree with the above posters. Calling Syria a "useless boondoggle" is highly insensitive and appalling. I usually like her, but feel that her point would be better made without being so callous.

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On What Did You Spend on Your Last Wedding Gift?

@sariberry Not petty. This is something I would totally notice, and be offended about too.

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On Clothes Are in the Top 5 Most Important Things of My Life, Maybe Top 3

@BananaPeel Omg, this! I totally keep a list of furniture/home goods I want to buy.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Electricity Each Month?

$0. Seriously, it's awesome. Our (husband and me) electricity is included in our rent.

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