On The Cost of Things in Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' Music Video

@aetataureate Now ALL I want is for Shia and Taylor to hook up. That's it. Then the world will be perfect.

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On The Cost of Moving Your Stuff Across the Country

Thanks, Marille. I'll see what I can do. PC is a bit rigid about what you can publish during service so I may have to engage in a bit of skulduggery.

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On On Immigrants And Being Cheap

I'm sure this is true, but obviously it's not exclusive to immigrant kids--it's often also the case for the children of overworked single mothers. I'm very frugal with money because of my mom. I walk as much as possible in LA, freak out at my roommate when she leaves the lights on, and won't buy anything that's not on sale. So my super white ass feels you.

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