On Thanksgiving Estimate/Open Thread

@ATF Is it too late to join your Thanksgiving? You had me at wild mushroom toast and didn't lose me even through vegetable bread pudding (which sounds confusing but probably also delicious- it sounds like you know what you're doing).

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On Friday Estimate

I've been putting off a lot of purchases! subscription to the economist as a late birthday present for my dad: $67 Moisturizer: Ugggggh $58 shelving from lowes and also plastic window thingies so that my heating company doesnt't start charging me millions upon millions of dollars to barely heat my home: $80 I'm visiting a friend in DC! And we have a bunch of activities planned that he has already paid for, but I expect to spend some money on dinner and drinks: $75 Parking at the airport: $40 =$320. So this breaks my budget and also my heart, but I kind of need all of the things. My skin is so dry (shakes fist at winter).

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On Friday Estimate

@BillfoldMonkey My guess is $55! I took a late lunch and missed The Price is Right, but I still need to get my fix.

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On How Many Safety Nets Do You Have?

@chic noir I live in Asheville, NC. Which is actually kind of an up-and-coming city with steadily increasing rents. I guess I got lucky! I live in a small 3 bedroom house in a decent neighborhood that I share with 2 roommates.

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On How Many Safety Nets Do You Have?

How is everyone calculating their living expenses? I know if I lost my job, I'd immediately apply for food stamps and try to eat more cheaply. I'd stop paying my student loans and apply for a credit card with a 0% introductary rate & low balance transfer fee in order to put off repaying some old credit card debt. My monthly transportation budget would go from $600 to $100 because I wouldn't be driving to work. I could live off of like $500/month + the food stamps (my rent is <$300).. So I guess I could say that right now I have 6 months of living expenses in an emergency acct in the bank.. but if we were calculating it based on 6 months of salary, then I wouldn't exactly cut it.

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On Millennials Having a Hard Time Saving Money

@callmeprufrock I don't know if she means actual tiny house since she said her parents also had a mortgage on a tiny house when they were younger. I think she might be referring to regular houses that are small? I don't know. But her post inspired me to go down the tiny house research rabbit hole all over again.

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On How Going Cash-Only Helped Me Curb My Spending

@Erica Mulberry! I might have to do some frivilous spending on my way home from work today.

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On How Going Cash-Only Helped Me Curb My Spending

I think of using cash as just throwing money away. Using a credit card gets me a 5% or more return on my spending when I use points for flights (I take personal flights pretty often) It's possible that I spend money a little more freely with the card.. but I also carefully track my spending to make sure I'm not going crazy or anything. I think credit cards can be a great option, but only if you're carefully budgeting and tracking everything you buy.

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On And Here Is Your Open Thread

@bgprincipessa Who needs a soy-based vegetarian alternative when you can have carrot dogs?! http://fatfreevegan.com/blog/2012/04/10/easy-and-healthy-carrot-dogs/

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On Do the 1 Thing

My one thing is to pay my estimated income taxes 3 days late (totally spaced that there was a june one? Didn't they just take all of my money in April??) Speaking of which, anyone know how to get out of paying the federal/state (NC) penalty?

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