On How Much Do You Spend on Groceries Every Week?

I think overall I average $40, just for me. It's more if I have to stock up on staples, and less if all I'm buying is fruits/vegetables and milk (and I shop at a big Asian supermarket for all my produce, so it's way cheap).

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On Monday Check-In

Friday- $7 for a CD at a show for local musicians; $11 for snacks for said show; $2 for cough drops Saturday- $89 at Costco, which is a lot all at once but I got a lot of things that will last me for the next few months like toothpaste (so much toothpaste!) and trail mix supplies (I'm going to start making my own); $8.50 for pho. Sunday- $37 for groceries. Total: $154.50, more than the average weekend but hopefully worth it in the long run because of Costco.

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On Friday Estimate

$35 for gas tonight, and then I'm driving to my sister's graduation (with my family, so no more gas costs for me) so hopefully just $10 more in gas station snacks.

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On Friday Estimate

Yay first time doing this! Let's see... Dinner/movie with a friend tonight- $20 Gas- $35 Groceries- $20 Bike repair- $0-$100, depending on whether I can convince the people at the shop that this is their fault (it is) Potluck at a friend's house with no time to cook- $10-15 in assorted cheeses from Whole Foods Ice cream (aka meeting friends at the park on a nice day)- $3 Total- $93 plus whatever the bike repair will cost.

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On Grandpa Is Honest With Me About Money (And That He Has Very Little)

Oh god it's raining on my face. My grandparents are ok financially (I think? They never talk about it), and luckily they live in a different country with free healthcare and a social safety net, but I still worry.

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