On Rental Car Bureaucracy Conned Me Out Of An Absurd Amount Of Money

The third time I ran into this very same problem with my credit card-less self was the day I walked into the bank and applied for a credit card. Although, to be fair, the third time I ran into this problem was also when I realized exactly why they have all these policies in place. I have a CA license but was working in a state across the country, I'm the third person on my parents' insurance policy so my name is not actually listed on my insurance card, and I had no stable address in that state (staying with friends!) nor did I have proof of a plane ticket in or out of the state to prove I was a tourist (I took a train). If I didn't know me I'd think I was a felon fleeing for the border, too. Thankfully I had paystubs from the state to prove that I had some kind of reason to show back up and return the car. The fourth time I ran into these kinds of issues though - trying to use my credit card to rent a car for my mom - was just obnoxious. I had the credit to cover it and I wasn't going to be driving, so why charge us the under 25yo fee? Ugh.

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On Will This Blog Post Get Him The Job What Do You Think

Logan, where do you find these amazing things??

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On Stolen Camera, Found

Man, my camera got stolen when I (dumbly) left my purse for a bit at a graduation party. With all my graduation photos! I remembered reading that story of the guy finding his stolen bike on Craigslist and working with the police to get it back, so I searched Craigslist for months, to no avail :( The craziest thing was, the person who stole my camera also took my purse but left everything else - the sweater I had shoved in my purse, the heartfelt letter a friend had given me, the case for my camera even. If only they'd left the memory stick :(

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