On How Much Should You Tip for Office Food Deliveries?

I USED TO DO CORPORATE PIZZA DELIVERIES! And I never thought it would at all be relevant to the billfold, but for reals, you have to tip a real tip, as in a meaningful and fair percentage of the cost of the food you just ordered to your office (I see, you Deloitte, trying to save your pennies. I am not impressed!). My team of daytime delivery drivers pooled tips across all the drivers, not just tipping out the kitchen, so stingy corporate tips hurt EVERYONE.

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On Moving From Fast Fashion to a Few Quality Pieces

@la peagoise ah this is so late, but is the P one perhaps Pull and Bear? My favorite idiot name for a store!

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On A Married Couple Discuss Tipping And Also The Probability That It Will Lead to Their Divorce

@katethegreat So when I was a delivery driver, I got $1 for every delivery made. Which was supposed to cover gas, wear and tear, and insurance. Which is to say, unreal. So while I made minimum wage, unlike the servers, I definitely also depended on getting real tips. Especially since when I worked day shifts we tipped out across all the drivers! And be reasonable--if some guy (or gal!) delivers you more than one bag of stuff (>4 pizzas, or pizzas plus salads/sodas/etc) he's actually doing some serious work to make sure all that shit gets to you in one piece.

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On Young, Multi-Employed, And Looking for Full-time Work in San Francisco

@katiekate Hi! I have literally no dog in this fight, besides also being a Young (do we still say that) who is also a little flummoxed by the job market. That said, I think that maybe we could read mean terry gross body shamer's comment as being on your side? As being surprised that the 156 job applications all failed to deliver. Because that's statistically obliterative. And maybe you could just convert that to being a movie and a teevee show and a talk circuit? Nothing like a good coöpting of the media set! But then, I don't even live in an English speaking country anymore. ETA: I realize that I may have conflated you and Lucy! If you are Lucy, great! If you are not Lucy, also great, and I apologize for misunderstanding.

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On An American in Israel, Navigating Credit

@stuffisthings super to know! I'm Abraham, I guess I prefer to live in countries with amenable to poor people banking practices. And then you hear about the multibillion shekels being stolen by bank officials and all the insane charges to put money in or take it out and you retract the idea that its good to bank in Israel

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On I Once Made Calls With Gusto, Now I Unhappily Make Them With The Gusto II

@stuffisthings THIS, a thousand times this! I own my smartphone outright (though it is not an iPhone, because import taxes to the country I live in make it roughly double in cost); it works on more than one continent; I get to choose who services me and pay very little money for it!

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On My Parents Said Money Didn't Matter, But It Did

I was really glad to read this, because regardless of whether or not it says anything about privileged, it says a lot about what do we do when our parents make promises they aren't able to keep. To say that CL has a sense of entitlement, or is silly for feeling like there was value received from this degree is missing the point. The point is at every step of the way, CL's parents were encouraging, and deceptively so. This is really fascinating. If my parents told me to go wherever I wanted, study abroad several times, and not worry about it, and we had never talked finances before, I would have believed them. It's a privilege to be able to believe one's parents about these things, I suppose, but it's also not so wretched that CL explains that those were the circumstances.

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On One Card Down and the Terrible-ness of Student Loans

@WaityKatie i wouldn't even know what to do with lots of monies! I would just put it under my bed.

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On Some Small Things Are Worth Paying For

@apples and oranges This is my most quoted thing from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (but I thought they had coffee at every meal? regardless of if they had a meal?). And re: bottled water, in general I'm totally with you, in practice, at the moment the super-subsidized six packs of 2L water are saving my butt.

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On The Best Single-Use Gadgets: A Biased Guide

@iffie also some of us live in countries where dried beans run something like $.50/lb and canned are $3: so, it is a real thing.

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