On Ask A Human Who Actually Practices GTD ('Getting Things Done')

Oh man! I've been going on an app-auditioning bender, again, for this. I break GTD in that I like to put tasks that are not events on my calendar. Like: Look, there is x spare time on Monday, I will put A and B there. I really really prefer being able to put those on a calendar so that when I'm not thinking about all of everything I need to do in the world, I can just look at that one calendar square and know what to do. Most of my GTD is for my personal life and there are very few proper calendar events. So it is finding an app that can do the behemoth GTD action list, show it on a calendar, and have object lists (like groceries). All in one! I want it all in one! Or at least the first two. I have an iPhone and have been using CalenGoo, which isn't perfect. I'm considering/researching: OmniFocus, Extreme Agenda, Action Agenda. Do you (anyone) have a preferred app?

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On How to Cold Email a Complete Stranger

@ledamarritz I'm always very conscious that they owe me nothing and say so in my emails. Like, "Even if you can't do this, that's okay and thanks for reading this." Maybe that means I'm less likely to get the response I want, but that is how I deal with the discomfort of cold emailing.

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On How to Cold Email a Complete Stranger

@chickpeas akimbo Double super thanks! Now this isn't just conjecture but we've heard from an actual cold-email-ee!

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On The Billfold Book Club: Suze Orman's 'The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke'

@Glen Raphael@facebook I live alone in a two bedroom, but I could not just "clear out" that room. It is full! It is my studio. I am a bookbinder. Part of why I live alone is that I would feel guilty with roommates, taking over the whole apartment with my collection of objects, all of which I use. (I tend toward minimalism and keep evaluating my stuff. I want to have less stuff, but I use all of it. All those bookbinding and craft supplies. All those random old books are for repair practice, etc.) But! I'm moving in with my boyfriend soon, my boyfriend who also has a lot of stuff, and rent will go down a little ($152.50/month).

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On The Billfold Book Club: Suze Orman's 'The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke'

@Beans I had a roommate who did this, sort of. She went on ridiculous Target shopping sprees. (Always Target, only Target.) As the end of the month, if she didn't have enough money to make rent, she went to Target to return things and began the cycle again. She wasn't a clothes-horse, but she had hundreds of pairs of underwear; nothing special, just average cotton underwear.

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On Defining 'Rich'

As a single person making $40K, I was going to say $100K would be rich. $293K is an unimaginable number to me. $100K means buying what I want pretty much whenever, paying down debt much quicker, and saving more for retirement. I have no idea what $293K means.

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On Income Vs. Expenses: How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living

"People don’t get jobs. People are given jobs. Any discussion of 'why don’t you just get another job' must start from there." Yes, yes, and yes. A lot of people don't understand this: older people who have not been job-seeking in a rough economy and weird entrepreneurial sorts who like to foist themselves on employers who don't necessarily want it. I can be the best person for the job, but I have to convince them of that and there aren't very many convincing ways to say, "I am the best person for the job." It is up to the hire-er to choose me. (Please don't give me "convincing" methods. I know this isn't an absolute, there are lots of tactics, "create a job for yourself," freelance; this was the practical reality for me and practicality doesn't always include all possibilities. I don't want to have that debate. If you want to have it, go ahead, but I won't be joining.)

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On 'Working Your Way Through College' Now Basically a Myth

@Eric18 1. I'm assuming some sarcasm was involved. 2. I don't see the generalization you see. I see, "this financial experience is a factor in a man's choice of political party alignment because it meshes with their political platform which I happen to disagree with."

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

@nell The Toast recently covered a few articles about this dichotmoy of "do what you love" vs. "get them bills paid" in terms of employment. This article reminds me of it. How aware is the author of his privilege? Does he care? http://the-toast.net/2014/03/31/read-bunch-unicorns/

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On When One Person Earns More Than the Other in a Relationship

I don't think I would be on board with the author's attitude toward money and the income inequality in his relationship based on this article. But this is only a glimpse. He seems to simultaneously scoff at conventional employment while acknowledging that doing so is rude to his partner. I'm moving in with my boyfriend soon, so we've started having the money-talks. He makes more than me and I think we are both open and laid-back enough about it that it won't be a problem. It doesn't ultimately matter what I think about the author's attitude toward shared finances with his partner who earns much more than he does; what matters is how she feels about it. If she really is okay with it, then it is okay.

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