On How to Get Health Care While Uninsured

This really is the most informative piece I've ever seen on the topic. Excellent work. And, you have a coral named after you?!

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On Lisa Hanawalt Draws Emily Gould's $1K Worth of Clothes

Are we sure these were mistakes after all?

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On More Than $1K Worth of Clothes I'll Never Wear Again

Just after my (so much smaller) book advance, I also decided to shop for clothes. I read about a futuristic machine at the Levi's store that would exactly match jeans to your body, so I headed to SoHo. I stood in the middle of the store, in a glass encasement, with sandbags on my shoulders (...?) while other shoppers stared. Then I got a printout listing four specific cuts of jeans that would be exactly right for me, and the sizes I needed. A salesperson found them all for me and got me a dressing room. The jeans all really did fit well, but I only liked the style of one pair. They happened to be the most expensive pair of jeans in the store. And I bought them. $175. At the LEVI'S STORE. They were fine. I wore them a lot. Let's face it, there was always something weird about the zipper.

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