On The Cost of Traveling and Moving Across Canada

I'd look into the U-Haul pods or something similar. They're a little cheaper than renting a moving truck (at least one way) and they drive it for you. Which is totally cool. I moved from Vancouver to the middle of the US for under $2000 (with international fees); it was considerably cheaper to move within Canada.

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On The Cost of Moving Your Stuff Across the Country

We've moved across the country twice, once from Georgia to British Columbia (which a moving company did for us, thanks to a moving allowance from the job that got us there), and once just now, from BC to Michigan, with a much smaller moving allowance. I did a U-Box this time, which is like the PODS but much cheaper. Still pricey, but it feels like the same amount to rent a truck and drive it, feed ourselves, sleep in motels, buy gas, etc. I'm waiting on it to get to me and I really hope everything comes in one piece. I hate moving. HATE IT.

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On Figuring Out a Career While Being Married to an Academic

@laluchita I feel you! My husband and I are both academics. Right now I have a visiting position half a continent away from him, which SUCKS. We're in the cycle now to try and find something closer together, but it's depressing to think we may have another year of long-distance ahead of us. Neither one of us want to give up our careers, and since we work and teach in the same field, it's doubly hard to find a university willing to give us both a position. Ugh!

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On The Best Things I Bought at Estate Sales Last Year

Scooter Lee is still rocking it out: http://www.scooterlee.com/

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On Companies, Disliked

AMERICAN AIRLINES. They are dead to me. Once we missed a flight by about 2 minutes past the check in time (series of errors for a morning flight) to San Diego so they rerouted us to Dallas (it's their hub, so i guess that's why?) but didn't actually find us a flight out of Dallas. THEN after waiting there for 10 HOURS we were told that we wouldn't ever make it to the top of the stand-by list becaus we were not "priority" since we hadn't purchased our tickets directly from the airline. So basically they sent us to Dallas with no possible way to get out of that city. We ended up having to spend a godawful amount of money on other tickets at another airline just so we could get out of Texas on thr last possible flight of the night because we were afraid of being stuck in Dallas with no luggage, no accommodations, nothing for who knows how long. We wrote them a letter after all was said and done about pur terrible experince and their reply was basically "suck it, suckers." NEVER AGAIN.

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On WWYD: A Christmas Caroler

I usually give something to the panhandlers on the street if I can, especially during the winter. What I would never, ever do, though, is give money at my door to someone. My mom did that a year or two ago, to a man with a sob story, and he comes back now literally every month. He's always drunk and if she doesn't answer the door, he will pound and pound on the door until the cops get there, hard enough that she was afraid he would break the glass. He's always back on the street relatively quickly, and I think he has mental problems, so I feel bad for the guy being in the situation that he's in, but it's still very scary for her. This happens at the most bizarre hours, too. It's awful, and happened to me a couple of times while I was house-sitting alone (I am a not-very-large lady in my early 30s). Terrifying. He has tried it with the other neighbors but they always refuse him, so he just keeps coming back to her door over and over. Please be very careful when giving money to people at your door, not to say that this caroling woman would necessarily do that, but there are some scary people out there.

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