On How the One Percent Gets Around

w/r/t bathrooms, it depends on the size of the private plane you're on. In the smaller ones, it's a tiny cupboard separated from the last row of seats by a sliding door. The people sitting in the back can hear your every (bowl) movement. Kind of awkward when traveling with colleagues/clients/future in-laws.

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On How Chelsea Fagan, Founder of The Financial Diet, Does Money

I love TFC but I wish they would write more about increasing earning power vs. a scarcity mentality (LATTES!). That would be way more empowering, especially b/c the site is aimed at a female audience. #leanin #corporatefeminism #notsorry

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On How a Person Who Recently Transitioned Careers Does Money

I did this, with slightly more of a concept of my second career (but not much). It was like being the 5th cast member of Girls, but everything worked out.

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On A Cautionary Tale About Generation Gig

Paying to get your taxes done is a tax deduction for next year! It's only $300 and such a no-brainer deduction. My biggest anxiety as a freelancer was biz dev/pipeline.

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On How Money Moves Between Generations (Not The Way You Expect)

Reading this story and the comments made me realize I have less empathy than most people, apparently.

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On Prudie on Having a Starving Artist for a Partner: DTMFA

Maybe she should fake her own murder and frame him for it?

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On Places I've Lived: Detroit Edition

This made me want to move to Detroit. I'm assuming that these halcyon days are over now tho.

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On Want a Job in the Sciences? Good Luck Navigating the "Unsustainable Hypercompetitive System"

Can we add healthcare to the mix so we can start saying THEM careers, creating a humorous "who's on first" situation whenever the phrase is mentioned?

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On On Creative Freedom: How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living

I like the perspective here, as someone who only dabbles in creative pursuits but daydreams about doing them full time, but then is sobered by the reality of that. I'm always intrigued by people who are so passionate about writing/music/etc. that they see it as their only possible path to making a living.

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On Cooking: Secretly The Worst?

I hate it so much! But home-cooked food really is better for your budget and your figure (#cleaneating) so until I can afford to eat nothing but Sakara Life food delivery, I have to do it.

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