On Want a Job in the Sciences? Good Luck Navigating the "Unsustainable Hypercompetitive System"

Can we add healthcare to the mix so we can start saying THEM careers, creating a humorous "who's on first" situation whenever the phrase is mentioned?

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On On Creative Freedom: How a Freelance Writer Makes a Living

I like the perspective here, as someone who only dabbles in creative pursuits but daydreams about doing them full time, but then is sobered by the reality of that. I'm always intrigued by people who are so passionate about writing/music/etc. that they see it as their only possible path to making a living.

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On Cooking: Secretly The Worst?

I hate it so much! But home-cooked food really is better for your budget and your figure (#cleaneating) so until I can afford to eat nothing but Sakara Life food delivery, I have to do it.

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On Aspiring To Be An Effortlessly Cool Woman With $400 Shoes

I will let y'all in on a little secret (not really a secret): yoox.com Stalk all your favorite designers, add things to your dream box (wish list), and wait for their crazy sales. I've gotten $800 designer boots for $200 and similar sick deals. Their discounts are unreal.

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On On Feminism And Fashion

Have worked in the industry in various capacities. Lots of women near the top, but 90% of the time men are in the real decision-making positions. At least that's better than in other industries where men are on top 98% of the time :/

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On In an Age of Tablets, Are Calculators Still Relevant?

Sometimes you just don't want to waste phone battery life on math.

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On How It Feels to Pay Off $70,000 in Debt

As a person with interest in statistics/predictive modeling but not a ton of math education I'm curious about what grad program you completed.

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On How To Become a Math Person, Vol. 1

Just popping in to say that coding skills =/= math skills, and to be good at one you do not have to be good at the other. But learning one will help you become more comfortable and confident with the other. Remember that in The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg asked his math nerd roommate for help with the "hot or not" ranking algorithm.

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions: Balancing a Relationship With Financial Differences

He sounds like a man-child, tbh. If he really took the relationship and you seriously, he would at least have a plan for paying off the debt and finding a way to support your future family. I think the real problem here is that you're in your 30's, your biological clock is ticking and you don't think you'll have the time to find another serious relationship that will lead to children. But you said "I know what I want in life: kids, house, travel, comfortable retirement". Husband not included in that list. Think about what would be harder: cutting your losses and potentially going the single mom route (or not having kids at all) or going through life with a partner you'll probably grow to resent.

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On In the Future, We Will All Understand Code

@Meaghano I've always used that analogy as well, but more like "would you ever drive out into the middle of the desert with a car if you couldn't understand how to fix it". Because to the extent that the internet is a part of our everyday lives, and to the extent that we depend on it, that's how I feel. I can't build a sweet app (yet), but having a deep understanding of things like how a database works, MVC structure, front end development and boolean logic has improved my life and earning potential SO MUCH and helped me become a more analytical thinker.

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