On Navigating The Time-Honored Gray Area of "Date Or Business Meeting?"

This is the WORST. That is all.

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On Interview With a Person Who Changed Careers Without Quitting Her Job

@stealthkit exactly. I would love a follow up article 3-4 years from now when she has switched organizations or is attempting to move up the ladder.

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On Is It Weird For a Brother and a Sister to Share a Room?

Move to the damn suburbs. Kids who grow up in Manhattan are like bonsai kittens.

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On Maybe We'll Soon Have Our Very First Cat Cafe

Please yes!

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On Tom Perkins Makes a TV Appearance

I get it bro. You worked hard, you earned fuck you money, you're too old to give a damn about things like "humility" or "not being a huge douche in public". But all that wealth will fade away at the hands of an angry, starving mob. And no amount of money or Rolexes will make that frail body of yours age in reverse. So let's try to uphold the social contract, k?

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On When You Have Enough

I want to become independently wealthy ie get a passive income stream. When my money is making more money than I made in my best year, that's when I'll have enough.

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On The Privilege of Doing What You Love

I have one thing to say about this: "Fuck you, pay me."

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On Revolting Interns

Any system that helps further this country's slide into a banana republic/nepotistic clusterf*** should be abolished.

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On Secret to Job Security: Have a Bunch of Jobs

I have such mixed feels about this. I've been doing a ton of side work as a web developer, but I really don't enjoy it. It's a super marketable skill, but not something I would ever do as a full time job unless I was desperate. Now that I'm making a decent amount at my day job (defined as "enough to afford living without roommates") the side gigs make less and less sense. But I keep doing them, probably out of fear of becoming a bag lady. Do I think they will ever help me professionally? Probably not. Are they a great way to develop my dev skills and network. Definitely.

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On Work Saves the Day

+1 for that picture

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