On Fall Haul

@Miss Kitty Fantastico , Please share the website for ordering those boots!I can only have my boots re-soled/re-built so many times!

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On eBay Millennials Go Rogue, Save Company

@Meaghano Right?! I envisioned a guy going "well at least I'll get the miles/points for it."

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On eBay Millennials Go Rogue, Save Company

I read the article as well, and I agree that the "principle players" were very privileged people who really were not taking much of a risk personally. What I found interesting is how the CEO purposely was hiring people who were risk takers, the people that acted like founders, and that those people just moved. I am interested in a corporate culture trying to encourage risk-taking and ownership. It seems really hard for a large bureaucratic company to start doing that-and from what I took from the article, the CEO is specifically trying to encourage innovation and risk. Would be interesting to hear from less privileged employees if that is carried through "throughout the ranks".

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On Breaking Down the Costs of a $90 Electric Kettle

I too am addicted to tea (I have a 2nd job at tea shop which nets me a discount on my addiction), and for me, variable temperature is important. I was about to pull the trigger on the Cuisinart pictured when my boyfriend asked me to wait. Turns out I was receiving the fancy Breville as a gift from some coworkers! I use it at least once a day during the week and multiple times on the weekends. Our office has the same kettle and it gets a serious work out. It's going strong after a year of being used at least 15 times per day. If I wasn't such a tea nut, I'd probably go back to the cheaper single temp kettles. Bodum makes a very small one that's great for older people with low hand strength or students in dorms.

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On Figuring Out Laundry

@amyfrances When this happens, you let me know. I will move to where you open your business.

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On Is Fake Leather Ever Worth It?

@LocalGirl Forgot to add that so far my booties from the Clarks Artisan collection are also wearing well and are super stylish!

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On Is Fake Leather Ever Worth It?

@aproprose I love my Sudini boots, in the mid $100 range. I've had them for 3+ years and wear them all the time, summer, winter...The Bay Area weather lets that happen. I polish them myself, but I've had the soles replaced once and a zipper tab added once. I try to take care of them and do fixes early-should get several more years out of them. Purchased through Nordstroms. They also are great for those who have wide or narrow calves because the back is adjustable without wrinkling, as it is three pieces.

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On Mom Says I Should Bring My Lunch to Save $ But I Don't Think I Would

I need to share our system. Two coworkers and I share the grocery tab on a weeks worth of Trader Joe's fare. One week I pay, next week coworker A pays, third week coworker B pays. We get hot and tasty meals that always have a veggie or fruit. Some are healthier than others, and two days a week we make a salad based lunch. 4th week of the month, it's every woman/man for her/himself. It works out really well. We have a great variety of food, it reduces the stress of "What are we going to eat today?" and makes our coworkers jealous. Plus our bills are usually about $45-50 bucks a week. So you get three weeks of lunches for $45-$50 each. Not bad, that's like $3.33 a meal, right?

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