By stuffisthings on WWYD: The Obnoxious Coworker

@honey cowl Oh Mike *seems* like a great guy, until you go over to his apartment for a tasteful low-key dinner party and you're looking for the bathroom and you open the wrong door and guess what? Closet full of human organs.

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By Blondsak on Staying On Top of It

I stay productive by cultivating a constant fear of pain and humiliation due to failure. I can't say I recommend it, but it is extremely effective.

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By j-i-a on The Deli Person's Mistake

brb eating nine thousand chicken wings

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By redheaded&crazy on The Deli Person's Mistake

GOD I want chicken wings now. (Every part of this story rings so true to my life except for the part where you only bought four chicken wings?! That is serious chicken wing restraint.) (I also don't understand how 4 lb of chicken wings would come out to only $10 but I can maybe accept that "shit be cheaper in America"?)

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By DickensianCat on Buy on Command

"I'm sorry, did you say 'curing hiccups'? Let me Google that!"

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By stuffisthings on Let Them Have Homes

Just some context: the right to housing has been in the French constitution since 1946, and reaffirmed a number of times since then. In 2008 it became an "enforceable" right for certain groups, which I believe expanded in 2012 to cover most of the population. So technically you can sue the government if you are unable to find appropriate/affordable housing. Here is a brief NY Times article about the "enforceable right to housing" law of 2008. And here is a very detailed paper on how the law actually works in practice. So actually the legal position of the squatters is probably roughly equivalent to a group of black people conducting a sit-in at a segregated restaurant after the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

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By KatNotCat on Year One Was Bad, Year Two Is Agony

This isn't much, but I hope it cheers you a bit: You are right about that font. You are so right about that horrible font. Remember to take care of yourself in the now, too.

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By stuffisthings on So Much Going On, On the Street Where You Live

@Roxy What's the point of building a multimillion dollar apartment next door to a public housing development if you can't rub it in by forcing them to watch you bathe?

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By stuffisthings on Bizarre Job Interviews

@stuffisthings I also almost took a job as the English-language business contact for a Czech pornography syndicate run by the Russian mob.

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By stuffisthings on Rich People on Not Being Rich

@ThatJenn Usually when defining "middle class" we take the median income and work from there. I would consider a pretty broad definition to be the middle three quintiles, meaning the 3/5 of the population centered on the median income (60% of the country being middle class seems a bit of a stretch to me, but if this is what people believe so be it). By that definition "middle class" would be between $28,000 a year and $105,200 a year for a two-person household. The problem with this definition is that a couple who both worked minimum-wage jobs would be considered middle class, which seems not quite right. But if we narrow the range, we have to also to lower the top amount, or else hopelessly distort the definition of "middle." The exact middle quintile (20%) would be between $47,400 and $70,100 for a two-person household, which sounds reasonable to me. Households earning more than $250,000 are in the top 1.5%. There is no stretch of math that will make me believe that's middle class. Even above $92,000 a year (for a typical American household of 2.5 people) you are talking top 20%. Is the top 20% part of the middle? Would we use this definition anywhere else in our lives? (ETA: The last part's not a dig at you, but at the people who are perverting our discourse to imply that six-figure incomes are in any way a normal part of American life.)

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