By cjm on You Can Sue Your Parents To Pay Your College Tuition!

@steponitvelma Well, her parents income is a mandatory part of the calculation into whether or not she gets aid until she is 24 or married. It would suck to get no financial support from parents who made $250,000 a year, because then you couldn't get subsidized loans or grants. Also, it would be hard to get private loans that would be necessary without a co-signer. So the state already ASSUMES that the parents are going to contribute. Here they are enforcing that assumption.

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By garli on In Which I Help Economists Become "Un-Baffled" About America's Dropping Fertility Rate

Thinking about maternity leave policies in America makes me want to eat Pizza Hut with Doritos crust.

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By jalmondale on The Forces of Gentrification

I think @vanderlyn's claim is that businesses, regardless of the wealth of their owners, are not helpless in the face of real estate market changes. If this was a discussion of 'retenanting' apartments, that's a different situation for a lot of reasons. That said, signing a multi-year lease as suggested requires that the building owner be willing to sign that as well; if it's uncommon to do so in your area, that might not be an option. Owning the building outright requires access to capital, which owners of small businesses in poor parts of town often don't have. It's also the case that pre-gentrification, these businesses didn't have a 'great location' that they needed to protect, and expecting them to cut in to slim profit margins to get a longer lease just in case their area gets hit by gentrification in the next 5 years seems a bit extreme.

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By Jake Reinhardt on Supreme Court Rules Amazon Warehouse Staffers Should Not Be Paid for Standing in Security Lines

Boy, I hate everything today, including this.

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By Jake Reinhardt on The Forces of Gentrification

In the tune of Kelis: "This article brings all the Randian capitalists to the yard" Ugh, Nicole is terrible, and so is everyone else that sees poor people as just things that can be moved around whenever rich people feel like taking their space in the world.

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By aetataureate on Meet America's Most Worthless Human Being

@ATF I liked that the proprietor kept his cool throughout: Please do tell the authorities, I'm curious what they'll say!

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By jjjsmith on Meet America's Most Worthless Human Being

Professor Douche also is not right about the law. He either does that intentionally to intimidate the restaurant or he has a crap understanding of the law. Aside from there being a $25 minimum for the type of damages he cites, the triple damages thing is applied by a judge when there is either a willful violation or a bad faith effort regarding settling. Not the case here!

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By Allison on Meet America's Most Worthless Human Being

@meatballsub "I've forgiven myself and never spoken to the people I assaulted (including the man who is now blind in one eye)"

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By capitulatenow on In Defense of Small Cheap Cities

I really like reading about stuff like this -- I live in DC but I've always liked smaller, scrappier cities better -- but once somebody decides to up and move to a new place for QOL reasons, hows about the work and income side of things? If you guys did some kind of series about people who made the switch from the big city to the scrappy city with a focus on how they found a dang job (were they able to stay in the same field, and if so, is that because they are in some super useful, always-needed line of work? Did they have to try a new career, and if so, how the hell did they manage that? Did they already have professional connections there, or were they just responding to job ads? How long did it take? What kind of pay cut, if any, did they have to swallow? Do they feel like there's room for them to keep growing their careers in a smaller job market? Basically what were the job-related tradeoffs, and were they worth it), I would lose my mind, I would love it so much. Thanksssss

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By j a y on A Life Without Retirement Savings

No one should be forced to look at suicide as a 'last resort' plan... that's bleak. But I really hope by the time I get old, there's a graceful planned exit available. That's not bleak, that's just good planning - and there should always be contingency in case one wants to reconsider. Currently, I'm thinking 70-75ish, depending on overall health. With regard to parents... sigh, that's hard. I don't think I'm willing to live with mine, though I am willing to throw money at the problem. But to be brutally honest, living with them as a child had me pretty far along suicidal ideation - the bleak kind.

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