On The Unreachable American Dream

Maybe - just maybe - we can reimagine what it means to live the American Dream, and instead of prioritizing being rich, we can seek security, contentment, and a little happiness. Who gives a shit if you make a $250k/year and you're a miserable bastard? And who cares if you're happy but you are only - gasp - in the third quartile of earners? For this to be possible we will still have to invest in making sure that those who are poor can attain stability, but we can also get rid of this bullshit idea that, even if everyone were capable of becoming rich, that wealth would be the most desirable outcome in the first place.

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On The Forces of Gentrification

Oh thank God, I was super worried that nobody was going to speak up on behalf of capitalism (which is the REAL victim of ungentrified neighborhoods).

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On Supreme Court Rules Amazon Warehouse Staffers Should Not Be Paid for Standing in Security Lines

@jalmondale Don't worry, Congress is about to get real effective! Just give it a month and dozens of Republican freshmen. Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep.

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On In Defense of Small Cheap Cities

@capitulatenow I think this is a fabulous idea! /lives in DC //is sick of hemorrhaging money on rent

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On Okay, So Where Should We Move to Get What We Want?

Never, ever, ever move to Clarendon people.

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On My Last Hundred Bucks: Shopping for Beauty, Eating for Sustenance, Drinking for Milestones

@bgprincipessa Seriously they charge like $2.15 for guac at my Chipotle. But of course we all know a burrito without guac is really a glorified wrap filled with sadness.

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On How Did You Contribute to the Music Industry's Sales Increase?

I didn't. Piracy or death.

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On Majority of Bank Risk Managers Expect Student-Loan Delinquencies to Continue to Rise

@MuffyStJohn (I kid, I kid, they're totally naming their daughters James and their sons Rudolph now.)

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On Majority of Bank Risk Managers Expect Student-Loan Delinquencies to Continue to Rise

@tea for all They're called the 1%. Tomorrow we will read an article featuring them complaining about how they can barely afford Maddeysuhn and Jeydern's private school tuition next month after they've made the payment on their Bentley.

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On Money and Depression: Telling Your Boss, Or Not

@AitchBee 1) I hope you're feeling OK today; depression is a terrible bitch. 2) Tell me more about these sad pants. Are they special pants you wear when you're feeling down? Because if so I want a pair.

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