On Forgiving Is Not Forgetting: On Letting Go Of Debts

@Liz That is exactly my thought. Different standards, indeed.

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On How To Make Your 30s Work For You, Money-Wise

I too miss the 90s.

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On How To Make Your 30s Work For You, Money-Wise

@HelloTheFuture The Delias Catalogue. Lilith Fair. The Starr Report. Seinfeld. Sky blue nail polish. No financial worries because I was a kid and saving was easy when I had no bills.

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On One American's Search for a Bank Account Abroad

This is nuts! I studied abroad 10 years ago in York and had no problem getting a bank account (Barclays or HSBC, I think) and getting a pay-as-you-go phone. My carrier was Orange, and this article is spot-on with how much cheaper it is for phone service over there (example: you are not charged for incoming texts or incoming calls). They must have tightened up the requirements. Is there such a thing as a credit union in the UK?

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On What Are You Wearing and What Did It Cost

I'll play. From Head to Toe: Lined cold-weather hat: $30 Glasses: approx. $350, but paid for with FSA funds in 2013. Also, I'd be blind without them. Scarf: $20 (30% off at the Gap) Necklace: $100 (vacation splurge) LL Bean Plum down coat: $130 Orange dress from Modcloth: $50 (on sale for half-off, bought with birthday money) Bra in non-matrix sizing: $130 (bought with giftcard. Bras/upholstry are THE MOST worth spending for quality. Life's too short to wear shitty bras) Ankh ring: $20 Kate Spade bracelet: $20 Undies: $5 (from 5/$25 at the Gap) Leggings: $30 Socks: $5 (from multipack) Bean boots: $125 Total: $835. I never thought of my spending in this way before. In warmer weather this would drop a bit, but I am am still spendy on non-winter footwear. I walk a lot since I don't have a car, so that is another area where I feel paying for quality is a good value.

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On Low-Cost Ways of Entertaining Aunt Flo

WHY are menstrual products ineligible for FSA funds? I think it's quite silly that something so intimately related to our bodies for health reasons can't be deducted. I used to have a Diva Cup and I LOVED it, but now I have an IUD and the cup would make me nervous about dislodging my tiny copper Destroyer. Cups, pads, poons and painkillers, should all be eligible for those funds. Rogaine and Viagra are covered. What gives?

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On Cosmo Quiz! What's Your Workplace Personality?

@JNC Musings Factory Hey, me too! Let's have a special unicorn party.

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On Visiting Hogwarts When You're Broke

This should be tagged 'how muggles do money'.

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On Saving Money Vs. Earning Money

I want to hear the freelance/reddit connection stated by the tag!

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On Link Round-up! Cheap Hotel Rooms, Egg Sandwiches, Commutes

@Allison yes, the express bus! Figuring out the express bus routes made me feel like I'd hacked the MBTA/life. One time it was 35 minutes door-to-door, but that was because all the stars were aligned. Usually it's closer to 45/50 minutes. The above also includes a decent chunk of walking, which makes me much happier than being crammed on a hot train platform waiting for a less-crammed train to come by.

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