On Transitional Furniture

I'm leaning in to paper furniture: http://smartdecofurniture.com/ I got one of their cardboard chest of drawers and it's cute, light and ultimately recyclable.

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On The Cost of Legally Changing Your Name

Fuck this shit, fuck everything about this confusing shit. Why is this even a thing. Keep your awesome name forever. Make your husband do all this stupid shit to change his last name to YOURS. I'm so MAD. Thank you.

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On Monday Check-in

My favorite kind of co-ed shower is the Starship Troopers kind.

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On Aspiring To Be An Effortlessly Cool Woman With $400 Shoes

C'mon, eBay, everybody.

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On A City that Drives You So Crazy, You Buy a $4,000 Jacket

This activates all the same nodes in my brain that are still reeling from that infamous Buzz Bissinger article about his hard-on for luxe leathers. It's so good, let me just re-read it one more time: http://www.gq.com/news-politics/newsmakers/201304/buzz-bissinger-shopaholic-gucci-addiction

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On When Money Doesn't Matter: Up Close & Personal With The Son of a Chinese Billionaire

CHARLOTTE SHANE KNOCKS MY SOCKS OFF. This piece for the Toast sticks in my memory: http://the-toast.net/2013/07/25/pantyhose-years/

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On Stress-nesting During a Season of Turmoil

Totally! “When I cannot bear outer pressures anymore, I begin to put order in my belongings...As if unable to organize and control my life, I seek to exert this on the world of objects.” ― Anaïs Nin

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On The Other Side of the Desk

UGH so real I LOVED IT

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On How To Do Money Before, During & After Grad School

I've never been a grad student, but when I read "+ If you have a significant other, shack up. Good for rent and the grocery bill" I was like OH NO GIRL don't make emotional/relationship decisions based on financial factors that is just a recipe for disaster.

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On Which Extinct Job Would You Be Best At?

I used to be a video store clerk, which is pretty close to being an extinct job. It was pretty fun - chatting with folks about movies all the time and watching movies for free. Nostalgie de la boue!

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