On How Small Is Too Small, When It Comes To Charitable Gifts

@sea ermine came here to say basically this. I work at a K-8 private school and we stress 100% parent participation in our Annual Fund rather than a dollar amount (and we have enough generous donations that we generally exceed our financial goal). I don't care if a family gives us a dollar, it gets us that much closer to 100%, and it means we can move the sticker on our participation banner outside the school :-)

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: March 2015 Check-in

March was a terrible month for finances...my sister came into town and I was working with a paycheck from a short month, so I had to use both cards a bit. Not proud of this, but it happens. Credit Card #1: Feb balance $3,877 March balance $3,907 Credit Card #2 Feb balance $1,518.01 March balance $1,511.98 $1,000 Emergency Fund February $40 March $43.60 (rounded up some purchases and put the difference into savings. Will try to be more diligent about that this month. Every little bit helps. Hoping next month will be better!

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On Monday Check-in

I said I wanted to keep it under $75. Doing the math as I write this, so we'll see. Pretty sure I went over. Friday: Dinner for my roommate's birthday: $25.11, including tip Saturday: In the morning I walked to my favorite coffee shop where I bought coffee, oatmeal, and carrot/walnut bread: $10.34, including tip. Stayed there for awhile, read, and witnessed a very cute first date (priceless). After that I ran (free), then went to Paper Source to run an errand for work. ($40.69 but I'm getting reimbursed so I'm not counting that). There is a running store right by Paper Source and I needed new socks, so $25.84, ugh, but my feet will be happy. Picked up some groceries for dinner ($19.54) and spent the rest of the night eating and watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Sunday: Had to run to the other Paper Source way out in the suburbs because I bought out the first store's supply of what I needed. This was a dangerous trip. I spent $4 on an iced coffee and then $23.06 at Paper Source #2 (again, getting reimbursed so not counting that). This PS was across the street from the most immaculate H&M I've ever seen, so I went in and tried on a bunch of stuff, but only bought a sports bra ($10.62, so I'll count that as a success). Then my sunglasses broke WHILE I WAS WEARING THEM and fell off my face and I can't drive in Colorado most days without them, so I spent $12.81 on a new pair. Ugh, then $11.38 on a salad, tea, and granola bar at Whole Foods, an establishment in which I should really not even set foot, but my stomach won this time. Total: $119.64. Way over. Woof. I had to send a really difficult email on Friday (telling my landlords who live in Antarctica I'm moving out early) and I am dreading their response, so I think part of my spending was to distract myself from that dread. FUN TIMES!

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On Friday Estimate

Today: It's my roommate's birthday, so a group is going to dinner and maybe some bars (~$30-$40 but hopefully a little less than that. I probably won't go to the bars). Tomorrow: It's supposed to be in the 50s, which is warmer than Colorado has seen in a few weeks, so I will probably do my run outside. Need to buy dishwasher soap and a lightbulb ($15?). Not sure what else, but The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is calling my name. Might go to the grocery store, might just eat Easy Mac. ($~20 if I go the grocery route.) Sunday: No idea. Might grocery shop then instead. Total: Would love to keep it under $75 and spend as much time as possible outside!

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On Friday Estimate

@lemonhead3159 Also a Denver resident here, but not a native. It's going to be the warmest it's been in a few weeks, so have fun! Skiing is great here but definitely an expensive activity. There are lots of other things to do, though, and you will definitely not be bored :-)

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2015 Check-in

Credit Card #1 January 2015:$3,837 February 2015: $3,877 (furnace broke and there wasn't enough in my savings to cover the repair costs) Credit Card #2 January 2015: $922.01 February 2015: $1,518.01 (I transferred to a zero interest card but then decided to put plane tickets for a wedding on it because I am still struggling how to budget in a city where the cost of living is rising faster than pay rates). Emergency Fund goal: $5,000, at this point reaching $1,000 will be a major milestone. January 2015: $86 February 2015 $40...more furnace stuff, ugh. This is embarrassing! Worse off than I was last month, AND I just got accepted to grad school (it's free and I need the degree for what I really want to do, or else I wouldn't go), so my financial situation is going to get a lot more interesting. I WILL do it, though!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2015 Check-in

Okay, I've never posted on this particular thread but I need some accountability. Credit Card #1: $3,837, will be $3,800 by the time my payment goes through today or tomorrow (this has the lower interest rate of the two, so I'm snowballing) Credit Card #2: Currently at $922.01, hoping to have this paid off by the summer. Emergency fund goal: $5,000. Currently at $86. Gotta start somewhere. Woof. Now it's out there for the world to see, maybe I'll figure out how I can pay more each month!

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On Monday Check-in

I posted an estimate Friday but I don't see it? Weird. Anyway, I moved this weekend and estimated $250 and came in at $251.24! The breakdown: Friday: $6.42 at Home Depot for a plastic cover to move my mattress; $12.76 for a sandwich, chips, and a cookie from a local sandwich place. Saturday: $39.23 to fill up my tank, $7.72 for dinner at Jimmy John's. Sunday: $9.76 at the Container Store. I had a gift card, and got one of those Elfa organizer things.I love it. $3.73 at Starbucks. Throughout the weekend I got groceries at Trader Joe's, Costco, and the local store: $121.75 ( I had four Clif bars and some pickles to my name). Also went to Target twice for various household knick knacks, totaling $49.87. It was more expensive than the average weekend, but I'm all moved in and kind of impressed I was so spot-on with my estimate!

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On Friday Estimate

I AM MOVING THIS WEEKEND!!! My boyfriend and I broke up about two months ago and I am finally getting out! No more awkwardness! Anyway, I need to fill up my tank (~$40) and throw some money towards gas for my friend's mom's giant SUV that is moving my mattress ($10-$20?). Also need to get some groceries (~$80 because I have none of the staples). Probably pizza and beer for friends helping me move (~$50). Let's say $250 to be safe. Here's to the next chapter!

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On Do 1 Thing

Mine is a doozy...getting an IUD in a few hours! (please don't tell me horror stories). If everything goes well, no babies for several years!

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