On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2015 Check-in

Okay, I've never posted on this particular thread but I need some accountability. Credit Card #1: $3,837, will be $3,800 by the time my payment goes through today or tomorrow (this has the lower interest rate of the two, so I'm snowballing) Credit Card #2: Currently at $922.01, hoping to have this paid off by the summer. Emergency fund goal: $5,000. Currently at $86. Gotta start somewhere. Woof. Now it's out there for the world to see, maybe I'll figure out how I can pay more each month!

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On Monday Check-in

I posted an estimate Friday but I don't see it? Weird. Anyway, I moved this weekend and estimated $250 and came in at $251.24! The breakdown: Friday: $6.42 at Home Depot for a plastic cover to move my mattress; $12.76 for a sandwich, chips, and a cookie from a local sandwich place. Saturday: $39.23 to fill up my tank, $7.72 for dinner at Jimmy John's. Sunday: $9.76 at the Container Store. I had a gift card, and got one of those Elfa organizer things.I love it. $3.73 at Starbucks. Throughout the weekend I got groceries at Trader Joe's, Costco, and the local store: $121.75 ( I had four Clif bars and some pickles to my name). Also went to Target twice for various household knick knacks, totaling $49.87. It was more expensive than the average weekend, but I'm all moved in and kind of impressed I was so spot-on with my estimate!

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On Friday Estimate

I AM MOVING THIS WEEKEND!!! My boyfriend and I broke up about two months ago and I am finally getting out! No more awkwardness! Anyway, I need to fill up my tank (~$40) and throw some money towards gas for my friend's mom's giant SUV that is moving my mattress ($10-$20?). Also need to get some groceries (~$80 because I have none of the staples). Probably pizza and beer for friends helping me move (~$50). Let's say $250 to be safe. Here's to the next chapter!

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On Do 1 Thing

Mine is a doozy...getting an IUD in a few hours! (please don't tell me horror stories). If everything goes well, no babies for several years!

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On Friday Estimate

Going to Whole Foods for salad bar because I had nothing to bring for lunch today and I will be by one when I go run an errand in a bit (~$10), getting my haircut after work ($50 incl. tip), groceries at some point this weekend (~$50), mayyybe drinks with a friend ($15-20 depending where we go/what I get). Let's say $150 to be safe.

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On Monday Check-in

Didn't estimate on Friday, mostly because I had no idea what I was doing this weekend. Friday: Stayed in and ate leftover pizza. That's all I remember. Saturday: BF and I met up with our friend for diner breakfast. BF and I split the bill for all three of us; my share was $11. Then went to Costco where I got two more workout tops ($9.99 AND long enough for my torso? YES PLZ) and a huge pack of microfiber towels in my attempt to use fewer paper towels, total: $39.15 Saturday night we got slices before the local university hockey game, BF paid for pizza and then we each got our own hockey tickets ($32!!! Never have I ever spent so much on a sporting event, and a university one at that. We lost 1-2, but it was still a lot of fun.) Sunday, $5.35 on a deeeelicious breakfast burrito, then $3.78 on a medium latte at one of our favorite spots. Another trip to Costco to get meat for dinner, which BF paid for, but I ended up buying "Wild" because it hasn't been available at the library at all and I am impatient($10.32). Target run for new moisturizer and hand weights: $25.97) It was 70 degrees (!!!) so we played tennis at the local high school courts (free) and BF made dinner, which we ate while catching up on House of Cards. Total: $130.77. I'd say not bad for not knowing what I was going to do. It was a good weekend!

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On Friday Estimate

Today is PAYDAY! But it also means I pay for ALL the things. Tonight I am getting dinner with a friend (~$12) and paying rent ($515). Saturday: It is supposed to snow overnight (ugh) so hopefully I will only be going out tomorrow to pick up a library book (free! yay!) and get my brows done ($30 including tip...this girl is fantastic so I don't feel bad about it). Then I am planning to hunker down and marathon more of House of Cards with the bf and read. Sunday: no plans but I need some new pairs of tights so ~$20? My car insurance is automatically paid on the 2nd of each month but won't go through until Monday, so I'm not counting that. Not including rent, $62. Will probably get some groceries or something, so let's just round it up to $100.

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On Monday Check-In

UGH.Wanted to keep it under $100. Did not do that. $27 for birth control on Friday. Don't remember what we did for dinner that night, but it was at home. Oh, my monthly donation to our local NPR station went through, so $10. Saturday: BF paid for breakfast burritos and we had sandwiches for lunch. Then I was feeling cabin feverish and went to the mall because I am a responsible adult (not). $2.11 on a bottle of water at Starbucks because the mall was a sauna (or I had a fever, I don't know), $83.94 on PERFECT jeans from Levi's (I didn't have a single pair that fit or without a huge hole), $54.98 at Sephora restocking on foundation and eyeshadow primer. Went to Trader Joe's afterwards to pick up some soup, sorbet, and cereal because I am catching whatever illness bf has ($9.96) Sunday:Breakfast burritos again, I paid ($6 for four) went out to lunch but bf paid, then went to the store to pick up stuff for dinner ($12.03) So, all told plus my half of utilities ($32.78)...$238.80 WOOF. Not letting that happen again for a looong time. At least I am getting paid Friday!

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On Friday Estimate

$27 today for bc refill (luv u, Planned Parenthood). Not sure what's happening for dinner tonight. I just pinned a bunch of recipes for stuff so ~$15-20 for stuff I don't already have to make one of those? Tomorrow is one year with bf (sort of, we broke up for like 3 days but that is neither here nor there). He is cooking dinner, but also not sure yet what that will be. We might go to the art museum tomorrow (free, since he is a member). I should probably do laundry so $2.50. I really would love it if I could keep it under $75 this weekend since I am low on zee money until payday next Friday. UGH just got the energy bill ($32.78 for my half) so let's say keep it under $100. Very exciting!

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On Friday Estimate

~$5 for a beer+tip at happy hour after work and then I have no clue. I sort of broke up with my boyfriend this week and we maybe got back together last night? I kind of want to go to World Market for some strange reason but I might be moving soon so I really shouldn't be spending money. This was completely useless, I'm sorry.

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