On Friday Estimate

@erinep Haha, yes, it's a recurring theme! I live right around the corner from a poutine shop, so when I'm exhausted and there's nothing left in the cupboards at home, that's my default.

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On Friday Estimate

I'm trying to have a frugal weekend because I'm on vacation next week (Las Vegas! Rollercon!) which will involve all kinds of expenses. Friday: I'm dead tired from doing sports late at night every day this week and getting up early today, so I will probably go to bed early ($0), probably poutine for dinner ($8) and doing a few loads of laundry ($3-6). Oh, and milk ($3) so I can have a latte on Saturday morning. Saturday: Bout day! I'll budget $15 for food truck dinner and a beer at the after party. I also need to have some t-shirts heat-pressed for Rollercon, ($10 per shirt x 5 shirts, $50). Sunday: some kind of birthday gift for my dad ($50). Total: ~ $130.

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On Monday Check-in

Successful road trip to Regina! Friday night: stayed in, watched Netflix, did laundry ($3) and ate poutine ($8). Saturday: breakfast on the road ($5), snacks and supplies ($15), lunch in Regina ($20), and several beers at the after party ($13.50, because the bartenders forgot to put a couple on my tab, and then told me not to question it). Sunday: free breakfast at the hotel because we weren't able to check in until 1 a.m., on account of the BC Lions being in town and checking out super late. Grocery shopping on the road: $27. Plus my share of gas and hotel ($100), totals: $191.50, only $5 over my estimate.

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On Friday Estimate

I haven't estimated in a while, but I need to get back into the habit and keeping track of my expenses better. This weekend I have a derby road trip to exotic Regina, Saskatchewan. Friday: I might (very unlikely but possibly) go out for a drink with a couple team mates, but otherwise a quiet night in with laundry ($6), Netflix ($0), and an early bed time. Road trip (Saturday to Sunday): $70ish for my share of gas and hotel; $20 for snacks, coffees, and lunch on the road, and another $20 for dinner. Probably $10 for drinks at the afterparty. And $20 for brunch on the way back home. I should also get groceries for the week ahead, probably on Sunday night ($40). Total: $186.

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On Friday Estimate

@samburger It is filled with actual animals! Mostly from various rescue organizations and shelters. Last year there was a three-legged chihuahua wearing a green polo shirt. And a lot of other animals (I got to pet a Mexican hairless dog, which was like petting a living leather couch), but that chihuahua was the best. I am not getting an actual animal, though, as my rental agreement does not allow it.

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On Friday Estimate

Time to start estimating again. The last few weekends have been spendy (still setting up my new apartment), but that should slow down a bit this weekend. Friday: the Calgary Expo (basically the Northern version of Comic Con; two tickets = $63). Possibly going skating afterwards ($0-10), and very likely getting poutine ($10). Saturday: antique shopping and farmers' market with my mom ($30 for the farmers' market, impossible to say how much I will spend at the antique shops); invitational bout in a neighbouring town ($10 for entrance fee, $15 for snacks, gatorade, and post-bout beer). Sunday: Pet Expo (free!), probably lunch at the pet expo ($10). I also need to pick up some descaler for my coffee maker ($?). Total: $148, plus descaler, plus possible antique purchases.

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On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights I love this couch so much. It's orange and amazing and looks like something Peggy Olson would take a nap on. It's been such an ordeal to get it into my apartment, though, because it's an ancient house with a narrow staircase and too many sharp angles. I got it on sale, but between buying the rope and pulley and the donation to my team, the discount is pretty much negated. But if I can get it into my apartment, it will all be worth it and I will regret nothing.

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On Friday Estimate

Should be a quiet weekend, but still costly. Tonight: doing all the laundry ($12-$15), cooking dinner at home ($0), and watching netflix/reading ($0). Saturday: coffee breakfast ($10), cleaning my apartment ($0), getting help from my derby team to get my couch into the clean apartment via the balcony and a system of ropes and pulleys ($200 donation to the league), then probably poutine for the team ($30). Sunday: Derby scrimmage! Maybe some work, and probably some coffee ($10), and groceries ($30). Total: $292-295. I really like that couch.

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On Friday Estimate

My office is closed this weekend, so I will be working from home. Good thing my internet is getting installed today. Friday: everyone is getting kicked out of the office at 5 today (besides which there's a free beer/snacks gathering for associates in my group starting at 4) so I'll be heading home early-ish. Then waiting for the internet installation ($0) and making a delicious dinner ($0) and watching a movie until I fall asleep ($0-$5, depending on whether "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" is on Netflix, or if I have to get it from itunes. For some reason I really want to see that movie right this second). Saturday: breakfast at home while I wait for the movers ($3, because I am out of eggs). Lunch reunion with film school chums ($25), and dinner at my aunt's place ($0 for dinner, $25 for a birthday gift). Sunday: working from home ($0, because I won't have to go out to get coffee), and probably buying some groceries for the week ahead ($30). Total: Going by the above numbers, it's a $83-88 weekend, but I'm going to tack on 25% because I will likely have a few incidental expenses (possibly including socks and underwear because my landlord still hasn't given me a laundry room key. Ugh), for a total of $110.

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On Monday Check-In

@EmilyAnomaly I am cautiously optimistic about the pulley system! If it works, great. If not, it will be an adventure. Other than the narrowness of certain doorways, I love the new place. It has everything I wanted: gas stove, slanty ceilings, creaky old hardwood floors, and a balcony from which to observe the thoroughfare. I hope your new place is great too!

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