On Friday Estimate

@andnowlights I love this couch so much. It's orange and amazing and looks like something Peggy Olson would take a nap on. It's been such an ordeal to get it into my apartment, though, because it's an ancient house with a narrow staircase and too many sharp angles. I got it on sale, but between buying the rope and pulley and the donation to my team, the discount is pretty much negated. But if I can get it into my apartment, it will all be worth it and I will regret nothing.

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On Friday Estimate

Should be a quiet weekend, but still costly. Tonight: doing all the laundry ($12-$15), cooking dinner at home ($0), and watching netflix/reading ($0). Saturday: coffee breakfast ($10), cleaning my apartment ($0), getting help from my derby team to get my couch into the clean apartment via the balcony and a system of ropes and pulleys ($200 donation to the league), then probably poutine for the team ($30). Sunday: Derby scrimmage! Maybe some work, and probably some coffee ($10), and groceries ($30). Total: $292-295. I really like that couch.

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On Friday Estimate

My office is closed this weekend, so I will be working from home. Good thing my internet is getting installed today. Friday: everyone is getting kicked out of the office at 5 today (besides which there's a free beer/snacks gathering for associates in my group starting at 4) so I'll be heading home early-ish. Then waiting for the internet installation ($0) and making a delicious dinner ($0) and watching a movie until I fall asleep ($0-$5, depending on whether "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" is on Netflix, or if I have to get it from itunes. For some reason I really want to see that movie right this second). Saturday: breakfast at home while I wait for the movers ($3, because I am out of eggs). Lunch reunion with film school chums ($25), and dinner at my aunt's place ($0 for dinner, $25 for a birthday gift). Sunday: working from home ($0, because I won't have to go out to get coffee), and probably buying some groceries for the week ahead ($30). Total: Going by the above numbers, it's a $83-88 weekend, but I'm going to tack on 25% because I will likely have a few incidental expenses (possibly including socks and underwear because my landlord still hasn't given me a laundry room key. Ugh), for a total of $110.

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On Monday Check-In

@EmilyAnomaly I am cautiously optimistic about the pulley system! If it works, great. If not, it will be an adventure. Other than the narrowness of certain doorways, I love the new place. It has everything I wanted: gas stove, slanty ceilings, creaky old hardwood floors, and a balcony from which to observe the thoroughfare. I hope your new place is great too!

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On Monday Check-In

I moved this weekend, and I'm living on my own for the first time in 7 years, so I had to buy a lot of housewares and it was expensive. But also kind of triumphant, because the last time I lived alone it took me months to get around to buying pots and pans, and I don't think I ever had more than one or two pieces of cutlery. Now I am an adult, and so I outfitted my kitchen with all the necessaries in one go. Friday: moving! My girlfriend helped me move and bought poutine; I bought whisky and a bottle of wine ($50). I also bought a blue plastic bin for moving/storage ($13). Saturday: oh god so much money was spent at Superstore, Home Outfitters, and Ikea. I don't have the receipts with me, but the total was around $650. Plus a few hours of car2go (around $50). And $6 for meatballs at ikea. My new couch and chair were delivered, but the delivery guys could not get the couch into the stairwell (it's narrow and the angles are difficult). I felt bad so I tipped them the only cash I had (a $100 bill), which in retrospect was way too much considering: (i) they left cardboard all over my yard; (ii) they knocked my mailbox off the wall and didn't put it back up; and (iii) I'm pretty sure they could have gotten my couch in. I'm going to have them try again next weekend and if they can't get it in the door, my girlfriend (a former arborist) is certain she can rig up a pulley to get the couch onto the front balcony and in through the balcony door, which doesn't have the angle issues plaguing the stairwell entrance. There was also grocery shopping ($60). Sunday: brunch ($50), then off to work for the rest of the day. Total: $979. Estimate: $436. Moving is the worst.

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On Friday Estimate

@EmilyAnomaly Best of luck to you too! I have sourced kitchen things from goodwill in the past, and might try that again this weekend. I have also been having great luck with antique shops, which can be surprisingly inexpensive for things like casserole dishes and cutlery.

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On Friday Estimate

I'm moving tonight! Yay! Friday: I have no dishes, but my new place is one block over from my favourite poutine shop ($10). Saturday: I have a couch being delivered some time tomorrow morning ($20 for the delivery guys, because if they can figure out a way to get a couch up the narrow staircase, they'll have earned it). Then I need to go shopping for all of the things (the sum total of my kitchen possessions is a toaster, an espresso machine, a frying pan, 3 mugs, and glasses for whisky, wine, and martinis. So, probably $400 to get the other things I need). Sunday: Working. I will expense lunch and make soup for dinner. Probably a fancy coffee in there somewhere ($6). Total: $436. Possibly more, all depends on how gung-ho I get about shopping for housewares.

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On Monday Check-In

As predicted, my weekend consisted of work, birthday dinner, and work. Friday: I ended up taking my girlfriend out for dinner, because I was two beers in and getting hungry by the time she was done homework and ready to meet. A truly delicious dinner for two with wine and cappucinnos: $90 including tip. Saturday: I must have had some kind of breakfast, but I can't remember what it was. Let's say it cost about $9 though. My family took me out for dinner. I did not eat lunch, to the best of my recollection. Sunday: At the office. I had a breakfast burrito and coffee ($13, which I will try to expense), then another coffee ($4.50), and then I bought groceries ($20) and did laundry for the first time in weeks ($8. I didn't do *all* the laundry because I didn't have enough loonies). There were also a couple of cab rides in there, but I am going to expense those. Total: $135.50 to $144.50, depending on what the accountants say about my expenses. My estimate was $80.

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On Friday Estimate

It's my birthday! So here's my plan for the weekend. Friday: get a drink and maybe a bite to eat with my girlfriend ($10-$20). Then sleep. Saturday: go to work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., then off to dinner with the family. I will expense lunch because I am not happy about working tomorrow. Sunday: go to work again. I will expense lunch, because I am not happy about working on Sunday. Somewhere in there I will have to do laundry (for the first time in weeks - $12), buy some groceries maybe ($30), and probably drink some coffee. Total: $52 to $62. Let's add $20 for good measure and say $80.

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On Tuesday Check-In

My weekend was expensive, but less so than expected because furniture shopping was not as successful as I had anticipated. Friday: train fare ($3), rollerskating date ($17), followed by dinner ($70). Saturday: t-shirt for bout ($15), bout entry fee ($10), groceries ($10 - really just cake, gatorade, and a can of soup), and starbucks for breakfast at work ($8). Sunday: an amazing kitchen table ($95), 8 wine glasses and 6 martini glasses ($115), dinner ($60). Monday: brunch ($25), socks and underwear in lieu of doing laundry ($35). Total: $453. Less than I expected, but that's primarily because someone else bought the credenza and shelves I was eyeing. Also I had too many dinners out and no time for laundry.

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