On Get Rich Slowly "If You Can"

thank the sweet Lord for KiwiSaver.

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On A Father-Daughter Duo Answers Your Questions

Oh Meghan's dad, it is so cute that you think you can't be sued just because we don't know your name! Yikes, didn't mean that to sound super threatening. It's not, promise.

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On 'Gold Diggers' 2005/1933

This was sooooooooooooo greeaaaaaaaaat! Best thing on the 'fold in a long time. Ahhh so great. Great!

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On Frugal Travel Moves That Backfired On Me

@RiffRandell why didn't you take the Northern Explorer?! This is a baffling decision to me (a NZer).

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On On Banning 'Bossy'

@@fo uuum, your child would definitely be devastated also if she learned that you thought she was a pain in the ass, but guess what? She won't. Because you have written these thoughts on the internet, where she cannot access them; and anonymously, so she never will be able to. Also - little secret - it is actually true that no one likes domineering and uncooperative children. I also like to tell everyone what to do, but know that I cannot. Maybe use this knowledge in socialising your daughter (while ensuring she retains her executive leadership skills, because those are awesome!).

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On Preemies and Health Care Costs

@stuffisthings ACTUALLY McDonald's cheeseburgers cost more than 99c to make; they are a loss leader. The first time this information has ever been relevant!

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On Preemies and Health Care Costs

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On The Problem With Financial Literacy Is That It Doesn't Work

Really, Logan is your example of why financial literacy classes "don't work"? Think again.

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On Living Without Credit Cards

@highjump I'm five grand in debt and this statement didn't bother me, because before I was five grand in debt I couldn't have imagined being so. I don't think it deserves your snark.

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On The Answer to Getting Out of Credit Card Trouble: A Spreadsheet

@aetataureate it certainly is but I CAN DO ITTTTT (according to the spreadsheet!)

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