On On Food, Cancer, and the Illusion of Control

I am late to the party, but just FYI, there are PLENTY of pesticides and herbicides allowed in organic farming. They're just different from the ones allowed in conventional farming. Organic produce has been shown to carry the same amount of pesticide residue as conventional, and in the doses we consume it has not shown to be harmful in either case - as long as you wash your food! I have been slowly trying to get myself over this same feeling that you have - like, it's got to be better because it's organic, right? But the research doesn't bear that out. I now buy purely based on cost - if the organic's on sale then fine, but otherwise I buy conventional.

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On Advice to Your 24-Year-Old Self

1. Run far away from that guy you're dating! He's the worst and you know it. 2. Avoid credit cards until you're disciplined enough to pay them off every month, which you currently are not. 3. Work really hard on establishing at least a small savings account for emergencies, because your cat will need ear surgery and you will want a down payment when your crappy old car finally dies. 4. Increase those 403b contributions.

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On Let's Throw Some Money at Our Problems: July 2013 Check-In

June savings: $6021.58 July savings: $8022.06 June student loan: $85,519.26 July student loan after a $513.70 payment: $85,717.10 Le sigh. My financial advisor says this is the way to go but I hate watching the student loan just creeeeep down so slowly.

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On Friday Estimate

I have been unusually social the past week which amounted to a few hundred dollars in restaurants that I wasn't planning on. So I need to spend some introvert time at home, doing nothing, spending nothing. Hopefully I can accomplish that today and Saturday. Sunday I am volunteering and will buy a few flats of bottled water and some cat food for the homeless people and cats (respectively), probably about $30. Then we will all go out to lunch afterward and I always pick up the boss's lunch, so another $30-40.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Cable/Internet Each Month?

$170 for Time Warner (boooo) cable and internet, $7.99 for Netflix, and $7.99 for Hulu.

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On Friday Estimate

Tonight: World War Z, tickets already purchased, $23. Saturday: Farmer's market trip, probably $30. Grocery shopping, $100. Sunday: No plans, hopefully $0! Total: $153-ish.

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On How Much Do You Spend on Electricity Each Month?

Two people, one dog, four cats (cats are SO bad about leaving lights on) in an 1800-square-foot apartment in Dallas. Everything is electric so the bill includes heat, the water heater, the A/C, etc. It ranges from between $75 in the winter to $115 in the summer but on average over the year I spend $95/month.

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On Monday Check-in

I don't remember what I estimated aside from it was a lot. And lo, it was a lot. On Friday I got my eyebrows threaded ($15) and picked up a few more pairs of shorts and a couple t-shirts ($220) since I realized I am underprepared for my first Texas summer, then my husband and I went out to dinner with friends ($100). We then got a couple bottles of wine to bring and hung out at their house for another hour or so ($50). Saturday I brought my computer in to the Genius Bar and sat there for an hour trying to reproduce this graphics bug I've been having (nothing cooler than playing video games in public!), I had to leave it there and the repair will be $170 but I'll pay that when I pick it up. Then I went to Costco for various enormous things ($85) including endless razors, toilet paper, and paper towel and a $3.99 giant thing of organic raspberries(!) I also picked up a couple of cases of water to give out at our volunteering thing tomorrow. Later we got train tickets ($10 for two all-day passes) and went to see This Is The End ($22 for 2 tickets), got me a grog of wine ($10) and got my husband some popcorn and a water ($11). On Sunday we stopped at our storage unit to get our cooler and then to Kroger for two bags of ice and a sandwich ($9), chilled down all the water, and then spent 2+ hours out in the blazing noon sun with our volunteer group. Talked extensively about moving the event to the early hours of the morning and/or getting a tent. Then we all went to a late lunch together and I had the most hilarious mimosa I've ever seen (a large Mason jar with three skewers coming out of it, upon which were perched melon, strawberry, pineapple, tater tots, an egg-and-cheese sandwich, and a cinnamon roll) and we paid for ours and our volunteer coordinators' lunch so that was about $75. It was a very fun, very full weekend and I regret nothing.

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On Friday Estimate

- My husband and I are going go to dinner with another couple tonight or tomorrow, probably $100-ish for our half. - Nephew's 11th birthday is today, I sent him a card with $20 and put $100 in his college fund. - Saturday - no plans, I suspect maybe $100 on groceries. - Sunday - we'll both be volunteering, so maybe $40 for lunch with the others afterward. All our dads live far away so we'll probably just Skype with them, and I already mailed out cards. Total anticipated: $360

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On What is Your Grocery Shopping Style?

I use Wunderlist on my phone and so does my husband, so when one of us thinks of something we add it to the appropriate list (groceries, Target, farmer's market, Amazon, etc) and whenever one of us is at one of those places we check it and get whatever's on it. I also like to loiter at the grocery store, trying to remember if I need the thing that's in front of me or trying to imagine what I've got at home to combine it with. My produce consumption has gone up since I've been making a smoothie for at least one meal of the day (my favorite: half an avocado, two kiwis, a handful of spearmint leaves, lime juice, coconut water, ice) so finally I'm buying all this stuff and actually consuming it. Smoothies are a great way to take care of all that aspirational kale languishing in the fridge.

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