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@El Gran Fluffio I too felt a lot of emotional relief letting go of mementos from parts of my life I don't need to remember and/or need to let go of. I feel a better assurance that the true joy from these memories come from within, and not from objects hiding at the bottom of a long-forgotten trunk

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On KonMarie and Me

@steponitvelma OH! But Marie does go into how to work through her method while living with other people, but I skipped that part

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On KonMarie and Me

@steponitvelma I don't have a partner. Actually, doing this process was a treat to myself after my terrible, messy, hoarder ex-boyfriend finally moved out :)

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On KonMarie and Me

@clo You definitely need to read the book. I am yet to see an article do the entire philosophy justice. Perhaps the 2014 NYTimes article got the closest... I've always described myself as a minimalist, but I never thought that it accurately described my relationship with objects. I hate having a large mass of things, but I am willing to spend more than the average person for a "thing" (kitchen utensil, bookends, etc) that brings true joy to my life. I never thought I had a lot of things until I read the book and followed the methods she described. (i.e. purge by category instead of by room)I was shocked after I started her method how many obsolete or unnecessary items I owned. She not only details how and what to get rid of, but how to organize it to properly value it. She also helped me to create a routine that keeps this organization in line. I have a lot of issues with anxiety, and I've often found that these are frequently tied up into the tidiness of my space. I truly feel joy every time I open a nearly empty drawer, or a dresser drawer with immaculately folded clothing. This method is not for everyone, but I think someone who wants that sort of tidiness in their life will greatly benefit from her methods. I will also warn the book's writing comes off extremely cheesy, which i chalk up to the translation from Japanese and the cultural differences between our country and theirs.

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On KonMarie and Me

Konmarie changed my life AMA

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: March 2015 Check-in

Capital One Credit Card (9.8%) February 2015: $548.01 March 2015: $0 Citibank Credit Card (0%) February 2015: $0 March: $1,071 Student Loans (various) February 2015: $27,497.59 March 2015: $27,127.44 Emergency Savings February 2015: $3,014.09 March 2015: $3,406.64

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On Gold Diggers And Deadbeat Dads

I have to disagree SO HARD. If someone lied to me about the condo, I would probably consider it a dealbreaker. I'm pretty strict on having fiscal honesty in a relationship, but that is probably due to the fact I have been burned pretty badly financially in the past by dishonest partners. Protect yourselves, ladies!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: February 2015 Check-in

Crap! I missed this yesterday! Capital One Credit Card (9.8%) January 2015: $1,469.28 February 2015: $548.01 Student Loans (various) January 2015: $27,759.13 February 2015: $27,497.59 Emergency Savings January 2015: $2,761.74 February 2015: $3,014.09 I filed my taxes back in January and used the entire return to pay off a huge chunk of my credit card!

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On Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: January 2015 Check-in

I told myself I needed to start doing this, so I will post my balances this month and then begin updating next month. As of February 2, 2015 Capital One Credit Card (9.8%): $1,469.28 Student Loans (various): $27,759.13 Emergency Savings: $2,761.74

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On One Is The Loneliest Number But Also An Okay Number Maybe

@Lila Lapine Only child here, too! I too found when I was younger that I related to (and spent more time with) adults more than I did kids my own age. I know some may see this as a problem, but it honestly made me much more mature and independent as an adult.

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