On Place I've Lived: The Hurst, A Child's Bedroom, and My Childhood Home

@andnowlights Hmm, true. I wasn't really factoring in the comp with campus boarding costs. It just seems like it would be such a hassle! (I guess that just shows how lazy I am tho, lol.) Plus I really enjoyed the community in the colleges so I personally wouldn't have wanted to move out. SAY WHAT? ;-p

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On Place I've Lived: The Hurst, A Child's Bedroom, and My Childhood Home

@andnowlights Grad ghetto! Seriously though, I can't imagine what the writer was thinking moving out of the colleges (unless it was stiles/morse? haha). I was an undergrad there too, and I always thought the handful of people who decided to live off-campus every year were kind of crazy -- either that or insanely rich enough to be able to afford one of the few apartments that was both nice to live in and convenient.

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On Office Seating Arrangements

@saritasara My boss also has a story about the summer right before I joined the company, when it was located in another office nearby. Even with the air-conditioning going full blast, it was apparently getting so hot inside the office that they resorted to having huge blocks of ice hauled in every day and placed around the production floor.

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On Office Seating Arrangements

Wow, I can't imagine all the "free seating" arrangements and stuff that everyone is talking about. My office is composed of one large, open area on the 1F (except for some of the admin/HR staff who are relegated to the 6F of the same building, although they're boring anyway). There are no private offices, just rows of desks divided by partitions with staff grouped together mostly by department. Being in a computer-heavy field we have lots of machines in the office-- the majority of the staff have two PCs per desk -- which means that certain areas of the office get really hot. The number of employees fluctuates depending on our project demands, between about 200 - 300 or so ppl. Because of all the people and computers, air circulation can get pretty bad when the office is at capacity. I remember last year or so when we had a little over 300 people, General Affairs sent out a series of emails letting everyone know that the poor air quality was causing people to feel light headed/short of breath, so "be sure you take frequent breaks to go outside and breathe deeply." We have CO2 monitors placed around the office but they were just beeping constantly --- so they just turned them off >_<

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On When in Doubt, Go Dutch

@swirrlygrrl Ack, yes! That's totally what happened with my last boyfriend too, who I met via OKC. He just Never. Made. A. Move. and it was driving me crazy. Thank god for one of his female friends who finally stepped in and basically was like "So what's going on with you and A? He said he hasn't even kissed you yet and I couldn't believe it. He is a doofus. But he is interested in you and you are interested in him so get with the kissing." ;-p

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On When in Doubt, Go Dutch

@swirrlygrrl Exactly! If you're talking an "early stages of dating" situation, I always offer to pay my share and would never feel offended or like a guy was "cheap" if he accepted that offer. But that said, when a guy *does* insist on paying, it sort of reassures me that--yes, this is a date. Whereas, if we end up going dutch, I start to doubt his intentions and wonder if maybe he's not really interested in me romantically after all, especially if there was nothing else that overtly marked the event as a DATE, like a kiss goodnight or something.

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On What's Your Husband's Name?

One of my dad's favorite stories to tell is about when he and my mom were sitting down to get their marriage license or whatever and got asked about the name thing. They had never discussed it apparently, because neither of them felt the need. In my Dad's mind, it was: "Well, of course she's going to change her name-- that's what people do, right?" While meanwhile, my mom's internal monologue went something like: "Change my name? What, and go through all that annoying paperwork? I don't think so!" Needless to say, my dad was quite shocked when my mom nonchalantly was like --nope, I'll stay me thanks. Fortunately he got over it -- he wasn't against it or anything, it just had never occurred to him that she wouldn't. ;-p

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On What's Your Husband's Name?

@Allison That's really interesting. I live in Japan, where legally a husband and wife are not allowed to keep separate names -- technically speaking, it could be the husband taking the wife's last name, but in practice that's rare and typically only occurs in a "taking over the family business" type situation. (every so often there's a half-assed effort to try and change the law, but surprise surprise it never goes very far in with the old farts in the Diet.) But the interesting thing to me is that this has very little affect on the working situation. From talking to a lot of the women at my current company, it's standard practice to keep going by your maiden name professionally as long as you're at the same company. It's considered a hassle to have to change business cards, emails, get your clients to call you by a different name... etc. Often if a woman changes jobs after she is married, then she will use that as an opportunity to start going by her married name at the new company. I'd never really thought much about it before, but it's really interesting to me-- how in a situation where you are legally not allowed to have separate names, it's still perfectly accepted/common to do so in a professional setting.

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On $30 for 40 Minutes of Sleeping

@selenana Gah, yes that bothered me too. "She introduced herself as Yukiko and I knew it was her real name." Oh RLY? That kind of pretentious just gets on my nerves.

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On Devious Games

@allreb I remember someone commenting (I think it was a previous Hairpin/Billfold story about Candy Crush?) that once the game recognizes a user is willing to pay for boosters, it will increase the difficulty to try and get that user to buy *more* boosters. Not sure if that's true or not, but I have definitely seen the opposite-- there were a couple of levels that I got stuck on for long periods of time, and after a while I noticed that I had 50 moves on the level when before I'm fairly certain it was only 45. In other words, once they confirm that you're a stubborn as hell player who absolutely refuses to spend money to clear a hard level, they will incrementally make it easier for you to make sure you don't get totally fed up and call the whole thing off. ;-p

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