On In Which I Help Economists Become "Un-Baffled" About America's Dropping Fertility Rate

@mmmmdonuts Yeah I've realized that my partner and I will either have kids or have a house - that $50,000 down payment just is not doable if we also want to raise children (and in my area, that's just a 10% down payment on a small 2 bedroom condo that you'd be lucky to find that cheap). But on the other hand, a mortgage would be cheaper than rent - too bad we'd be priced out of getting one in the first place.

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On Renting in a Megacity Is a New Lifestyle Phase

So there's basically no way a Millennial can be an adult, is what I'm getting. If you live in the suburbs with your parents because you can't afford anything else with your crippling college debt, you're a mooch. If you live in a city(because umm...hello that's where jobs are?), you're just trying to relive your college years. I really resent the idea that as a rent-paying, full-time working, graduate-school-studying, engaged-to-be-married 20-something, I'm still basically a child.

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On The Billfold Book Club Discusses Helaine Olen's 'Pound Foolish'

@breezee What's also infuriating is that many people pay into pensions! It's basically like social security for them, which is good because I don't think most people understand that if you are a government employee with a pension (at least in the state of Massachusetts) you do NOT get SS payments! So when people talk about pension reductions, they are basically talking about making my mom live her retirement in abject poverty. Cool. Thanks. Real nice.

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On Think Of The Money I Could Make By Simply Ruining My Life With Airbnb

Ok why is no one focusing on the important detail? Meaghan O’Connell your apartment is MAD CHEAP. You are living the high live. You can't even get a studio for that in most parts of DC, and I thought that was impossible in New York!

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On Do the 1 Thing

Ummm my 1 thing is to figure out my start date at a new job! Which is exciting/nerve wracking because the contracting process went much quicker than they predicted. Usually this would be great, but I'm leaving a salaried position for a part time contract one, and I was kinda planning/budgeting for a few more pay checks before I left. But I don't want to put them off too long! Any advice?

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On Risk Is Healthy, Risk Is Fine, Risk Is Natural

I'm in this EXACT position right now! Just waiting for my freelance, part time contract to be signed so I can give notice at my full time, well paid, with benefits job.

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On What Can We Do About Subconscious Racism?

I agree that integration is crucial, but current housing policies support gentrification instead. I worry about moving into majority black neighborhoods because I know that me living there is part of a signal to developers that its time to come on in and raze blocks to build condos. Without some policy levers to change the housing market, white people moving into black neighborhoods means the black residents eventually have to leave because they can't afford to stay.

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On Seattle Uber Drivers Unionizing

I support this! It would actually make me more likely to use Uber if I knew the drivers had a voice, but then again I'm a weirdo pinko commie who tries to convince people to shop at Costco on the basis of their unionized workforce.

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On On Combining Finances (And Debt)

@halloliebchen Here's another way to look at it - if he helps you with your debt, then you can both be jet-setting sooner!

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On Another Commencement Speaker Down, Hundreds To Go

All I, and everyone else from my class, remember about my speaker is that he talked a LOT about placenta while we sweltered hungover in our robes. (Hi everyone from my alma mater! excited to see you at reunion in a few weeks!)

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