On What Would You Do With a $20,000 Windfall?

I would probably pay off my car, but the biggest thing I would do is stop panicking about money every night.

Posted on October 8, 2013 at 9:38 pm 0

On Friday Estimate

Feeling sick and am currently unemployed, so hopefully extremely little. My boyfriend and I have tickets to see a play tonight (already purchased) and I have a party to go to tomorrow... maybe. So possibly $15 for a food contribution to that and $40ish on groceries. 55ish.

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On Friday Estimate

My boyfriend is leaving the country for two months tomorrow, so I have no idea what we'll do tonight or what it will cost, but I'll probably want to pay ($30 or higher). Also having his bike repaired so I can use it while he's gone and hopefully cut my transportation costs this summer (~40 for repairs). Tomorrow I have a roller derby game and the inevitable after party ($10), plus probably some random groceries ($15 or less). Total: $95

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On How Much Do You Spend on Transportation Each Month?

I live in southern California and I drive to work. This year I've spent an average of $335 each month on my car for gas, maintenance, car payments, and the occasional parking meter. My car is on my parent's insurance and they pay the registration costs, so those are not included in my total. I use my car mostly to drive to work, practice, and to some social events. When my BF and I go out or go grocery shopping, we walk. I'm starting a new job in our neighborhood, so I'm planning to switch to biking (but that means paying to have the BF's bike repaired soon. It is beyond our fixing know-how).

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On Friday Estimate

Even though it is a three day weekend, I really need to keep my spending to a minimum. Tonight: Hopefully nothing. Hang out with the BF at home, possibly try to see Iron Man again with a gift card? 0 dollars. Tomorrow: Hiking with a friend. $5 for some snacks maybe? Sunday: Lunch, Day drinking and hanging out with the BF. $30? Monday: Rah, I have no idea but $10 for derby practice. Probably I will also spend some money on groceries even though I said I wouldn't buy anymore until June... I'm trying to keep it to basics and keep it under $10 (just a few veggies). Total: $55 (laughs)

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On Monday Check-In

Gas: $35.15 Groceries: $46.63 Powerball: $2 Homeless Man: $2 Total: $85.78 I estimated $95, but I didn't end up going out, so I came in under budget, but not by much. Groceries were higher than expected because I hosted brunch with a couple of friends (well, that's my story, but the truth is probably that I never made a grocery list so I ended up going to the store four times in two days). We also tried to see Iron Man, but it was also sold out.

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On Friday Estimate

Gas: $35 Groceries: $30? Going out somewhere: $30? I have no plans to go out, but a lot of desire to do so. Possibly hiking with a friend or going to the movies with the BF, or miscellaneous coffee and beer by myself. I've probably not budgeted enough in this category, but I am waiting for my rent check to clear before I spend all the money.

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On Frugal February

@TheDilettantista and @saritasara RE: the shower, there are days when I work up a sweat and I don't shower because I am gross like that. Usually it is a Saturday or Sunday and no one is going to smell me afterward except maybe my boyfriend and he loves me too much to care. Also he does the same thing so maybe we just tolerate each other's grossness? I love Frugal February! I hope that the Billfold follows up with you at the end of the month to see how it went!

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On Friday Estimate

Hanging out at home tonight & might go skating later = Free. Possibly will pick up some beer on the way home as we are all out. No big plans tomorrow, but am thinking about picking up some cards and we might end up going to a movie/eat dinner/etc = $20-40ish Grocery shopping on Sunday = $40, but no other plans at this point. Trying to keep it under $100 this weekend.

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On Friday Estimate

There's a festival called December Nights in Balboa Park tonight, so my boyfriend and I are going to that. I'm hoping it'll only run me $20 or less. Saturday: hanging out with my aunt and uncle decorating their house, then going to a Christmas party. Under $20ish for some kind of food/drink contribution to the party. Sunday: another party so another $20ish on food/drink, grocery shopping $40 (possibly more if you include the food/drink supplies for both parties. Say another $50-100 depending on how serious I get about Christmas shopping (not likely). Total: $100 (or possibly twice that).

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